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EuclidSCP-3550 Cancer of PassionRate: 6

Item #: SCP-3550

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3550 is currently contained at Site-49 in a standard humanoid containment chamber.

No windows and visual recording equipment are allowed inside SCP-3550's cell. Movement is detected through pressure sensors and thermal imaging. Access to SCP-3550 and its chamber is restricted to Dr. Rosetta and janitorial staff.

Food must be supplied through a feeding hatch situated near the entrance of the containment chamber. While SCP-3550's diet has no special requirements, SCP-3550 has refused to eat several times since initial containment. Ensuring that SCP-3550 receives adequate nutrition is a priority. To this end, SCP-3550 is allowed to request off-menu nutritional items to a limited degree1.

When undernourishment is judged to be present, Fortisip or intravenous food drip can be administered at the discretion of both Dr. Rosetta and the Ethics Committee. SCP-3550 is to be restrained only when absolutely necessary.

Accommodations to improve SCP-3550's mental health have been requested and approved, such as reading material, radio and television. Dr. Rosetta has evaluated that SCP-3550 has a medium to high risk of suicide. Precautions have been taken to minimize risk of self-harm. The containment chamber contains no furniture higher than SCP-3550's waist, and no sharp objects and edges are allowed inside the containment cell. SCP-3550's garments are devoid of items that may assist in self-termination such as shoelaces, belts and ties.

SCP-3550 has agreed to wear custom-made blacked out goggles2 during therapy sessions or when in visual contact with security personnel. Physical contact is strictly prohibited without use of protective gloves.

Along with standard sanitation and minimal furniture requirements, SCP-3550 has been issued a computer with limited internet access with approval of Site Overseer and Ethics Committee. The only approved use of this computer is writing a diary (requested for therapeutic reason by Dr. Rosetta) and to access the '██████ support group chatroom for cancer patients and survivors.' Chat logs are to be monitored for the sake of information security. The profile SCP-3550 uses is anonymous, and will continue to be.

Requests for leisure items should be filed to the Site-Overseer and will be approved or denied at the discretion of Site-42 Security Overseer and Ethics Committee.

Description: SCP-3550 is a Caucasian female, born in 1996. SCP-3550's hair is shoulder length but there are several places on its scalp where the hair has been forcefully removed (see extended psychiatric evaluation).

SCP-3550 is physically healthy with the exception of mild malnutrition. However, it has a history of severe psychological problems since its initial recovery. █ suicide attempts have been recorded since containment began in 200█.

SCP-3550 receives weekly therapy sessions on Wednesday at 18:00 performed by Dr. Rosetta.
SCP-3550 is required to take 20mg 40mg of fluoxetine daily as prescribed by Dr. Langford along with weekly therapy sessions in treatment of clinical depression and general anxiety disorder.

SCP-3550's extended eye contact, both directly and through video feed and photographs, along with extended skin contact will result in malign tumours appearing in the body of the viewer in 100% of cases. These tumours usually start in the liver or brain. The effect has been recorded to occur between two weeks up to a year. This has resulted in the loss of the majority of SCP-3550's family, friends and over 58% of the population of ██████, SCP-3550's home town. This anomaly has started relatively recently, possibly starting when SCP-3550 became adolescent. To the public, the abnormal rate of diagnoses of cancer in ██████ has been attributed to radiation poisoning through accident at the ████████████ nuclear power plant situated near the town. SCP-3550 is aware of its anomaly, and expresses severe distress and feelings of guilt when mentioned. From analysis done so far, it's speculated that the anomaly will occur at an accelerated rate the more emotionally attached SCP-3550 is to the victim. In keeping with SCP-3550's continued mental stability, this information is withheld from it. SCP-3550 has shown complete cooperation with its containment but frequently requests to be terminated.

04/03/200█ - Started on 20mg fluoxetine daily for the first six weeks, titration up to 40mg recommended over 6 months. ~ Langford.

07/03/200█ - Pregabalin added to prescription (75mgx2 daily). Move up to 300mg if needed. ~ Langford.

29/04/200█: SCP-3550's psychological state drastically reduced during initial weeks, but improved over time. Cause is suspected to be confinement. Sustaining prescription. ~ Langford.

04/05/200█: SCP-3550 has been administered Class-C amnestics in an attempt to improve her mental condition. SCP-3550looks immune to the effects, even stating that her memories are actually more vivid. Subject took approximately 3 weeks of intense therapy to recover. Further testing with amnestics is not recommended.

12/06/200█: Dosage elevated to 40mg. ~ Rosetta.

Addendum 3550-A:

Initial Psychiatric Evaluation (29/01/200█):

Subject is stable, but will require intense psychiatric treatment and care throughout containment period. ~ Dr. Langford

Psychiatric Evaluation (02/03/200█):

Subject shows intense feelings of remorse and responsibility for the loss of lives prior to containment. Suggest prescribing anti-depressants and counseling. ~ Dr. Langford


Dr. Langford: Hello SCP-3550, how are you feeling today?

SCP-3550: We've talked about this. I have a name.

Dr. Langford: You know it's against protocol to use it.

SCP-3550: Yeah… it's not like I earned it. Thanks for the books, by the way.

Dr. Langford: It's good to have some distraction, right?

SCP-3550: Right.

Dr. Langford: If you don't mind, I'd like to ask you about the origins of your condition.

SCP-3550: Do we have to? It's not something I like talking about.

Dr. Langford: We're doing this at your pace. We're trying to understand what happened to you.

SCP-3550: Okay.

Dr. Langford: It looks like your condition surfaced when you were about 16. Does that sound right?

SCP-3550: Maybe. Some of my friends took years to notice what I did to them.

Dr. Langford: And you weren't aware of it at the time?

SCP-3550: Are you asking me if I knew that I was giving them cancer? That I was murdering them on purpose?

Dr. Langford: Right, I didn't mean to say that-

SCP-3550: I ruined their lives. No, worse. Their families… Molly's father talked to me at her funeral. He told me that she's in a better place and that I was such a good friend to her-

<SCP-3550 becomes visibly distressed and starts to weep.>

SCP-3550: Why? Why did this happen? What the hell is wrong with me?

Dr. Langford: We're attempting to find out-

<SCP-3550 covers its face and buries it in their lap.>

Dr. Langford: Do you need a moment?

<SCP-3550 remains unresponsive for 4 minutes.>

Dr. Langford: If you want, we can pick this up-

SCP-3550: The first…time it happened. It was a girl a year above me, at school I mean. She hated me. I…felt…I thought I was controlling it…I thought I could hurt people that were mean to me. But I didn't want her to…

Dr. Langford: I know. You didn't want to hurt anybody. It's not your fault-

SCP-3550: What if it is! What if I was angry at her and that made it go faster?

Dr. Langford: We can't be sure about that.

SCP-3550: Then it happened to everyone. Nobody knew what was happening. First Molly got sick. Then my teacher…I didn't know if I had something to do with it, but the feeling was gone. The control was gone. There never was control.

Dr. Langford: What happened after that?

SCP-3550: Thomas. My brother. He…they took him into intensive care a few days before Christmas. He…he was dead within three days…it spread to everywhere. After that they wanted to examine mom to be sure. They found-

<SCP-3550 covers its face one again. Despite multiple attempts to calm it down, Dr. Langford concluded the session.>

Closing Statement: Dr. Langford: Her medication has been adjusted.
RE:Closing Statement: Site Overseer: ''Its'', Dr. Langford. ''Its'' medication has been adjusted.


Interviewed: SCP-3550

Interviewer: Dr. Langford

Foreword: Evaluation of mental state.

<Begin Log, 04/05/200█>(irrelevant dialogue removed)

Dr. Langford: We're aware that you feel responsible for your anomaly, but we know that your…condition is involuntary.

SCP-3550: I don't think it helps them much, doctor. I know you want what's best for me, but what I've done isn't something you can explain away.

Dr. Langford: You never harmed anyone intentionally. Is there a reason that you requested to use the chatroom?

SCP-3550: They're the only people that I've left of my old life. I don't really know most of them. They don't know that I'm responsible for them being there in the first place. I know that I can't tell them. I'm want them to know how sorry I am…I killed their husbands and wives. Their kids. Their parents. They deserve to know!

Dr. Langford: It's alright-

SCP-3550: <Laughs, becomes visibly distressed and starts to weep> It's not 'alright', doctor. None of this is alright! Why do you keep me alive? Why do you risk your people? Haven't I done enough?

Dr. Langford: We're doing everything we can to-

SCP-3550: And for what? So I can just stay here until I die? Doctor, it's been █ years since I last saw someone's face. Since I last held someone, hugged someone. I'll never be able to see or feel anyone for the rest of my life. Would you want to live like that?

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Dr. Langford has requested that SCP-3550 be terminated at the earliest convenience, stating that the security risk of containment is unacceptable.

<End Log>

05/06/200█: Termination request by Dr. Langford 05/06/200█: Denied. Object does not pose risk to personnel under current containment procedures. ~ Site Director.

06/06/200█: Termination request by Dr. Langford 06/06/200█: Denied. ~ Dr. ███ - Senior Staff Ethics committee.

07/06/200█: Prescription change to █████ by Dr. Langford: Denied due to risk of lethal overdose. ~ Senior Medical staff.

08/06/200█: Dr. Langford has been reassigned to another project by order of O5-█ and Site Overseer.

09/06/200█: SCP-3550's mental condition has worsened severely. Attempts suicide around 0:23pm and has to be restrained by security personnel. No injuries. Security officer ████ requests reassignment. Request approved by Site Overseer.

09/06/200█: Dr. Langford requests to be returned to site-49 for assignment at the earliest convenience to another object (SCP-████)on-site.

10/06/200█: Dr. Langford has been administered Class-C Amnestics and will be reassigned off-site for the foreseeable future. She will be replaced by Dr. Rosetta effective immediately. ~ O5-█

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