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Item#: SCP-3561
Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: This SCP is found in Site 19, in the ███████ block or as others call it, the "Basement." It has a 10m x 10m x 10m cell made out of carbon and obsidian with a ruby in the middle of the cell. If it breaks containment then the site will have to activate its warheads and detonate them in exactly 30 seconds, █████ warheads will be used. Under no circumstances this SCP will be tested on as it does not require feeding, by order of O5-██ command no information is to be given to anybody watching its containment cell.

Description: SCP-3561 is a liquid that can freely move and change shape, this liquid can change its shape at will and when touched the item will become the liquid. It is capable of speech (One class D reported it had a Sniper voice from Team Fortress 2) and very manipulative, anybody seeing puddles around the facility must immediately report to the Site Director. Any attempts to find out about or help SCP-3561 means immediate termination.

Under no circumstances shall the ruby be removed as it stops SCP-3561 from changing and [REDACTED] to any personnel. SCP-3561 is currently in the shape of a human and is capable of changing its liquids colors. It will ask for help as he is a "Foundation Personnel" stuck inside the containment area, as soon as he is 15 meters away from the ruby his true form is given. It has the appearance of a green thick liquid which will consume any substance including skin and concrete.


Personnel Involved: Doctor. ██████ ███████

Document# 3561-A

Date: 19/2/2███

Location: SCP-3561's containment cell [DATA EXPUNGED]

Description: Doctor. ██████ ███████ conducted an interview using [DATA EXPUNGED] through a speaker in SCP-3561's cell, after this interview it attempted an escape through the microphones cord. It was cut off and the wall sealed with the drilled out carbon fiber.

Doctor. ██████: Can you hear me SCP-3561? SCP-3561: Loud and clear.
Doctor. ██████: Can you tell me what you are made out of
SCP-3561: Can I have the ruby removed from my room? Then I will tell you.
Doctor. ██████: I'm afraid we cannot do that, you are a threat to the Foundation and therefore must be contained
SCP-3561: You call this place a containment cell? It's more of a prison cell in Site-19.
Doctor. ██████: How do you know of this site? and what else do you know about us?
SCP-3561: 173 promised me that we would escape together.
Another Foundation Personnel runs in and tells Doctor. ██████ that 173 is coming this way
Doctor. ██████: I believe this interview is done
SCP-3561: 173 come to me! we shall escape!
SCP-3561 then starts running up the microphone cable, electrifying it
Microphone falls off the table
Doctor. ██████ brings fire into the room
Doctor. ██████: Get the hell back!
SCP-3561 then runs back through the cable and the cable is cut, the carbon is then refilled into the hole

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