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Item #: SCP-3548

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the widespread nature of SCP-3548, Foundation assets are to focus on the tracking and retrieval of infected individuals. All infected individuals are to be given Class-D amnestics and held in isolation until signs of SCP-3548 infection are no longer present.

All identifying materials pertaining to individuals infected with SCP-3548 is to be taken down and removed from the public view utilizing standard Class-TI info-suppression techniques. Any individuals with prior knowledge of infected individuals or their last known location are to be tracked and administered amnestics at the earliest possible convenience.

If amnestic administration becomes unfeasible, Foundation assets are to focus on determining the origin of SCP-3548, if possible. Affected individuals in isolation are to be kept in an enclosed space free of clutter for the duration of amnestic treatment to prevent the manifestation of SCP-3548's anomalous properties.

Description: SCP-3548 is a cognitohazard affecting depth perception in regards to motion tracking of the optical nerves. Affected individuals experience an increase in blind spots, hallucinations1, and blurred vision along with an inability to grasp the locations of moving objects once they reach its last known location.

Due to the nature of SCP-3548, affected individuals lose the ability to perceive any object that moves outside their field of view by moving behind a stationary object. Any attempts to locate lost objects, including living entities, fails.

If presented with the object, individuals report being unable to perceive the object in question.
Any living entities which are observed in this manner attack and drag them to a shadowed portion of the room and causes them to disappear. The manner in which the entity drags the individual depends on the entity in question, whether by mouth if quadrupedal or by hand if bipedal.

When the affected individual in question is either unable, or is injured to a point where it is unfeasible, to be dragged, the entity smothers the person with its body and "consumes" them by engulfing their entire body in living shadow. Afterwards, it sinks into the floor and leaves no trace of the individual in question.

Any witnesses to this act also become infected with SCP-3548 and are at risk of attack by the entity. Amnestic administration is effective in suppressing SCP-3548's anomalous properties as long as prior contact has not been established between affected individual and aforementioned entity.

Addendum: Foundation personnel become alerted to the existence of SCP-3548 when a spike of unexplained disappearances are reported to law enforcement officials over a period of three weeks. Foundation personnel tracked the calls and arrive at the local precinct posing as federal investigators, during which time they ask the officers to relinquish all known documents and recorded calls pertaining to the recent incidents. One of the more noteworthy calls discovered during the investigation is edited and cataloged below:

<Begin Log, 23:30:01>

Dispatch: 911… what is your emergency?

Caller: I-it's my husband! He's started walking around and yelling at shadows claiming that somebody's inside the house. H-he was recently diagnosed with dementia… b-but this doesn't seem like one of his normal flare-ups.

Dispatch: Please stay calm, can you give me your address?

In the background, the voice of a frantic elderly male yelling can be heard. Due to the distance from the receiver, the conversation is too muffled to discern.

Dispatch: Ma'am, is that your husband?

Caller: Y-yes, that's him. He's been on edge ever since he saw it. He keeps on yelling about an intruder…

Dispatch: Has he had an episode similar to this in the past?

Caller: Y-yes sir, this is probably the second or third one this month.

Dispatch: Alright. Can I have your name and address please, ma'am?

Caller: My name is ████ Howitz, and I live on ████ Winchester St.

Dispatch: Alright, Mrs. Howitz, I have dispatched officers to your location. Would you be able to stay on the phone with me?

Mrs. Howitz: I-I can try, but…

Mrs. Howitz slides the receiver from her mouth to communicate with her husband. The following audio has been enhanced for clarity.

Husband: W-who's there? You can't hide from me forever!

Mrs. Howitz: C-calm down, Harold. W-we'll be getting you the help you n-need soon.

Harold: I know you're in this house! I saw you before! Come out, come out wherever you are…

Mrs. Howitz: H-harold, please… you're scaring me more than usual. Please… s-sit down in your chair. The ambulance is on its way.

Harold: Get your dirty hands off of me, you hooligan! Help! Help me!

Mrs. Howitz: I'm n-not bu-buying it, Harold! You're n-not getting me o-off of this ph-phone!

Harold: Help me!

Dispatch: Ma'am? Is everything alright?

Mrs. Howitz: I… I d-don't know. M-maybe I should g-go and take a l-look…

Mrs. Howitz steps away from the phone, leaving it off of the hook. The scream of an elderly woman can be heard from the living room before panicked steps can be heard coming back to the phone.

Dispatch: Ma'am? Are you there? We're almost at your location. Help will be there any minute now.

Mrs. Howitz: Y-yes, I am. M… my husband was right! There… there is something in this house! Hurry! Hu—

Mrs. Howitz is cut off by garbled static, accompanied by a wispy hiss directly into the receiver. Audio cuts back in to frenzied screaming which only lasts a few seconds before a pop and fizzle sound can be heard. After the pop, only the soft clacking of the receiver against something solid can be heard.

Dispatch: Ma'am? Is everything alright?

Silence can be heard on the other end, until a soft voice can be heard.

Unknown: No, everything is not alright officer.

Dispatch: W-who is this?

Unknown: That's none of your concern. Just remember… what you can't see, can still hurt you…

<End Log, 23:55:20>

Closing Statement: A soft click can be heard at this time signaling that the person on the other end has hung up. Officers arrive on the scene to find the house unoccupied and untouched. A thorough sweep on the house yields no traces of its occupants. The search for the missing elderly couple is currently ongoing, despite no substantial leads to their whereabouts.

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