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SCP-3580-a prior to containment.

Item #: SCP-3580

Object Class: Safe1

Special Containment Procedures: Each of SCP-3580's five components are to be held within a humidity controlled padded lock box. At the time of writing, only SCP-3580-a in conjunction with SCP-3580-d have demonstrated anomalous properties. However, the complete set is to be contained in the event that unprecedented interactions manifest. In order to prevent unintended contact between the aforementioned items, SCP-3580-a through SCP-3580-d are to be kept within individual cotton pouches. SCP-3580-e is to be held within a fitted 6x10cm glass frame.

In accordance with L-4 Standard Antique Preservation Procedures, relative humidity levels should not be permitted to exceed 1%. SCP-3580-a through SCP-3580-d are to be inspected annually for signs of oxidation, and cleaned if necessary.

Documented permission from the Head of On-Site Research is required if any containment protocols are to be disturbed or otherwise altered for study of SCP-3580. In order to prevent unnecessary damage to the heirloom, personnel hands must be washed and placed within standard disposable gloves prior to contact. The antiques remain fragile, and are to be handled with care.

All occurrences of SCP-3580-2 are to be contained within a sealed 64 m2 room. Furnishings standard with that of a middle income living area are required upon request. As per subject desire, the cell's interior may be remodeled assuming that said changes do not compromise containment, subject safety, nor the ability for staff personnel to gain access to SCP-3580-2 at any given time.

Mandatory weekly psychological evaluations on SCP-3580-2 are to be performed by a trained psychiatrist. As per subject request, counselling sessions and a means in which to contact their assigned psychiatrist at any time may also be provided. On a case to case basis and alongside psychiatrist recommendation, SCP-3580-2 may be permitted to keep a small animal companion of their choice.

Description: SCP-3580 is composed of a set of gilded jewelry consistent with traditional Chinese betrothal wear. Each piece of the set contains an evident flower motif, and displays near-perfect condition.

SCP-3580-* Appearance Known Anomalous Interactions
-a A diamond shaped locket. It is 7x5cm at its widest, and is inlaid with several gems in order to depict a bed of flowers. The edges are intricately carved into leaves. The interior contains a concave divot used to secure photographs. -See Affliction 2.a
-b A pair of earrings each shaped to form a budding flower. They are 1x1cm at their widest. None Observed
-c A 2cm wide bangle shaped to depict a growing vine. Contains 4 (1.43 carat) ruby gemstones inlaid as blossoms. None Observed
-d An index ring shaped to form a blooming flower. The ring's head is 3x3cm at its widest. None Observed
-e The photograph removed from SCP-3580-a. It is 6x10cm and displays two middle aged Chinese newly weds of upper class. -See Affliction 2.a

SCP-3580-e after removal from SCP-3580-a. Clothing styles indicate Qing Dynasty era wedding, Circa 1900.

Affliction 2.a:
Upon physical exposure to SCP-3580-e while contained within SCP-3580-a, subject [hereafter referred to as SCP-3580-2] demonstrates no immediate adverse effects. After an indeterminate amount of time, subject will grow increasing despondent and withdrawn. As time progresses SCP-3580-2 will develop pervasive hypercritical delusions regarding human physical appearance indicative of [DATA EXPUNGED].

All instances of SCP-3580-2 express mild to extreme distress when confronted with their own physical appearance. Attempts are frequently made to either hide or correct one's perceived flaws. Methods noted include drastic bodily dissimulation, including excessive use of cosmetic surgery2. SCP-3580-2 will frequently seek the reassurance of others to deny that any notable change has taken place. Self-mutilation has been observed in late stage psychosis.

SCP-3580-2 will also express mild to extreme distress when confronted with the physical appearance of others3. SCP-3580-2 will often terminate both romantic and platonic relationships. When forced to converse with or view another human, all subjects have been noted to close eyes or avoid visual contact with the individual. Several display immediate urges to terminate interaction through physical or verbal means. If this fails, SCP-3580-2 has been noted to dissociate from reality, and/or grow violent.

Behavior demonstrated by SCP-3580-2 includes an acute fixation on commonly viewed physiological regions such as the nose, stomach, thighs, skin, and hair. Incidences expand to include height, lip shape/size, shoulder width, proportional limb distribution, and muscle size. This degradation worsens proportionately as time passes, eventually encompassing SCP-3580-2's viewpoint of all visible features of themselves and others. No instances of SCP-3580-2 have manifested a genuine post-exposure alteration of appearance.

Extreme methods of establishing and maintaining self isolation have been noted. SCP-3580-2 are at a heightened risk for anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideation/attempt. The application of amnestics to remove memory of encounter with SCP-3580-a and SCP-3580-e demonstrate no observable effects on psychosis.

Addendum 3580-1: [01/18/201█] As ordered by Dr. ███ ████, all components associated with SCP-3580 underwent a detailed chemical composition analysis.

Note: Results indicative of wear, but no anomalous properties were detected. The gilding appears to have been performed utilizing 24 carat gold leaf (99.79% purity). The main body of each item consists of carved Pinus armandii wood, indigenous to China. SCP-3580-a exists as a notable exception. Its main body appears to have been constructed utilizing Pinus resinosa, which remains native to exclusively North America.

Addendum 3580-2: [01/21/201█] As a result of previous testing, a second specialized examination of SCP-3580-a was performed as ordered by Dr. ███ ████.

Note: Carbon dating of the main body indicates an age of 150 ± ██ years. Additionally, SCP-3580-a's angular design indicates that it had been crafted in Victorian era style. This remains highly inconsistent with the remainder of the set. Results indicative of [DATA EXPUNGED].

Addendum 3580-3: [02/04/201█] Autopsy report of Agent L███ ██. Subject unknowingly came under the effects of Affliction 2.a during initial containment, and was hospitalized three weeks later as a result of life threatening self-mutilation. Subject's body was confiscated and brought to Site 1█. All attending medical professionals were administered Class-A amnestics.

Post-Mortem Report L:45-2 - [02/03/201█]

Name, Age, and Marital Status: Agent L███ ██/24/Single
Address: [REDACTED]
P.M Authorized By: Dr. ███ ████
Place of P.M: Site 1█ Medical Ward, Wing: N2, Rm: 04
Operating Physician: Dr. █ █████
P.M Attendees: Dr. ███ ████, Field Agent ███ ██
Time and Date of Death: 4:54am, [02/02/201█]
Time and Date of P.M: 6:13pm, [02/02/201█]
External Examination: Remains presented in a black body bag. Subject wearing black cotton hooded sweatshirt and navy blue pants.

The body is that of an athletic caucasian male, measuring 172cm and weighing 82kg. Hair is brown in colour and approximately 5cm at longest point. The body is cold and unembalmed. Lividity is fixed in the inferior limbs. The eyes and surrounding skin including portions of the scalp from the occipital bone to either parietal ridge had been removed prior to death [hereafter referred to as Aberration A].

Removal of clothes reveals recent chemical burn damage to all regions of external skin below the shoulders [hereafter referred to as Aberration B]. Accumulation of necrotic tissues and fibrinopurulent material lining the chest and back. Distal limbs present hardened gray flesh. Damage to subcutaneous tissue evident. The presence of infection and dried exudate indicate healing. Aberration B was likely created approximately two weeks prior to death.

Head/Central Nervous System: Subsequent autopsy shows severe comminuted fracturing as a result of Aberration A in the parietal, frontal, nasal, temporal, ethmoid, and lacrimal bones. Additional fracturing can be seen within the zygomatic arch. Lacerations from Aberration A penetrate the skin and subdermal tissues of the head and neck. Tearing of the dura, arachnoid, and pia mater is evident. Abnormal quantities of blood can be found within the subarachnoid space, in addition to mild bruising on the frontal and parietal lobes of the brain.

Skeletal System: See above. All other structures appear intact.

Respiratory System/Throat Structures: The mucosa displays several large lesions resulting from excessive irritation via the teeth. Otherwise, there are no injuries to the lips, teeth or gums.

There is no obstruction of the airway. Mucosa of the epiglottis, glottis, piriform sinuses, trachea and major bronchi appear irritated, likely from chemical inhilation.

Cardiovascular System: The heart has a normal size and configuration.

Gastrointestinal System: The mucosa and wall of the esophagus are irritated but without lesions. The gastric mucosa is without injury. Approximately ███ ml of partially digested [REDACTED] is found in the stomach. The mucosa of the duodenum, jejunum, ileum, and colon are intact. Rectum appears scarred by Aberration B.

Urinary System: The kidneys are unremarkable.

Male Genital System: Effects of Aberration B are present on all exposed genitalia. Based on evidence provided by subdurmal tissue analysis, a crude self-enacted vasectomy appears to have been performed approximately two weeks prior to death. All remaining structures are intact.

Toxicology: A sample of blood and bile are submitted for toxicologic analysis.

Cause of Death: Subarachnoid hemorrhaging resulting from Aberration A. Aberration B is estimated to have occurred two weeks prior to death.

Closing Remarks: Subject was originally presented as a homicide victim due to the violent nature of the structural damage to the cranium. Presence of Aberration B indicates this possibility to be highly unlikely. Given Agent L███ ██'s assignment as a member of SCP-3580's retrieval team (and the reported nature of SCP-3580) an unreported breach in containment is likely at fault.

Note: The mental well being of all cases of SCP-3580-2 should now be considered high priority. No further creations of SCP-3580-2 are to be permitted under any circumstances. -Dr. ███ ████

Addendum 3580-4: [02/11/201█] Transcript of interview with Agent M███ ███ who came under the effects of SCP-3580 during initial recovery mission alongside Agent L███ ██. All other incidences of SCP-3580-2 threatened some variation of [REDACTED] when asked to leave their quarters.

Interviewed: Agent M███ ███

Interviewer: Dr. ███ ████

Foreword: Following the death of Agent L███ ██, Agent M███ ███ was detained by foundation personnel. Upon confirmation of the effects of Affliction 2.a, subject was placed into containment.

<Begin Log>

Dr. ███ ████: "Log date, February eleventh, two thousand [REDACTED]. This is Dr. ███ ████, recording interview r colon sixty seven, dash three. [To Agent M███ ███] I'm so very sorry for the confusion. I appreciate your cooperation. [Pause.] You may open your eyes. [Pause.] If the light is agitating them I can turn the-"

Agent M███ ███: "I-It's fine. [Exhale.] Sorry. Look, let's just make this quick."

Dr. ███ ████: "Certainly. To begin, please describe the effect that SCP-3580 has had on you."

Agent M███ ███: "I don't f-f-fee…. [Unstable Exhale.] It started out so… Quiet… At first… It was like that f-feeling you get as a kid, when the popular kids laugh near you. Exposed, I guess. At the time I had just assumed it was exhaustion, L███ and I had just flown in from [REDACTED] with the artifact. [Long Pause.] God, I just realized. He saw it too. I haven't talked to him since, is he alright?"

Dr. ███ ████: "Yes, Agent L███ ██ is fine. He has been contained like yourself. Please, continue."

Agent M███ ███: "Right, sorry. The following morning, again, the feeling was still there. When I saw my reflection in the- [Subject's voice trembles before cracking.] I…I'm s-sorry, I can't. I c-can-n't be, HERE…" [Subject begins sobbing loudly, intermittent with coughs.]

Dr. ███ ████: "Please, M███. You're safe here. We need the information that you have, no one else has been willing to speak with us."

Agent M███ ███: [Hysterical yelling.] Don't fucking touch me you greasy old hag! [Scraping noise, followed by several loud metallic clangs.] Great! Absolutely p-perfect!"

Dr. ███ ████: [Breathless.] "Agent ███, please, I know how hard this mus-"

Agent M███ ███: [Hysterical yelling.] "You have no fucking clue what this is like! It's agony! I feel like someone is drilling a hole into my skull! Over! [Loud metallic clang.] And over! [Loud metallic clang.] And over [Loud metallic clang.] again! There is no escape, I'm trapped here! I'm trapped here… I am trapped here, I'm trapped here and I will be until I die! [A loud metallic bang is heard followed by faint whimpering.] No matter who I look at, I only see [DATE EXPUNGED]. H-Horrifying, infected… grimy… I flinched at my own daughter's face. All I could see were her puffy! Squinty! Eyes! And that god awful chin…My chin… She, she begged for me to stop, all the way 'till… [Subject begins sobbing again, quietly.] What sort of fucking parent am I?"

Dr. ███ ████: "Would you be willing to draw your ideal human form, or at the very least look at me and describe every area that you would deem faulty?"

Agent M███ ███: "There used to be so much… beauty, in the world y'know? She and I, we used to just sit on the balcony and watch people stroll past…" [Subject murmurs incoherently before trailing off into silence.]

Dr. ███ ████: [A series of finger snaps can be heard.] "Back here M███. I need you here!"

Agent M███ ███: [Slowly and disconnectedly.] "I think that I would like to return to my quarters now, doc." [Subject lapses into silence and no further attempts to generate a response were successful.]

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Subject was returned to containment without incident. Subject's negative reaction to physical contact indicates an alteration to additional senses beyond sight. Further testing is required.

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