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SCP-3724-1 on the roof of SCP-3724


An instance of SCP-3724-2-A (right) and SCP-3724-2-B (left)

Item #: SCP-3724

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The fencing around SCP-3724 which defines its outer perimeter has been altered to give strong electrical shocks upon physical contact. This is to act as a deterrent to prevent humans and animals from accessing SCP-3724. SCP-3724's front gate is to be guarded by at least one member of MTF Psi-7 ("Home Improvement") disguised as a security guard. The two neighboring houses adjacent to SCP-3724 have been purchased by the foundation in order to reduce the chances of civilians triggering an active state. Any individuals caught trespassing on the premises of SCP-3724 are to be detained, questioned, administered Class B amnestics and released. Future testing with SCP-3724 is to be approved by at least two personnel with level 3 clearance or higher.

Description: SCP-3724 is a two-story house located in the center of a gated estate in [REDACTED] Georgia. SCP-3724 spans 75 square metres and is located on 3 acres of fenced land. There are several signs reading "Beware of Dog" on the front gate and outer fencing of SCP-3724. SCP-3724’s anomalous properties manifest when any autonomous entity enters within its established perimeter. Once an entity violates this perimeter SCP-3724 enters an active state during which SCP-3724-1 will bark incessantly whilst instances of SCP-3724-2 exit from numerous openings in SCP-3724 at an average rate of five instances per second. Instances of SCP-3724-2 will then proceed to attack the intruder by biting and scratching.

SCP-3724 will remain in an active state until the intruder is destroyed or leaves the premises. Cadavers and pieces of broken machinery which remain within SCP-3724's perimeter are carried off of the property and buried by SCP-3724-2 instances before the cessation of the event. Examination of the perimeter of SCP-3724 resulted in the discovery of several buried animal corpses1, a toy R.C helicopter and a severed human foot2. After the event has concluded instances of SCP-3724-2 will re-enter SCP-3724 and any instances of SCP-3724-2 who perished during the event will undergo rapid decomposition until the entirety of the instance has been reduced to dust.

All attempts to access the interior of SCP-3724 so far have been met with failure. To date attempts to access the interior of SCP-3724 have resulted in the loss of four land-based R.C drones, three air-based R.C drones, one D-class personnel and one military grade armored utility vehicle. Ranged camera inspection of the interior of SCP-3724 show no abnormalities and show no instances of SCP-3724-2.

SCP-3724-1 is a member of Canis Lupus Familiaris or domestic dog and appears to be of Shih-poo breed. SCP-3724-1 is female and has fur with a dirty-grey coloration. SCP-3724-1 does not require food, water or sustenance of any kind and spends the entirety of its time on the roof of SCP-3724 while constantly looking out for intruders.

SCP-3724-2 are members of Canis Lupus Familiaris or domestic dog and appear to be of Shih-poo breed. Instances of SCP-3724-2 appear to be cloned instances of the same two dogs classified as SCP-3724-2-A and SCP-3724-2-B. SCP-3724-2-A and SCP-3724-2-B are both male dogs with fur of a white coloration.

At the beginning of an active state SCP-3724-2 instances possess physical attributes consistent with that of a non-anomalous dog of similar size and breed however, as the event continues newly produced instances of SCP-3724-2 begin to display anomalous feats of strength and agility, the potency of these physical enhancements seems to be directly proportional to the length of time SCP-3724 has been in an active state. The longest event to date has been ten minutes long, at the end of which produced SCP-3724-2 instances were capable of running in excess of 80 km an hour, jumping 12 metres in the air and biting through three-inch-thick steel plating. Physically enhanced instances of SCP-3724-2 are indistinguishable from their normal counterparts and thus all instances are to be treated as potentially dangerous.

Normal instances of SCP-3724-2 which are removed from the property prior to its deactivation will attempt to return and react violently to any attempts to impede it, following the cessation of the event the SCP-3724-2 will cease trying to return to SCP-3724 and will exhibit mannerisms similar to that of a non-anomalous domestic canine. SCP-3724-2 instances with enhanced physical attributes will also cease trying to return to SCP-3724 following the cessation of an active state however, they will retain their aggressive nature. Due to their physical capabilities and violent tendencies, the removal of enhanced instances of SCP-3724-2 from SCP-3724 is strictly forbidden.

Discovery: Housing records show that SCP-3724 was previously inhabited by a family of four, Phillip Richmond (age 37), Deana Richmond (age 35), Jason Richmond (age 12) and Rebecca Richmond (age 6). SCP-3724's anomalous properties were discovered shortly after all members of the family were killed in a car crash on 3/10/20143.

SCP-3724 was discovered on 3/15/2014 when Robert Mafood, who was tasked with picking up the family dogs triggered an active state and was attacked by instances of SCP-3724-2. Robert then proceeded to call animal control complaining about a “swarm of dogs”. Two animal control agents were dispatched to the area where they triggered another active state and were promptly attacked. Following the second event, foundation personnel were contacted and quickly secured the area. Robert Mafood and other family members were interviewed and Class-B amnestics were applied where necessary.

Interviewed: Robert Mafood
Interviewer: Researcher Daniel Beck
Foreword: Robert Mafood was the first known individual to trigger an active state in SCP-3724 and is the brother of Deana Richmond, one of the former residents of SCP-3724.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Beck: Good afternoon Mr. Mafood

Robert: Please, call me Robert

Dr. Beck: Ok Robert, I just need to ask you a few questions in regards to what happened on the twelfth of March.

Robert: You mean when I was attacked by those fucking dogs?

Dr. Beck: Yes, why were you at the residence on that day?

Robert: It’s my sister’s place, well -er it was my sister’s place. She uh, she died last week, car accident.

Dr. Beck: I’m sorry to hear that-

Robert: Not just her, Rebecca, Jason, Phillip, dead, all of them, because some bitch texting on her phone ran a red light.

Dr. Beck: I understand you're upset but if we could just stick to the questions, please.

Robert: Ok fine *pauses* sorry its just been rough you know?

Dr. Beck: I understand, ok so you were at your sister’s house, why?

Robert: To pick up their dogs, with all that was happening with Deana we just kind of forgot about them so mom told me to pick them up, get them some food and keep them at my place.

Dr. Beck: Ok, what happened when you got there?

Robert: I pull up, step outside the car and I see one of the dogs on the balcony and as soon as it sees me it starts barking at me. Now, I was supposed to pick up THREE dogs, *Robert gestures the number three with his hands* THREE so Imagine my shock when a fucking ocean of dogs started pouring from the house. From the open windows, through the front grill, they just kept fucking coming and they were pissed. They fucking swarmed me like ants and bit the shit out of me, they were climbing on top of each other trying to get to my throat and push me over, they were prissy dogs but they were an army of prissy dogs, there must have been fucking hundreds of them.

Dr. Beck: So how did you get away?

Robert: I pulled them off of me, jumped back into the car and locked the doors. That didn’t stop them though they just kept coming, jumping on the hood of the car, climbing over each other onto the sunroof so I put it in reverse and fucking peeled out of there. I could hear my tires crunching as I ran over some of them but I didn’t give a fuck at that point.

Dr. Beck: Were you familiar with your sister's dogs?

Robert: I've seen them in photos and maybe once a while on the holidays but I doubt I made an impression.

Dr. Beck: Do you remember where she got them?

Robert: She didn't get them, Phillip got them after their house got broken into last Christmas, said they were supposed to watch the place while they were out. At the time I didn't understand why he didn't just install a security system or get a dog that might actually scare someone like a Pitbull, but damn, now I get what he was talking about. As for where he got them, I have no fucking idea.

<End Log>

Note: An investigation into how Phillip Richmond acquired the anomalous canines is ongoing.

Addendum: 3724-1: On 3/17/2014 an individual managed to gain access to SCP-3724. The individual was a forty-year-old Puerto Rican female named Linda Vassil. Linda possessed an electronic opener for SCP-3724' s front gate and a set of keys for SCP-3724's front door. Following the encounter, Linda was amnestitised and told that the Richmonds had moved away.

A detailed report of the incident may be viewed in the file below.

Linda entered the perimeter at 6:30 am while the stationed guard was sleeping and managed to enter the property without triggering an active state. Security footage showed SCP-3724-1 become visibly excited up upon seeing Linda, running in a small circle and barking before running away and out of the camera's view, moments later SCP-3724-1, a single instance of SCP-3724-2-A and a single instance of SCP-3724-2-B can be seen emerging from the back of SCP-3724 and running towards Linda. The three instances affectionately rub against Linda, nip at her ankles and put their front paws on her knees with Linda occasionally bending over to pet them. Linda enters SCP-3724 and remains for approximately six hours, cameras view Linda occasionally passing in front of windows usually while sweeping or carrying stacks of clothes. At 12:45 pm Linda exited SCP-3724 after which she was apprehended and questioned.

It was revealed that Linda was Richmond's housekeeper who visited on a weekly basis, unaware of the family's demise Linda had come to the house for work that morning.

Addendum: 3724-2: An investigation into the affairs of Phillip Richmond has lead to the identification of several business associates with potential ties to an underground black market specializing in the selling of anomalous objects to wealthy individuals. It is theorized that these markets are operated by small groups of individuals which fragmented from The Chicago Spectre in the late 1990's.

Analysis of Phillip Richmond's computers and cellphones lead to the discovery of a series of text messages to a currently unidentified individual. It is believed that the conversation is of Mr. Richmond finalizing the purchase of an anomalous object which eventually lead to the creation of SCP-3724.

Are they ready yet?

Ya they're ready
Just waiting for you to wire the cash

Thats alot of money
Are you sure these things are as effective as you say?


Once their established they'll chase away anything that steps foot in that yard

And if they encounter something particularly persistant well……they've been taught to clean up the mess

And I don't have to train them or anything?

Nah, just make sure when you pick them up your the first person they see, then they'lle do whatever you want.

Once you get home let um loose, let them walk around and establish their territory

And make sure you let them sniff all the people who live in that house, we wouldn't want any accidents now.

Thats it?

Thats it

Actually one more thing
When you pick them up you will be given a set of phrases
Its like a PIN for an alarm system

When you speak one phrase they'll go on guard
When you speak the other phrase they'll act like normal dogs
Try not to mix them up


I wired the money

Transfer Confirmed
Go to this address:

Pleasure doing business with you
Once the package has been picked up the transaction is complete
You will not be able to contact me again so please, stay out of trouble

The address given in the messages lead to an abandoned canning factory, a thorough search of which yielded no results. The phrases to which the seller is referring to have not been found in any of Mr. Richmonds journals or electronics, therefore it is believed that the phrases are either documented somewhere within SCP-3724 or they were lost when Mr. Richmond died.

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