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nn5n: scp-3598 Bishop\'s Glen Memorial Park
EuclidSCP-3598 Bishop\'s Glen Memorial ParkRate: 46

Item #: SCP-3598

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The entrance to Bishop's Glen Memorial Park has been moved to the southern end of the park. Foundation agents under the guise of park rangers are to detain any person(s) attempting to enter the park outside of the southern public entrance.

All materials recovered from SCP-3598 are to be stored in biological containment units.

Description: SCP-3598 is an extra-dimensional location accessible from Bishop's Glen Memorial Park, Columbiana County, Ohio. SCP-3598 is visually and geographically identical to Bishop's Glen and its surroundings, though SCP-3598 is observed to exist in a state of perpetual autumn. Although the area outside SCP-3598 is also visible, attempting to exit the confines of the park will cause the individual to leave SCP-3598. SCP-3598 appears to overlap with Bishop's Glen; those exiting SCP-3598 in a particular location will find themselves in the equivalent area outside Bishop's Glen.

SCP-3598 is only accessible under certain conditions. If these conditions are not met in order, entry to SCP-3598 is impossible.

  • The individual must enter Bishop's Glen from geographic north.
  • The individual must then walk for at least thirty continuous minutes within the park; direction is irrelevant. Moving faster than what would commonly be considered "walking" will upset the required conditions.
  • After thirty minutes have passed, the individual must make their way to the creek located in the south-east portion of the park. At this point, running or sprinting will meet the required conditions.
  • Climbing down to the creek bed from any point will place the individual within SCP-3598. Displacement is instantaneous.

SCP-3598 was discovered by the Foundation after an anonymous letter was received by the Columbiana County Sheriff's Office detailing how to find and enter SCP-3598. Foundation assets within the office were alerted, and instituted a cover-up. Investigation into the source of the letter is ongoing.




Dear/to whom this may concern,

You don't know who I am.
I made it that way.

You've been looking for quite a
while. I'm going to give them
to you.

1.) Go to Bishop's Glen Memorial Park.
Go in from the top/north.
2.) Walk around a bit 30 mintuse[sic] a half hour
will d[sic]. DO NOT RUN!!!!!!

3.) Go to the creek at the south-east
You can run now. They did too.
4.) Go down into the creek. You
should be there now.

Just look around for a bit.
I'm sure you can find them
If you want to leave, just go outside.
I wouldn't stay long, something feels
wrong now.
I have/want to show off. Let's
keep this our little secret, ok?

From, You don't know who I am.

But you will

Addendum: Foundation researchers were able to retrieve several objects from within SCP-3598:

  • Multiple gum wrappers (mint)
  • Several copies of different pornographic magazines
  • 127.25 USD
  • 1 portable Bunsen burner
  • 14 human corpses
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