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SCP-3561 on the day of recovery.

Item #: SCP-3561

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3561 is to be contained at Area-███ inside of a 1 inch thick steel containment chamber. The chamber has 1 camera in the south west corner which is to be monitored at all times. Only level 3+ clearance personnel are allowed inside.

SCP-3561 is to be fed 4 lbs of raw beef twice a month to satisfy its hunger. All personnel who happen to enter SCP-3561's chamber are to stay as far away from SCP-3561 as possible to avoid being consumed.

Description: SCP-3561 appears to be a standard issue maintenance hole. It has no logo or known date of manufacture. It was first discovered in ██████ PA on ████ St. in 2003. SCP-3561 has the ability to change its location when human eye contact is absent. Even when SCP-3561 is fully rooted into the earth it still has the ability to change location. In the past SCP-3561 has only moved about twice a month. The object's motives for this behavior are still unknown.

Any attempts to forcibly open SCP-3561 have been fruitless, however if SCP-3561 feels it has not gained the essential food it needs to survive it will open as if it were asking for a meal. This hints at some sort of sentience within the object.

Test have shown the inside of SCP-3561 appears as a cylindrical hole with a singular ladder leading downwards. If traveled down for an extended period of time the walls slowly start to turn into an organic substance. It eventually opens up into some sort of fleshy cavern where the subject is then [REDACTED]

Although SCP-3561 has the ability to move through the ground, it appears that the object can not move through walls and it has not yet left its chamber. It has however appeared on the walls and in 2010, the ceiling.

Addendum: The level of sentience in the object is currently unknown, further testing is required.

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