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SafeSCP-3732 He Who Lives by the SwordRate: -9

Item #: SCP-3732

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3732 is to be kept in a Class-L humanoid containment chamber, stylized to match SCP-3732's location of origin. SCP-3732-1 and SCP-3732-2 should not be removed at any given time unless approved by 1/3 of the O5 council. No weapons at any time may enter SCP-3732's containment chamber unless approved by Level-4 security clearance. SCP-3732’s containment cell is to remain locked in the event of a duel involving SCP-3732. Only one (1) on one (1) duels are permitted, unless Level-4 security clearance allows otherwise. Two (2) Foundation cleaning crews accompanied by one (1) Foundation agent with Level-2 security clearance are to clean SCP-3732’s chamber bi-weekly. Movement sensors are to be implemented in the containment chamber, if set off during non-testing, alert the Site-Director and monitor movement for the next 8 hours on a CCTV camera. A containment cell evaluation is to take place every three (3) weeks.

Revision 3732-A:
No modern devices may be brought into SCP-3732's containment chamber unless approved by an O5 Council member.

Revision 3732-B
Ventilation units are to be installed into the containment chamber, upon cleaning and pre-testing a special toxin is to be released into the air, deemed Toxin-3732-A. This gas is to be removed approximately five (5) minutes after SCP-3732 is no longer conscious. An antechamber will also be installed. Two (2) forty (40) centimeter thick steel doors will be installed in the antechamber, along with a ventilation unit in which the event of a SCP-3732 breach will be used to deploy Toxin-3732-A. Three (3) minute intervals are required between each door's opening, no exceptions.

Contingency Plan 3732-A-1
This contingency plan was set in place after Incident 3732-A-1. In a SCP-3732 breach event, Mobile Task Force Epsilon-11 is to be deployed, armed with specialized tranquilizers armed with Toxin-3732-B darts, which are a modified version of Toxin-3732-A.

Description: SCP-3732 is a muscular elderly humanoid in a steel suit of armor. SCP-3732 has white-grey hair, which appears unkempt, as well as a full beard. SCP-3732 is generally passive, with no active attempts of escape. SCP-3732 resides motionless upon a stone throne taken from SCP-3732’s place of origin while passive, engraved with supposed writing of unknown origin at the base. Attempts to decipher the writing thus far have failed. SCP-3732 is armed with a sword at all times, designated SCP-3732-1.

When entering SCP-3732's containment chamber, SCP-3732 will stand, and will consistently say "I challenge you to a duel, blade against blade, may the most honorable powerbase win. Do you accept?"

If accepted, SCP-3732 will manifest a sword into his hands, designated SCP-3732-2, and slide it to the opponent. In the event that another weapon than SCP-3732-2 provided is used, SCP-3732 will enter an "enraged" state, in which the entity will rush the opponent, attacking them indefinitely until death. All attacks upon SCP-3732 that are not performed via SCP-3732-2 will be rendered useless.

If the duel is declined, SCP-3732 will return to his throne, asking the visitor’s purpose. If the answer to SCP-3732's question is deemed insufficient, SCP-3732 will demand that all present leave SCP-3732 chambers. In the event that a visitor resists, SCP-3732 will proceed to assault the resistor until their death.

SCP-3732 has not lost a single duel under Foundation containment to date, and is believed to have not lost a duel ever. Rather SCP-3732 cannot lose is being debated, if SCP-3732 has a form of invincibility the O5 council will vote for it's attempted termination. All O5 councils must vote in favor of neutralization for it to be attempted.

Addendum 3732-1:

SCP-3732 was discovered by a civilian exploration group in a mountainous region approximately two (2) kilometers from █████, Iceland. One (1) civilian accepted SCP-3732's duel, resulting in the civilian's death, and the retreat of the exploration group. The group reported this to local authorities, in which law enforcement assaulted SCP-3732, resulting in mass death. The government, in which agents of Mobile Task Force Iota-10 were deployed, was alerted. Iota-10 requested the investigation of SCP-3732, within approximately 2 weeks the Foundation secured SCP-3732. Official capture date, August 17th, 20██.

Addendum 3732-2

This is a list of experiments attempting to introduce SCP-3732 to modern technology. These series of tests will be completed by Class-D personnel, with temporary Mobile Task Force Epsilon-19 "Unholy Templars" trained in sword combat. This project will be deemed "Horizon-7", and will be under O5 supervision.

One (1) Class-D personnel enters SCP-3732's chamber. After the Class-D, designation D-27892, entered it stated "I was sent here to show you something", SCP-3732 accepts the response and allows the object to be shown. The object in question is an ARGUS C3 1944 model camera. SCP-3732 takes the object, examining it. D-27892 is instructed to show SCP-3732 how to operate the device, after the sudden flash of the device activating, SCP-3732 enters a distressed state. SCP-3732 shouts, "Begone with this black magic," swiftly killing D-27892. Researcher █████ ends the test. SCP-3732 remains in a distressed state for approximately two (2) hours after the test.

One (1) Class-D will enters SCP-3732's chamber, after declining the duel, and telling SCP-3732 roughly the same answer as in experiment-1, SCP-3732 accepted. The object this time would be a █████ smart-phone. SCP-3732 found out on his own terms how to activate the device, upon activation SCP-3732 began entering the distressed state. The Class-D, designated D-32714, swiftly calmed SCP-3732 down, guiding it through the device. Upon watching a video implanted upon the device by Foundation personnel, SCP-3732 immediately entered a distressed state, throwing the smart-phone, and attacking D-32714 until death. Researcher █████ ends the test. SCP-3732 leaves his distressed state after approaching and destroying the smart phone.

After H7 Experiment-2, project "Horizon 7" is cancelled, and Epsilon-19 "Unholy Templars" is disbanded by order of the O5 council. It is decided SCP-3732 shows very little tolerance to modern objects, and enters a new behavioral state not recorded before.

Addendum 3732-3

After monitoring duels performed by SCP-3732, it seems that SCP-3732 does not become worn down by any amount of physical pressure. See Experiment Log 3732-A-2.

A trained foundation sword-fighter enters SCP-3732's chamber, accepting SCP-3732's duel. The agent fought defensively, after approximately 13 minutes of fighting, SCP-3732 showed no sign of slowing down. SCP-3732 seems to have an extreme amount of stamina.

Experiment 3732-1

Initial testing of SCP-3732 included one (1) Class-D entering and dueling SCP-3732. SCP-3732 swiftly ended the test via the death of D-23914. Clean-up teams were sent in, recovering the corpse and cleaning the cell. Upon the autopsy of D-23914, a clean slice directly above the C7 vertebrae was found. Rather this is an anomalous affect of SCP-3732-1, or just pure sword skill, is debated.

Addendum 3732-4

The following details an interview between SCP-3732 and a Researcher.

Researcher █████: Hello.

SCP-3732: Greetings.

Researcher █████: Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?

SCP-3732: What is it you inquire?

Researcher █████: How old are you, if you mind me asking?

SCP-3732: I never thought it was important to keep track of. I was here for a long while, though.

Researcher █████: Have you ever lost a duel?

SCP-3732 stands

SCP-3732: Are you implying something, fool?

Researcher █████: No, not at all. I assume that is a no, then.

SCP-3732 sits

Researcher █████: Were you a soldier at any point in your life?

SCP-3732: No, I forbid myself from joining the military. Though it is honorable to serve your home, the military has questionable methods.

Researcher █████: What are your values?

SCP-3732: Honor is everything.

Researcher █████: Are you confident that you will never lose?

SCP-3732: If you wish to know my power I'll show you right here and now.

Researcher █████: Alright, we'll end the interview here before something bad happens.

Researcher █████ exits the containment chamber

Incident Log 3732-A-1

During an experiment in which a Class-D, designated D-540183, entered SCP-3732's Containment Chamber and in spite of instructions, informed SCP-3732 of Foundation operations. How the Class-D attained this information is unknown, an investigation is currently ongoing. SCP-3732 killed D-540183 in a duel. When cleaning crews were sent in, SCP-3732 slaughtered the cleaning crew and breached containment. The effects of the breach were twenty-seven (27) security guard deaths, along with eight (8) researcher deaths. SCP-3732 was re-contained by Mobile Task Force Epsilon-11, in which SCP-3732 was sedated. SCP-3732's class was moved to Euclid, as SCP-3732 is now hostile to any and all personnel.

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