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Item #: SCP-3701

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: At this time, Site-13 is to be considered decommissioned. As there is no way to determine the identity of SCP-3701's current host without risk of exposure to it, all personnel currently stationed at Site-13 are to be considered potential threats. Satellite surveillance of Site-13 is to be maintained at all times, and any individuals attempting to enter or leave the vicinity are to be immediately stopped. If necessary, lethal force is authorized in these situations. In the event that SCP-3701 attempts to breach containment, one D-Class personnel is to be dispatched to Site-13's exterior, and instructed to enter and remain inside the building. Supplies such as food, fresh water, and toiletries are to be airdropped outside Site-13 on a weekly basis.

Description: SCP-3701 is a Class A memetic hazard, transferrable from person to person via direct physical contact. When the current host of SCP-3701 makes direct contact with another individual, the individual in question becomes the new host of SCP-3701, and the previous host loses any anomalous effects.

While affected by SCP-3701, individuals feel a strong psychological urge to transfer it to other individuals in the immediate area. While under the influence of SCP-3701, individuals are seemingly impervious to bodily harm, and do not require food or water to survive. Other individuals, when in the presence of SCP-3701, will experience a fight-or-flight response, and usually attempt to evade the host through whatever means necessary. During this event, individuals are typically unable to explain why they are experiencing this response, and will exhibit only a single-minded desire to put as much distance between themselves and SCP-3701 as possible.

Following SCP-3701 infection, there is a short period of time where the previous host cannot be reinfected, though they still experience its effect on non-host individuals, and typically use this time to distance themselves from SCP-3701. The longer an individual is the host of SCP-3701, the stronger their desire to transfer it to another individual becomes. After isolation for a full day, hosts of SCP-3701 have reportedly1 begun to gain abnormal strength and speed, able to easily break through walls when infected for an extended period of time. The longest reported period of time an individual has remained a host of SCP-3701 is 52 hours.

Addendum: Documentation

To: Head Researcher J. Carpenter
Subject: Requesting Immediate Assistance

John, I'm emailing you from my office, I'm barricaded in and I have no way of reaching comms. Too risky to go outside at the moment. There's been a major security breach at Site-13. Possible memetic hazard, causing a panic. The facility is sealed off for the time being, and all SCPs are secure, but we're in a total state of disarray. Find some way to get Eta-10 or someone on this, please.

To: Dr. R. Doughton
Subject: RE: Hang tight

- Dr. Reynard, thank you for alerting us to your situation. Can you elaborate on your current situation? Are you aware of the status of other personnel?

Like I said in my email to John, I'm still barricaded in, so I can't get in contact with anyone else. It's some sort of transferrable memetic effect. It just happened this morning. None of us know why or how, It just appeared, and it got a hold of one of the D-Class. He got to the cafeteria before any of the armed guards could figure out what happened, and it just got worse from there. When you have it, you feel like you have to pass it on to the next person. Haven't been infected myself so I can't give firsthand experience.

- As soon as we follow the standard safety procedures, we'll send a team to your location. Just stay safe until then, and do everything you can to ensure that there are no containment breaches.

No you don't understand, we need people here now. I haven't eaten in days. Get here as soon as you read this.

To: Dr. R. Doughton
Subject: RE: Stay with us

- Reynard, please remain calm. We're packing emergency rations as we speak, all we need is for the site director's approval. I know I wouldn't want to hear this in your position either, but you need to stay calm and stay safe until we arrive.
you really don't understand. I NEED someone here. NOW.
i'm barricaded in, They won't let me out and i NEED to pass It on.

Note: Following this transmission, attempts to remotely access the device used by Dr. Reynard were met with failure, suggesting it had been destroyed or rendered otherwise unable to function. Remote accessing of security footage revealed that Dr. Reynard had been isolated in an office on the lower level of Site-13 following a struggle during which he became the host of SCP-3701. Security footage dated shortly after the transmission of his final email shows Dr. Reynard bursting through the wall, and sprinting towards the nearest member of staff.

Foreword: Following the inclusion of a specially modified laptop computer with airdropped supplies, Dr. D. Siegal was able to make contact with Researcher Kurt Neumann for a short period of time, during which Researcher Neumann was able to demonstrate he was not the current host of SCP-3701.

<Begin Log:>

Dr. Siegal: Site-13 personnel, this is Dr. Don Siegal, please respond.

(Researcher Nuemann walks into view with a bottle of water.)

Researcher Nuemann: Loud and clear. You hear me?

Dr. Siegal: I read you. What is your name and position, for the record?

Researcher Nuemann: Nuemann. Researcher. At least, I was.

Dr. Siegal: Are you in a secure location?

Researcher Nuemann: I'd be in a more secure location if you would get us the hell out of here. (There is a short pause.) I'm safe for now. I'm holed up in the cafeteria with Dr. ███ and a few D-Class. Jessica has a small group somewhere on the upper level.

Dr. Siegal: Thank you. I appreciate your cooperation. Do you have any idea as to the current location of SCP-3701?

Researcher Nuemann: Shit, I think it's D- thirteen forty-five right now? (To someone to his left, not visible on screen) Hey Terry, who was it last time we saw it?

D-1349: (From off-camera) Forty-five's Bob, last time I saw it, it was Joe- er, thirteen fifty-six was his number.

Researcher Nuemann: Scratch that, fifty-six. There's a few D-Class and others that tried to gather up in the dorms for safety, but it followed them there, and it's been hovering around there for a couple days now.

Dr. Siegal: Thank you. Are you aware of any-

Researcher Nuemann: Enough with the bullshit questions, Siegal, when are you getting us out of here? You heard me talk to ███ earlier, you know we're not it. Just send a chopper over, or park outside and we'll run to you, or-

Dr. Siegal: You know why we can't do that. It's too much of a risk. And even if we get all of you who aren't infected out, the anomaly will likely just become more desperate. Imagine if this thing made it to a populated area.

(There is a long pause.)

Researcher Nuemann: I know. I know. (There is a short pause, followed by a sigh. In a hushed voice,) Be real with me, are we just stuck here now?

(Dr. Siegal hesitates.)

Researcher Nuemann: Goddamn it.

Dr. Siegal: I'm sorry. When we do get you out of there, you'll be heavily compensate-

Researcher Nuemann: Oh, so there's a 'when' now? Not a 'fuck you, you're stuck there'?

(There is a long pause.)

Researcher Nuemann: At least tell our families. If we don't make it.

Dr. Siegal: I'll see what I can do.

D-1349: (From off-screen) Hey Doc, tell him to at least send us some beer, they're killin' me with this protein bar and bottled water diet shit.

Researcher Nuemann: You heard the man.

Dr. Siegal: I might be able to pull a few strings. Make sure everything stays contained.

Researcher Nuemann: You can count on us.

<End Log>

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