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EuclidSCP-3578 Sebastian of Portugal and his ArmyRate: 46

Item #: SCP-3578

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3578 is to be held in a humanoid containment cell at Site-06-3. Said containment cell is to be equipped with four surveillance camera, positioned along the four walls of the containment cell.

SCP-3578-A instances capable of injuring SCP-3578 are to be physically restrained via chains or a suitable equivalent, such that SCP-3578-A instances will not be able to cause open wounds on SCP-3578. If physically possible, weapons held by SCP-3578-A instances are to be removed from respective SCP-3578-A instance.

Personnel are not to conduct invasive surgery on or cause open wounds in SCP-3578. If at least one new open wound is identified on SCP-3578, no personnel may enter SCP-3578's containment cell until a new SCP-3578-A instance manifests from said open wound(s).

Description: SCP-3578 is a male humanoid entity, resembling a young adult of European descent. It is capable of surviving without food or water, suggesting that it has an alternate method of acquiring nutrients. It is incapable of speech in any known human languages, although it shows signs of comprehension towards Portuguese and Latin words.

Numerous tattoos depicting arcane and occult iconography are present through SCP-3578's body. Among which, approximately 10% of visible tattoos match those found on SCP-076-2 and approximately 30% of visible tattoos resemble those on SCP-076-2 with varying differences in size, orientation, and/or proportion. The remaining visible tattoos on SCP-3578 are not found on SCP-076-2, and are comprised of excerpts from Arabic theological and mathematical texts.

SCP-3578-A is a collective designation for human appendages and/or items which protrude from any open wounds on SCP-3578. Biological SCP-3578-A instances (i.e. human appendages) will eventually desiccate and putrefy. After which, a new SCP-3578-A instance will appear to replace the putrefied instance. Attempts to measure the average duration of desiccation and putrefaction are ongoing. At time of capture, SCP-3578-A instances and the respective open wounds include:

  • One war flag of the House of Aviz1 protruding from SCP-3578's trapezius muscles.
  • One human left arm protruding from SCP-3578's right elbow.
  • Five non-functional musket muzzles and three human fingers emerging from the eight puncture wounds on SCP-3578's chest.
  • A halberd spearhead protruding from both of SCP-3578's thighs.
  • Ten human fingers protruding from SCP-3578's left cheek, positioned such that the fingers appear to be prying open the left cheek.
  • A human right arm holding a Carracks black sword protruding from SCP-3578's groin.

Radiocarbon dating traces SCP-3578 and SCP-3578-A to the late 16th century CE. Open wounds on SCP-3578-A instances do not result in the growth of additional SCP-3578-A instances. DNA analysis of applicable SCP-3578-A instances indicates that each instance corresponds to a distinct human of unknown identity, and that none of them have DNA matching that of SCP–3578.

Most SCP-3578-A instances will frequently attack SCP-3578 in a manner aimed to generate open wounds, essentially generating additional SCP-3578-A instances. SCP-3578 displays no observable reaction towards pain caused by bodily injuries. No known injury dealt to SCP-3578 is shown to be lethal or a mortal wound. Furthermore, SCP-3578's own limbs do not engage in self-injury and will attempt to deter attacks made by SCP-3578-A.

Miniature cameras inserted into SCP-3578's open wounds reveal that they lead to an unknown location of low visibility (tentatively designated as 'SCP-3578-B'), comprised entirely of a large number of humans armed with weapons consistent with those used by the Kingdom of Portugal during the 16th century CE. Attempts to calculate total number of humans in SCP-3578-B are ongoing. Inserted microphones have identified multiple distinct vocalisations, including:

[in Portuguese] Santos is now dust. Consumed by our king.

[in Latin] God wills! We cannot despair!

[in Castilian] Break the Moorish bondage!

[in German] This is still light! Freedom is possible.

[in Arabic] This is not God's doing! This is of the Shayateen.

SCP-3578 was discovered in the outskirts of Alcazarquivir2 on ██/██/1927. SCP-3578-A instances' assault of SCP-3578 facilitated ease of capture, resulting in zero casualties during capture.

Local legends allege that SCP-3578 is a ghūl roaming the areas which the Battle of Alcácer Quibir3 is said to have occurred, and is ascribed with the following traits:

  • At least 200 unique forms of SCP-3578, speculated to be various permutations of SCP-3578-A instances emerging from SCP-3578's body.
  • Production of howling sounds when SCP-3578's form changed during early accounts. Progressively, reports of howling sounds became less frequent. By the 19th century CE, SCP-3578 was reported not to have howled at all.

Whilst in containment, SCP-3578 has progressively displayed decreased levels of hostility towards Foundation personnel. This is speculated to be in response to Foundation attempts to prevent both SCP-3578-A's attacks on SCP-3578 and the manifestation of SCP-3578-A instances.

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