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Item #: SCP-3563

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3563-1 and SCP-3563-2 are to be kept in a secure vault in Site-77. SCP-3563-1 is to be placed in secure storage locker at Site-76. At all times during secure containment, SCP-3563-1 is to remain deactivated and positioned so that the exit point of SCP-3563-1 is facing towards the concave of SCP-3563-2.

SCP-3563-2 is to be secured in Unit-07 of Site-76, in a constantly monitored chamber with at least 3m2 of floor space. Any objects found in the concave of SCP-3563-2 are to be promptly removed and tested for potential anomalous properties; any organisms found in SCP-3563-2 are to be removed from the chamber and documented; all non-anomalous terrestrial organisms are to be released; all extraterrestrial or otherwise anomalous organisms are to be taken into Foundation custody and secured at Site-104, autopsies are not to be carried out on currently living organisms unless permitted by level 4 site personnel or a member of the Ethics Committee.

SCP-3563-1 and SCP-3563-2 are not to be separated unless required for the purposes of testing.

Knowledge of SCP-3563-3 is only permitted to site personnel with a security clearance of level 4 or above, and to personnel currently responsible for the testing of SCP-3563-1 and SCP-3563-2. Unauthorised personnel with knowledge of SCP-3563-3 are to be administered either class C or class B amnestics. Any unauthorised attempt to replicate SCP-3563-3 is to be met with force and possible termination if deemed necessary.

Description: SCP-3563-1 is a white cube, with side length of 30cm, comprised of silicone, acrylic, and marble. Two circular openings, of radius 5cm, lead into SCP-3563-1, one located on the top face (henceforth the entry point), and one located on a side face (henceforth the exit point), which is to be considered the front. A power cable extrudes out from the back of SCP-3563-1, with a head that matches that of plugs used in Western Europe. SCP-3563-1 is held together by welding on the edges of all faces except the bottom; the bottom face of SCP-3563-1 is held in place by a single screw in each corner and can be removed for disassembly.

Disassembly has revealed the entry point and the exit point to be connected by a tube with an L-bend within the interior of SCP-3563-1. Within the interior of SCP-3563-1 are numerous components that resemble simple and complex clockwork components. Components can be removed to reveal a microprocessor permanently affixed to SCP-3563-1. Replaced or otherwise repaired components retain compatibility with the mechanisms of SCP-3563-1.

The primary anomalous effect of SCP-3563-1 activates when the item is supplied with 270V of power through the cable. During a period of activation, all objects inserted into the entry point of SCP-3563-1 completely dematerialise and become undetectable from Foundation instruments are expelled out of the exit point at a speed of [REDACTED].

SCP-3563-2 is a concave, circular object with a radius of 75cm. The surface of SCP-3563-2 is devoid of any markings or etchings, and is smooth to the touch. Chemical analysis reveals that SCP-3563-2 has a consistency matching that of SCP-3563-1. For the sake of conveniently positioning SCP-3563-2 during testing, Junior Researcher Provi has provided an oak stand with which SCP-3563-2 can be held upright.


SCP-3563-2 on its stand.

The primary anomalous effect of SCP-3563-2 is its ability to instantly convert an object's kinetic energy into a mixture of heat, light, and sound upon collision with the concave surface of SCP-3563-2. Neither SCP-3563-2 nor the object of collision are damaged during this process, henceforth, the concave of SCP-3563-2 is to be considered indestructible at this time.

The secondary anomalous effect of SCP-3563-2 is that it can instantly recreate objects that have been dematerialised by SCP-3563-1, provided that SCP-3563-1 was facing towards the concave of SCP-3563-2 at the time of insertion.

The secondary anomalous effect of SCP-3563-2 is that it has a degree of presence along a hypothetical W-axis in hyperspace1 and can "catch" objects that collide with this presence, shifting them along their W-axis to match that of our 3-dimensional space. To date, several objects and organisms have been "caught" in this way.

Information regarding SCP-3563-3 has been redacted to reduce the risk of personal attempts to achieve SCP-3563-3.

SCP-3563-3 refers to the speed at which objects are expelled by the entry point of SCP-3563-1. This speed, as measured by Foundation instruments is 5m/s faster than the speed of light in a vacuum. It is currently unknown whether objects can achieve SCP-3563-3 without the aid of technology similar to SCP-3563-1. Objects achieving this speed shift on their W-axis at a speed of 5m/s and experience neither the dilated time nor friction damage normally observed in objects of high velocity.

Recovery Log: SCP-3563-1 and SCP-3563-2 were recovered after a Foundation investigation on an abandoned bunker in ██████████, ████████, USA. The outbreak of a previously unknown pathogen in the town prompted the attention of Foundation agents stationed in the area, whom soon identified the bunker as the source of the pathogen. Agents administered class C amnestics and vaccinations to the populous of the town and recovered numerous anomalous items from the bunker, including SCP-3563-1 and SCP-3563-2.

Testing Log:

Test #: 1
Items used: N/A
Description: Testing for signs of organic life and potential pathogens following the field report.
Results: None found.
Notes: Item found safe for human interaction, given the small scale posed by this item project responsibility is to be turned over to a junior researcher. - Dr A█████

Test #: 4
Items used: 1 (one) HB pencil.
Description: Item activated; pencil is inserted into the entry point.
Results: The pencil completely disappears from sight.
Notes: I have several guesses as to what happened here, but first I need to run several more tests to see if there is any change to the results. - Junior Researcher Provi

Test #: 5
Items used: 1 (one) ballpoint pen.
Description: Item activated; ballpoint pen is inserted into the exit point of SCP-3563-1.
Results: None of note, the pen experienced no anomalous events.
Notes: There was no effect on the pen, there has to be some purpose for the second opening though. - Junior Researcher Provi

Test #: 9
Items used: N/A
Description: Use of Foundation instruments to detect for signs of any of the objects lost due to SCP-3563-1.
Results: No detection of any objects lost due to SCP-3563-1.
Notes: Even if they were destroyed, the objects should be detectable in some form. It's possible that these objects were too weak for the machine to work on them. - Junior Researcher Provi

Test #: 10
Items used: 1 (one) titanium cube with side length of 5cm.
Description: Testing to see if denser materials are affected in the same way as lighter ones.
Results: Object disappeared in accordance with previous tests.
Notes: Again, the object disappeared with no trace. I believe that it may be sending them somewhere. - Junior Researcher Provi

Shortly after this test, several non-anomalous objects appeared within the concave of SCP-3563-2, all of which being small household items capable of fitting into the entry point of SCP-3563-1. Each manifestation was accompanied by weak quantities of heat, light, and sound.

It looks like this may actually be some sort of transporter, or perhaps the objects are sent into temporary stasis. None of these objects were from my tests, though. I'm going to take a new direction with these trials. - Junior Researcher Provi

Test #: 13
Items used: 1 (one) polystyrene cube with side length of 5cm.
Description: SCP-3563-2 is placed on the ground in front of SCP-3563-1. SCP-3563-1 is activated and the cube is placed into the entry point.
Results: Instantly after disappearance, the cube reappears, fully intact, on the rim of SCP-3563-2. Reappearance of the polystyrene is accompanied by light, heat, and sound, consistent with the incident prior.
Notes: At last there is progress; on the surface level it seems that objects are sent from the exit point, and the dish collects them. Though, this does not explain why a cluster of objects appeared before. - Junior Researcher Provi

Test #: 17
Items used: 1 (one) Foundation camera.
Description: SCP-3563-2 is propped against a wall, 5m away from SCP-3563-1, the concave side facing towards the exit point of SCP-3563-1. SCP-3563-1 is activated and the camera is set to record and inserted into the entry point.
Results: Camera reappears in the concave of SCP-3563-2, event is consistent with previous reappearances. Footage is recovered and studied.
See footage logs for more details.
Notes: I have a theory as to what is happening here, but I need one more test to be certain. - Junior Researcher Provi

Footage recovered from Test #17:
Junior Researcher Provi is briefly seen, the camera view rotates to show SCP-3563-1 and SCP-3563-2. Camera is dropped into the entry point and several colours flash on-screen for approximately 15 nanoseconds. Camera reappears in the concave of SCP-3563-2 and Junior Researcher Provi is seen collecting the camera.

Slowing down the footage from the camera reveals that the flash of colours is actually a rapidly changing landscape. Frame by frame analysis shows these landscapes to begin with subtly different variations of the testing room and end with open landscapes superficially similar to the area on which Site-76 was built. Visible towards the end is an apparent luminescent beam that the camera is moving towards. This is currently believed to be a beacon shone by SCP-3563-2.

Test #: 18
Items used: 1 (one) Foundation camera designed for recording at 150,000,000 frames per second, camera is equipped with an accelerometer.
Description: SCP-3563-2 is held upright by a wooden rudimentary stand 5m away from SCP-3563-1. The concave side of SCP-3563-2 is facing the exit point of SCP-3563-1. The camera is set to record and dropped into the entry point of SCP-3563-1.
Results: See footage logs for details.
Notes: I need to report this. - Junior Researcher Provi

Footage recovered from Test #18:
Junior Researcher Provi is briefly seen checking status of the camera before dropping it into the entry point of SCP-3563-1.

Frame-by-frame playback is consistent with that of Test #17, the larger number of frames per second allows for more variations of the area to be observed. Due to the similar nature of the variations, they are currently believed to be different instances of our universe. The variations can be separated into three groups of similarity. The reading on the accelerometer is consistent until impact with SCP-3563-2 at a speed of [REDACTED].

Batch #1 of variations all appear to be similar to the testing chamber that was used for Test #18. Each frame is to be considered a different instance of our universe with relative "distance" being measured by the number of recorded frames. Adjacent instances only differ through subtleties such as minor rearrangements of objects, whereas instances further from our own appear to have their own analogues of Junior Researcher Provi and the testing chamber.

Batch #2 of variations appear to show a Foundation analogue currently undergoing [REDACTED]. The testing chamber appears to have been completely broken down with blood and innards visible on the ruins, people with [REDACTED] can be seen patrolling in small groups.

Batch #3 of variations show the area where Site-76 was built, as if it either no longer exists, or if it were simply never built in that location originally.

Leading on from the results of Test #18, specially made Foundation drones have been constructed for the purpose of exploring the hyperspace made available through the entry point of SCP-3563-1. These drones are designed for the purpose of steering away from the beacon of SCP-3563-2 and decelerating to manageable speeds.

Test #: 19
Items used: 3 (three) autonomous Foundation drones, designated FD-3563-1 through 3.
Description: SCP-3563-2 is held on its wooden stand at a distance of 1km from SCP-3563-1. SCP-3563-1 is activated and Foundation drones are sent into hyperspace. The drones are to steer themselves so that they are spread equally across the three known "batches" of the W-axis. A hand-written note of 100 (one hundred) random digits is prepared beforehand.
Results: A hand-written note is recovered from FD-3563-1, the style of handwriting is identical to the note written by site personnel prior to Test #19, though the digits deviate by 3% from that of said note.
See footage logs for more details.
Notes: N/A

Drone: FD-3563-1
Batch Explored: 1
Footage Logs: Drone arrives in a space almost identical to the chamber used for Test #19. Personnel mostly identical with those involved with Test #19 observe FD-3563-1 without interference. Of note, this Foundation analogue is seemingly identical to the one in our own universe, with the most significant deviance being that their logo is identical to our own, but rotated by 45°. Personnel prevent the drone from exploring further than the testing chamber, but attach a written note before its departure.
Recovery: FD-3563-1 entered into the SCP-3563-2 beacon - which was in the same position as this instance's SCP-3563-2 and returned without incident. The written note is successfully recovered and the deviation of the digits is documented.

Drone: FD-3563-2
Batch Explored: 3
Footage Logs: Drone arrives in an open, scorched field with similar topology to the area that surrounds the location of testing chamber. Decayed grass is seen in all directions with no indication of the presence of a Foundation analogue other than several prominent patches of scorched grass, analysis of the land for possible signs of human presence returned inconclusive.
Recovery: SCP-3563-2 beacon was successfully located by the drone, drone was recovered without incident.

Drone: FD-3563-3
Batch Explored: 2
Footage Logs: Footage redacted by order of O5 command.
Recovery: Storage card appears in the concave of SCP-3563-2 after being seemingly ejected by FD-3563-3. Full recovery of FD-3563-3 deemed impossible at this time.

Incident-3563-A: During the events of Test #19, a drone, identical to FD-3563-1 in all aspects except colour, manifested in the testing chamber and observed the visible site personnel. A photocopy of the hand-written note was attached the drone before departure.

After the retrieval of the storage card of FD-3563-3, several drones were caught in the concave of SCP-3563-2, drones were armed with semi-automatic revolvers, explosives, and [REDACTED]. Due to the time at which the incident occurred, most personnel had already left the testing chamber, resulting in █ injuries, █ casualties, and some minor damage being dealt to the testing chamber in Unit-07 before Foundation agents could successfully disable the hostile drones.

For a period of ██ hours, autonomous weaponry, extraterrestrial organisms, and [REDACTED] were continuously caught by SCP-3563-2 and promptly removed by assigned D-Class in a secure containment area.

Post-Incident Interview

Interviewed: Junior Researcher Provi

Interviewer: Dr A█████

Foreword: Debriefing and thoughts regarding Incident-3563-A.

<Begin Log>

Dr A█████: I've read through the logs, but I want to ask you a couple of questions about the incident.

Junior Researcher Provi: Alright, what is it you wanted to know?

Dr A█████: Start with how it began, what happened?

Junior Researcher Provi: We had just finished Test #19, and we were packing away the drones and the skips. Some of us were removing the storage cards from the two drones; I was helping to carry the big dish back out of the chamber. The three hostile drones appeared in it, and at first we were just going to bring them back with us for analysis.

Dr A█████: They weren't activated?

Junior Researcher Provi: No, they were on a sort of standby mode, at least they were for a few seconds. It didn't take long for one of us to notice all the weapons they had; those of us still in the chamber began scrambling towards the exit after seeing me shake them off of the dish.

Dr A█████: These foreign drones, what did they look like?

Junior Researcher Provi: Same shape and general design as the drones we used, but painted in a different colour and they also had some modifications.

Dr A█████: Modifications?

Junior Researcher Provi: Weapons, explosives. Not poorly made either; these drones were designed to hit other Foundations. We had to use the dish for cover against all the gunfire; I didn't see everything though in all the chaos.

Dr A█████: According to the agents' report, it's lucky that you didn't. One of the drones was carrying a cognitohazardous material in an internal storage.

Junior Researcher Provi: Wow, I really was lucky then. Was there anything else that you wanted to ask?

Dr A█████: There are considerations that whoever attacked us may be working in tandem with their own dupes, was there anything in the footage to support that?

Junior Researcher Provi: No, or at least there wasn't anything that looked like a communicator. Though, I don't see why they wouldn't be able to - and I don't see we wouldn't be able to either.

Dr A█████: That's all for now, thank you for your time. There'll be discussion for the feasibility of using the two objects to collaborate the research with Foundation analogues, you'll be notified of the outcome whenever it arises.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Provisional permission has been granted for the collaboration with Foundation analogues in adjacent realities. Junior Researcher Provi has been promoted to level 3 researcher and has been instated as project lead of said endeavours.

Addendum 3563-A: Request for object class to be changed from safe to euclid. - Junior Researcher Provi

Addendum 3563-B: Following Incident-3563-A, SCP-3563-2 needs to be put under constant monitoring when not in active use. - Dr A█████

Addendum 3563-C Incident-3563-A indicates the existence of a hostile entity which may indeed be an analogue of the Foundation itself. Given their perceived capability of following Foundation drones through hyperspace it should be assumed that this entity possesses resources that may exceed our own. Thus, the designation of SCP-3563-3 is to be granted to the speed of objects expelled by SCP-3563-1. Precautions are to be made to suppress knowledge of such speeds, which should aid in efforts of minimal contact with Batch #2. - O5-█

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