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nn5n: scp-3544 The Man With No Face
KeterSCP-3544 The Man With No FaceRate: -10

Possible photograph of SCP-3544 taken from an old Mamiya Metra camera.

Item #: SCP-3544

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Law enforcement and security channels worldwide are to be monitoring for possible appearances of SCP-3544. If any occur, MTF Mu-13 is to be dispatched to the location given and attempt to contain SCP-3544. Further analysis from Dr. ██████ is required.

Description: SCP-3544 is described as a long humanoid, with an appearance of driven out clothes which is assumed to be from the 1950's. Witnesses state that the humanoid has an absence of a face, except for only one eye socket. It is believed that SCP-3544 is approximately 6'0 and has a bright colored figure. SCP-3544 is known to lure people into the reach of it by manipulating the victims voice inside their head. Anyone who is approached by SCP-3544 will begin to get in an emotional state and attempt to [DATA EXPUNGED] until the victim is incapable of doing so. All victims who survive the occurrence of SCP-3544 seem to become brain damaged and refuse to be anywhere near darkness. There are a total of [DATA EXPUNGED] confirmed deaths from SCP-3544. All victims of SCP-3544 seem to have the same gash located on their right [DATA EXPUNGED]. Possible theories suggest that SCP-3544 has a way of being at more then one place at a time due to multiple sightings occurring at one time.12

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