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EuclidSCP-3567 The Moving MountainRate: -4

SCP-3567 in its dormant state.

Item #: SCP-3567

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of SCP-3567 and its anomalous properties, containment procedures dictate that an exclusion zone be maintained with a radius of 2 kilometres around SCP-3567's present position. Failure of foundation staff to comply with these restrictions will result in disciplinary measures.

SCP-3567 is concealed from public view by various means; with the use of holographic projections, subconscious cognitive deterrents, mass audio-cancelling technology and artificial climate control. All paths created prior to SCP-3567's discovery that pass through the evacuation radius have since been rerouted. The area surrounding the SCP has been entirely fenced with a 7 metre high electrified barrier, displaying signs reading 'NO ENTRY'. Civilian trespassers are to be treated with Class-B amnestics before being considered for release to the public.

Description: SCP-3567 is a large rock formation typical of the buttes found in Monument Valley. SCP-3567 resides approximately 9.6 kilometres north of Eagle Mesa, Utah (as of 26/09/20██). Upon first inspection, the formation does not seem to possess any anomalous properties. However, if the rock formation is observed for an extended period of time, its abnormal behaviour may become apparent.

SCP-3567 manifests its anomalous properties irregularly. The first reports of anomalous activity were investigated by the foundation in 1906. The time which SCP-3567 may remain dormant for is highly variable. Observations of SCP-3567 have found its dormant state to range in duration from a minimum of 13 minutes, to a maximum of 6 years.

Upon entering its active phase, SCP-3567 is observed to locomote at speeds of up to 25kmph. During this time, the rock formation seems to vocalise a low-pitched 'moaning' sound. As SCP-3567 begins to locomote, the 'hump' of soil below the rock formation does not move as if attached to SCP-3567. It is as though the mountain is carried by something beneath the ground, which travels below the soil as though it were crawling under a blanket.

See Test Logs for further information.

SCP-3567 Test Log 1 - 11/09/19██

Test Subject: D-7749
Supervised by: Dr ██████
Aim: To determine the exact source of the auditory phenomena emanating from SCP-3567. Test 1 was conducted during an active phase.

D-7749 was outfitted with a backpack containing audio-analysis equipment, 2 nutrient bars and a 1.5 litre bottle of water. Subject was briefed in the usage of the audio-analysis equipment, and was also provided with a radio receiver in order to maintain contact with Dr ██████.

D-7749 [07:03]: Fuck, that's loud. Even from here.

Dr ██████ [07:03]: Just as you were briefed.

D-7749 proceeds towards SCP-3567.

[07:06] D-7749 stops moving. A rustling sound is heard over comms.

Dr ██████ [07:06]: What are you doing?

D-7749 [07:06]: Having a drink.

Dr ██████ [07:06]: You were instructed not to waste time drinking until after you have arrived.

D-7749 [07:07]: Relax doc, you'll blow a gasket.

D-7749 then continues towards SCP-3567 with bottle in-hand.

D-7749 [07:21]: Jesus, I don't know if i can keep going. I think my ears are gonna start bleeding.

From this point onwards, D-7749 has to shout to be heard over the sounds being emitted by SCP-3567.

Dr ██████ [07:21]: You will continue as instructed.

D-7749 stares at SCP-3567 for approximately half a minute before continuing onwards towards it.

[07:29] D-7749 stops walking.

Dr ██████ [07:29]: Is there a problem?

D-7749 [07:30]: Is the mountain fucking moving?

Remote observation team acknowledges the slow movement of SCP-3567, approximately 1kmph in this case.

Dr ██████ [07:30]: Keep moving, or you know what will happen.

D-7749 continues to walk towards SCP-3567 until the base of the 'hump' is reached.

Dr ██████ [07:36]: That's good. Now retrieve the audio equipment.

D-7749 removes the audio analysis equipment from the rucksack and points it towards SCP-3567. D-7749 then moves the microphone up, down, left and right.

Due to the movements of SCP-3567, D-7749 begins to walk in order to keep-up with SCP-3567.

Dr ██████ [07:37]: It appears that the sound is originating from beneath the formation.

D-7749 [07:37]: Great. Can I come back now?

Dr ██████ [07:37]: Yes, that will do.

[07:38] D-7749 begins to make his way back to the safe-zone.

D-7749 returned from the exclusion zone at approximately 08:15.


Close proximity tests conducted using D-class personnel determined the auditory phenomena accompanying SCP-3567's anomalous movement to be coming from the 'hump' beneath the rock formation, rather than from within the rock formation itself. Experimental data shows that SCP-3567's vocalisations can exceed 150dB.

SCP-3567 Test Log 2 - 03/10/19██

Test Subject: D-1199
Supervised by: Dr ██████
Aim: To explore the cliffs and plateau atop SCP-3567 in order to determine if the rock formation itself exhibits any anomalous properties. Test 2 was conducted during a dormant phase.

D-1199 was outfitted with a backpack containing climbing equipment, 4 nutrient bars and a 2 litre bottle of water. Subject was briefed in the usage of the climbing equipment, and was also provided with a radio receiver in order to maintain contact with Dr ██████.

[13:32] D-1199 begins to travel into SCP-3567's exclusion zone.

D-1199 attempts to make light conversation with Dr ██████ throughout the duration of the test. The details of the interactions are irrelevant to the test.

[14:03] D-1199 arrives at the base of the rock formation comprising SCP-3567.

Dr ██████ [14:03]: Do you remember how to use your equipment?

D-1199 [14:03]: Yeah, I got it.

[14:06] D-1199 begins her ascent.

[14:32] D-1199 experiences minor difficulties after becoming stuck on a vertical rock face. Subject expresses frustration before moving back down the rock face and finding an alternate way to ascend.

[15:24] D-1199 reaches the summit of SCP-3567. Subject can be heard breathing heavily.

D-1199 [15:24]: At the top.

Dr ██████ [15:24]: Report, subject. What do you see?

D-1199 [15:24]: I have a name, you know.

[15:24] Dr ██████ remains silent.

D-1199 [15:24]: It's the top of a butte. It's flat. The fuck else do you want to know?

Dr ██████ [15:24]: Can you describe the texture of the surface?

[15:24] D-1199 audibly groans.

Dr ██████ [15:25]: What about any unusual artefacts or markings? Anything out of the ordinary?

[15:25] D-1199's panting quietens as she moves about the top of SCP-3567. Subject examines SCP's surface for several minutes.

D-1199 [15:29]: Found something.

Dr ██████ [15:29]: What is it?

D-1199 [15:29]: An amulet.

Dr ██████ [15:29]: Can you provide a further description?

D-1199 [15:29]: It's gold and flat and attached to a chain. It's got tiny writing on it. Shit, it's hard to read. Uuh… it says…

"Wander unto the night,
Seize a place to call home.
Find infinite, eternal sight,
Amidst the deepest of the unknown."

The thing's got another engraving on the back.

Dr ██████ [15:29]: Go on… Describe the engraving in detail for the test log.

D-1199 [15:29]: The engraving is an ellipse with a little dot in the middle. The top right quarter of the ellipse is missing. There's lines sticking out from the ellipse all over the place; one going directly up, one going right, one going down, and three small lines between the top and right lines. Those three also fall in the space where the missing quarter of the ellipse should be.

Dr ██████ [15:30]: Alright, I think I understand.

D-1199 [15:30]: The chain is made of lots of flat circles with dots in them too.

Dr ██████ [15:30]: It sounds to me like they might represent an eye. Perhaps a modern iteration of the Eye of Horus.

D-1199 [15:30]: Dunno what that is, but they do look like eyes.

Dr ██████ [15:30]: Good find, 1199. Carefully place the amulet in the bag and continue searching.

Further exploration yielded no further significant discoveries. D-1199 returned from the exclusion zone at approximately 18:00 hours.


Upon return of D-1199 from SCP-3567 Test 2, the amulet (hereafter designated SCP-3567-1) was inspected thoroughly. Though SCP-3567-1 does not appear to exhibit any anomalous effects, the amulet's markings were identified as a symbol known as the Eye of Kthunos. The symbol was a prominent staple of a small occult organisation known as 'The Order of the All-Seeing God'. Through extensive interrogation, it was ascertained that members of the organisation believed that if an individual was devoted enough to their deity, Kthunos, they could "transcend to a higher state of being" and "become one of Kthunos' eyes unto mortal soil".

The order, formed in 1763, was disbanded by the foundation in 1905. Every member of the organisation was tracked down and neutralised, with the exception of Wei Zhang - believed to be the leader of the order. Zhang was a 47 year old male of Chinese origin during the 1905 deconstruction of the order. He resided in northern Phoenix, US up until 1905. The foundation believed that Zhang had fled to the United Kingdom that year, but this was never confirmed.

Zhang was seen on multiple occasions wearing an amulet of a similar kind to SCP-3567-1.

The general public, unaware of the foundation's suspicions that Zhang had fled to another country, or that he had been part of a secretive occult organisation, alerted the local authorities who sent out search parties to look for Zhang. Though attempts to find him were unsuccessful, a neighbour notably recalled observing him leave his residence at approximately 06:00 hours on the day of his disappearance. Authorities also received reports of Zhang wandering through Flagstaff (approximately 250 kilometres north of Phoenix) several days later. The last account of a sighting was a member of the public who reportedly observed 'a naked asian male in his late forties drunkenly stumbling through the shrubs on the 89, going north'.

DNA testing was conducted after SCP-3567 Test 2 to determine whether the amulet belonged to Wei Zhang.

Testing was inconclusive.

SCP-3567 Test Log 2 - 27/04/19██

Test Subjects: D-9293, D9297
Supervised by: Dr ██████
Aim: To investigate the depth at which SCP-3567 resides beneath the surface. Test 3 was conducted during an active phase.

Following complaints of painful levels of noise from previous D-class personnel, D-9293 and D-9297 were provided with noise-cancelling headphones prior to SCP-3567 Test 3. D-9293 was outfitted with a backpack containing 8 nutrient bars and a 2 litre bottle of water. D-9297 was outfitted with a backpack containing a 2 litre bottle of water, and was also instructed to carry a handheld petrol-powered earth borer. Subject was briefed in the usage of the earth borer, and was also provided with a radio receiver in order to maintain contact with Dr ██████.

[10:01] Subjects begin to travel into SCP-3567's exclusion zone.

D-9297 [10:28]: We're getting close.

Dr ██████ [10:28]: Keep going.

D-9297 [10:33]: Alright, we're here.

Dr ██████ [10:33]: Assemble the drill and begin to use it as instructed.

D-9293 [10:33]: Is this mountain moving?

Dr ██████ [10:33]: Subjects, do as instructed.

D-9297 [10:35]: Okay we're drilling into the surface now.

Dr ██████ [10:36]: Keep me updated.

D-9293 [10:36]: Nothing to report so-far.

[10:38] A large amount of ambient noise abruptly sounds through the radio receiver.

D-9293 [10:38]: Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

D-9297 [10:38]: Shit! Fucking run! Run! Fucking run!

Dr ██████ [10:38]: What's happening?

[10:38] Screaming loudly sounds through the radio receiver, followed by radio silence.

Dr ██████ [10:38]: Subjects, respond. What's going on?

[10:39] Total radio silence continues. Subjects do not respond.


Upon review of remote footage of Test 3, it appears that SCP-3567 suddenly changed the speed and direction of its movement. It was observed that subjects D-9293 and D-9297 were 'outrun' by SCP-3567. They became trapped between bottom of the rock formation and the uppermost portion of the 'hump'. As the mountain is capable of movement but the ground comprising the 'hump' does not move with it, the test subjects were dragged underneath the mountain.

The test subjects were never recovered, and are assumed KIA.

SCP-3567 Test Log 2 - 18/06/19██ to 30/06/19██

Test Subjects: D-4927, D-6492, D-6643, D-9748, D-2141, D-8889, D-2389, D-6593, D-6443, D-2217, D-4117, D-2911, D-2284, D-3335, D-1019,
Supervised by: Dr ██████ and Dr ████████
Aim: To explore the subsurface form of SCP-3567. Test 4 was conducted during a dormant phase.

All subjects were provided with two weeks worth of food and relevant supplies. Camera equipment was supplied in order to document anomalous activity. Subjects were provided with a radio receiver in order to maintain contact with Dr ██████ and Dr ████████.

[12:35, 18/06/19██] Subjects begin to travel into SCP-3567's exclusion zone under-order of armed foundation personnel. Subjects are informed that their movements are being tracked by command, and that if they attempt to leave SCP-3567's exclusion zone without authorisation, they will be terminated on the spot by armed foundation snipers.

[13:04, 18/06/19██] Subjects were asked to confirm that camera equipment was working correctly. The following image was received [Tag: SCP-3567 Test 4 Photo 1].

SCP-3567 Test 4 Photo 1: Camera Test, Utah Desert

[15:13, 18/06/19██] Subjects erect rudimentary forward-base at the foot of SCP-3567. Base consists of 4 tents, and of a hole surrounded by plastic sheeting to function as an outhouse.

[09:31, 19/06/19██] Subjects D-4927, D-9748, D-6643, D-6492 and D-2911 are instructed to return to the perimeter of the exclusion zone in order to collect industrial digging equipment.

[11:49, 19/06/19██] Dig-work is commenced. Subjects are instructed to use equipment to mine a hole into the side of SCP-3567's 'hump'.

[21:00, 19/06/19██] Dig-work finishes for the day. Subjects are allowed to rest.

[08:00, 20/06/19██] Dig-work begins again.

[11:54, 20/06/19██] D-6643 claims to be suffering from heat-stroke. Subject requests to be allowed to leave the exclusion zone to receive medical treatment. Request was denied.

[14:02, 20/06/19██] D-6643 collapses. Other subjects are ordered to continue working.

[16:30, 20/06/19██] During a short break from digging, D-1019 is allowed to check the condition of D-6643. D-6643 is non-responsive, heartbeat is absent.

[20:30, 20/06/19██] Dig-work finishes for the day. Subjects are instructed to dispose of D-6643's corpse by dumping it in the outhouse hole and partially filling it in.

[01:10, 21/06/19██] Subjects D-1019 and D-3335 attempt to escape the exclusion zone. Both subjects are neutralised by foundation snipers.

[08:00, 21/06/19██] Dig-work begins again. Subjects are instructed not to attempt to recover the bodies of D-1019 and D-3335. Work proceeds as planned for the rest of the day.

Two days go by. Work proceeds without further incident. Hole in the side of SCP-3567's 'hump' reaches a depth of 22 metres.

[11:47, 24/06/19██] D-4117 begins to complain of suspected heat-stroke. Subject is allowed to return to her tent for a period of time not exceeding 1 hour.

[12:49, 24/06/19██] D-4117 returns to work.

[15:01, 24/06/19██] D-4117 collapses. Subjects are instructed to return D-4117 to her tent to recover for the remainder of the day.

D-4117 makes a full recovery by the following day. Work proceeds as normal.

After 5 further days, subjects have reached a depth of 47 metres. The hole is just wide enough for two subjects to stand within shoulder-to-shoulder, and approximately 2 metres in height.

[02:38, 30/06/19██] Radio transmission received from within the exclusion zone is made up of static and screaming.

[02:39, 30/06/19██] Stationed sniper teams examining the testing area using long-distance thermal scopes report no visual activity.

[03:00, 30/06/19██] Radio transmission abruptly ceases. Test subjects do not respond.

D-9297 [07:51, 30/06/19██]: Hello? Doctor ██████, you there?

Dr ██████ [07:51, 30/06/19██]: Yes we're receiving you. Report. Who is this? What happened last night?

D-9297 [07:51, 30/06/19██]: Its Aaron. Uhh… D-9297. I was gonna' ask you the same thing. Where'd everyone go?

Dr ██████ [07:51, 30/06/19██]: Please clarify.

D-9297 [07:51, 30/06/19██]: I'm the only one here. Everyone else is gone. Like they just disappeared. Their clothes are still there… In their sleeping bags. But not… them. Did they run away?… Not that I'd blame them.

Dr ██████ [07:51, 30/06/19██]: D-9297, have you looked around outside?

D-9297 [07:51, 30/06/19██]: Enough to know that they ain't fucking there.

Dr ██████ [07:51, 30/06/19██]: Please proceed outside and describe anything out of the ordinary for us.

D-9297 [07:51, 30/06/19██]: You better be pulling my fucking leg.

[07:52, 30/06/19██] D-9297 leaves his tent.

D-9297 [07:52, 30/06/19██]: Hold up, I see something.

Dr ██████ [07:52, 30/06/19██]: What is it?

D-9297 [07:52, 30/06/19██]: Drag marks in the sand. They're heading off towards the dig.

Dr ██████ [07:52, 30/06/19██]: Follow them.

D-9297 [07:52, 30/06/19██]: You must think I'm a fucking idiot.

Dr ██████ [07:52, 30/06/19██]: Subject, comply or face the punishment.

[07:52, 30/06/19██] D-9297 is silent for a moment.

[07:53, 30/06/19██] D-9297 leaves the tent.

Dr ██████ [07:53, 30/06/19██]: Take the camera to document what you see.

D-9297 [07:53, 30/06/19██]: If you say so.

D-9297 [07:53, 30/06/19██]: Subject proceeds towards the mine for several minutes.

D-9297 [07:56, 30/06/19██]: There ain't a drop of blood anywhere…

Dr ██████ [07:56, 30/06/19██]: Have you reached the opening?

D-9297 [07:56, 30/06/19██]: Yeah.

Dr ██████ [07:56, 30/06/19██]: Please send an image to confirm.

The following image was received [Tag: SCP-3567 Test 4 Photo 2].

SCP-3567 Test 4 Photo 2: Mouth of Dig Site

D-9297 [07:58, 30/06/19██]: Sent it. You see those drag marks?

Dr ██████ [07:56, 30/06/19██]: Yes, I see them. Now, please proceed into the dig site.

[07:56, 30/06/19██] D-9297 does not respond.

Dr ██████ [07:57, 30/06/19██]: 9297, comply.

D-9297 [07:58, 30/06/19██]: Alright, alright.

[07:58, 30/06/19██] Remote observation confirms D-9297 to have descended into the dig site.

D-9297 [07:59, 30/06/19██]: Fuck this is scary.

Dr ██████ [07:59, 30/06/19██]: Remain calm.

D-9297 [07:59, 30/06/19██]: Jee thanks, I never thought of that.

[08:00, 30/06/19██] Audio signals seem to suggest that D-9297 continues to walk further into the opening.

D-9297 [08:00, 30/06/19██]: I don't remember it being this deep.

Dr ██████ [08:00, 30/06/19██]: Are you certain?

[08:00, 30/06/19██] Subject does not respond.

Dr ██████ [08:00, 30/06/19██]: D-9297, do you copy?

[08:00, 30/06/19██] Subject does not respond.

Dr ██████ [08:00, 30/06/19██]: D-9297, please acknowledge if you receive this.

[08:01, 30/06/19██] Intermittent noise can be heard through the audio transmitter which oscillates randomly between blaring static and total silence.

Dr ██████ [08:01, 30/06/19██]: D-9297, do you copy?

[08:01, 30/06/19██] Static can still be heard, mixed with what Dr ██████ reports to be the sound of distant screams.

[08:02, 30/06/19██] All static abruptly ceases. A clear audio message can be heard, but it does not appear to be in the voice of D-9297. Message is [DATA EXPUNGED].

[08:02, 30/06/19██] An image is received from D-9297's camera [Tag: SCP-3567 Test 4 Photo 3]. Photo contains [DATA EXPUNGED].

SCP-3567 Test 4 Photo 3: [DATA EXPUNGED]
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