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EuclidSCP-3541 Burn WormsRate: -15

Item #: SCP-3541

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3541 is to be put into a metal container with liquid nitrogen covering all the sides. They must be liquidized in a thin layer of liquid nitrogen at all times. A clearance level of 2 or higher is required to handle SCP-3541.

In the event of a containment breach, SCP-3541 is to be doused in liquid nitrogen and returned to its container. If contacted directly, contaminated person must be sprayed with liquid nitrogen to negate any effects from SCP-3541.

Description: SCP-3541 consists of a collection of albino tapeworms. The worms each have red stripes down one side of their body (henceforth known as SCP-3541-A). Their skin is approximately 257oF. When organic material comes into contact with any instance of SCP-3541 they suffer third degree burns on the contacted region. In the burn, it has been discovered, that eggs are formed in the burn wound. The eggs have a very short hatch span of 1-3 hours.

Liquid nitrogen seems to be the only substance capable of removing said burns. It is still inexplicable how the liquid nitrogen heals the wounds, but when liquid nitrogen is applied to the burn, it is healed, but the eggs are left in sealed. Their hatch span then increases to a duration of 5-7 hours.

There have also been recorded sightings of albino worms with blue stripes (henceforth referred as SCP-3541-B). They have been proven rare at a ratio of 2% out of every generation of worms. While SCP-3541-A burns the contacted skin, SCP-3541-B freezes the contacted skin due to their low body temperature of -263oF.

To restore the skin, only the exposed skin must be thrust into molten metal for exactly 15 seconds. This seems to thaw the frozen skin without burning the skin or encasing the arm in iron. This is hypothesized to be due to how the blue stripes also have a thin layer of a lubricating substance preventing the iron from sticking and dropping the skin to such a low temperature, the heat has no effect on it. If kept in for longer it will start to perform standard process of encasing the arm.

Addendum: SCP-3541 was first discovered in an store for exotic animals, where the owner received it from an anonymous customer who didn't want them due to problems yet he wouldn't go into detail. When a customer reached into the worms container, they started screaming and pulled their hand back out covered in burns. The Foundation then confiscated it and transported it to [REDACTED].

<Begin Log: 15:37>
Dr. ████████: It would seem that the eggs are bore into the skin with the burn.


Dr. ████████: The eggs appear to be starting the hatching process and the subject seems to be undergoing heavy levels of pain. [to unknown person] We need Class-B anesthetics for the subject immediately.

[D-Class Screaming]

Dr. ████████: [fear in his voice] Calm down. You're going to be all right. You just need to calm down. Relax.

[Screaming Stops]

Dr. ████████: He's gone. The worms are exiting the body. [disappointment in his voice] Get them contained. Now.

<End Log,15:40>

Closing Statement: When instances of SCP-3541 are born, they [REDACTED] through the skin and when doing so seems to kill the host from skin being mutilated.

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