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nn5n: scp-3614 The Magnetic Flashlight
SafeSCP-3614 The Magnetic FlashlightRate: -14

Item #: SCP-3614

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Flashlight is locked up in a non-magnetic container which is stored in Site ██████. All staff are checked to see if they have any metal objects with them or in them when they enter or leave the facility. Object is allowed to be handled by a personnel with clearance of Level 2 or above, but they may only once they have gained permission from the Site Director. On the containment there is a warning to not turn the object on.

Description: The object is a black flashlight that is 22cm and 1 3/4cm wide. The flashlight has no company name or engravings on it. The rubber seal for the flashlight is gone, leaving the plastic peg in place of a button. When the peg for the flashlight is pressed, instead of turning on a light, it emits a strong magnetic field that draws in all magnetic objects in a 200 300 400 meter wide area. Some objects have been observed crashing through windows, walls, and even concrete. The flashlight has also been able to draw in knives, light fixtures, and vehicles. Attempts to open the object have been fruitless, with there seeming to be no seals or lines in the object at all. The SCP Foundation found SCP-3614 in 19██ in ███████, Mexico, after a little girl brought the said flashlight in question to her school for show and tell. After multiple of the students had their teeth ripped out from the metal fixtures in their mouths, the Foundation was notified, and everyone involved was given Class B amnesiac.

Addendum A-47: SCP-3614 testing has been formally discontinued by the orders of Site Director. After the incident of a staff member having an hip implant ripped out, and SCP-3614 temporarily stopping the takeoff of a helicopter, it was best decided it was the only choice for the safety of the staff.

Addendum A-48: The Site Director has ordered the investigation into SCP-3614, which after ███ days of not being used, SCP-3614 turned on seemingly all by itself, causing 6 injuries to staff. The investigation will include a test that will attempt to recreate the occurrence.

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