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Image of SCP-3546

Item #: SCP-3546

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3546 is to be kept in a 1x1x1 container, the walls of which must be constructed of high carbon steel. Any damage to the container is to be reported to the nearest security officer, and the facility must be immediately searched for any examples of SCP-3546-1. Under no circumstance should SCP-3546 be removed from its container. Any personnel attempting to remove SCP-3546 must be terminated immediately by security personnel
SCP-3546’s container must always be guarded by no less than 4 armed guards, who must take a psychiatric test every three weeks. The guards must maintain a constant distance of 15 meters from SCP-3546’s container. No personnel shall be allowed within close proximity of SCP-3546 for more than 12 hours. Any person refusing to leave the immediate area around SCP-3546’s container should be immediately apprehended and submitted for psychiatric evaluation. Any personnel exhibiting abnormal behaviour within proximity of SCP-3546’s container must submit themselves to psychiatric evaluation.
No paper or other any other object that can be written on should be contained within [DATA EXPUNGED] meters of SCP-3546’s container. Any such object must be destroyed immediately. Ant personnel attempting to bring any such object within 10 meters of SCP-3546’s container must be terminated immediately

Description: SCP-3546 appears to be a standard blue biro. It has proven resistant to any and all attempts at destruction by the facility. SCP-3546 is to be destroyed at the soonest opportunity, due to the threat it poses to humanity When Class-D subjects are placed within 10 meters of SCP-3546, they lose control all bodily function, and are placed under the influence of SCP-3546. This effect appears to be permanent, regardless of the subject’s distance from SCP-3546. If the subject is unable to reach SCP-3546, they will expire from dehydration unless staff intervene. Any subject placed under the influence of SCP-3546 will have no apparent change in bearing or voice, and have demonstrated that they still have access to their previous memories, but will lose all sense of self-preservation unless this instinct benefits their mission.

Any person under the influence of SCP-3546 will attempt to obtain SCP-3546 using any and all means at their disposal, and have shown a complete disregard for any damage caused to their person. If a subject does procure SCP-3546 they will begin to write on any surface that the ink of the brio will adhere to. Any subject in possession of SCP-3546 will gain an incredibly detailed knowledge of certain historical events that have either not yet occurred, or that occurred differently to how the subject describes them. If the subject was previously aware of the event that they are writing about, their previous knowledge is erased. These events appear to have all been narrowly avoided in our timeline, and it has been theorised that SCP-3546 is tapping into multiple other timelines to gather its information. Any subject in possession of SCP-3546 will attempt write a complete narrative account of this alternate history. Any material written by SCP-3546 is to be referred to as SCP-3546-1-N (with N being the date of the historical event) and must be destroyed immediately.

Once the narrative account is complete, the alternate version of history will become the correct version, and all memory and recording of the previous history will be erased from existence by means unknown, other than the account written by SCP-3546. The foundation is unaware of how many times this event has happened before, but it is known to have happened at least [DATA EXPUNGED] times, most notably with the election of the president [DATA EXPUNGED]. The alternate version of history that SCP-3546 forces its owners to write have appear no recurring theme other than causing a negative effect on humanity. If a subject is terminated midway through writing their alternate version of history, or the alternate version they are writing is destroyed, the historical event will remain unchanged. Notable events that SCP-3546 has tried to change before being prevented include.

• The Cuban missile crisis

• The 2000 Russian elections

• The 1984 Olympic games


Extracts from SCP-3546-11

[ however, due to a large build-up of German troops along the coast of France due to the capitulation of the Soviet Union, the allied invasion of Normandy was a massive military failure that led to the complete defeat of ]

[ much to the horror of both spectators and diplomats, the transport for Kim Jong Un was destroyed by an unidentified device concealed in its undercarriage. this led to a total disintegration of USA/North Kora relations, and ultimately to ]

Addendum: Testing on SCP-3546 has been forbidden by The O5 Council due to the incident occurring

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