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SafeSCP-3739 Sunshine and Suppertime DemoRate: -8

Item #: SCP-3739

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3739 and each instance of SCP-3739-A is to be kept in a standard containment locker in Site-77, each inside a CD case. To prevent natural decay, SCP-3739 shall be kept from light and moist environments. SCP-3739 shall only be played during testing, which will be done in a specialized sound proof test chamber. Noise cancelling helmets usually used for SCP-1799 are to be worn when not already in use. CDs of any kind are to be kept away during SCP-3739's playing. Testing shall no longer be conducted on SCP-3739 due to lack of interesting results and small number of casualties. Use of SCP-3739 and SCP-3739-A as a weapon is awaiting O5 approval.

Description: SCP-3739 is a CD containing a country album written and sung by Thomas Asbury in 1999. It is one hour and 16 minutes long, and consists of 13 songs. On its face, "Sunshine and Suppertime demo" is written in permanent marker. It has a weight of 0.26 kilograms. Despite being made of non-anomalous material, SCP-3739 and it's case can withstand dBA levels loud enough to normally shatter glass.

When SCP-3739 is inserted into any device that supports CDs, the album's volume will become increasingly louder without outside assistance. Functions that would normally turn down or cease SCP-3739's audio will stop operating until the album has reached completion. If the device playing SCP-3739 is broken to an extent that would normally render it mute, SCP-3739's audio will come from an unknown source near the area where it was last functional. SCP-3739's sound increases at a rate of 20 dBA a minute. SCP-3739 is loudest during its last song, "Dance with me", with a dBA count of 1203.2. Additionally, SCP-3739 is capable of rewriting the data of CDs with in a five meter distance into SCP-3739. Copies of SCP-3739, from know on known as SCP-3739-A, have the same anomalous effect as SCP-3739, including the ability to "spread" to other CDs. Every Cd with in a 15 kilometer area has been contained, and an ongoing search for copies of SCP-3739-A has been launched that may have been missed.

SCP-3739 was recovered from the apartment of amateur musician Thomas Asbury in Alberton, Prince Edward Island, Canada, after inserting SCP-3739 into a ████ brand stereo system. Ashbury was found in a fetal position on the floor next to the boombox. It was deducted that Ashbury died of a internal bleeding caused by several punctured veins from SCP-3739's audio. Several album rejection letters from local and national record companies were recovered at the scene.

SCP-3739 was discovered after several thousand people notified local authorities about music being played at a high volume. While SCP-3739 was being played, a mobile task force clad in heavy duty noise canceling earplugs were sent to Ashbury's apartment to turn off SCP-3739. When they arrived, they were unable to terminate SCP-3739's sound, but were able to transport it to local lake, muffling its sound. A cover story involving a failed missile test causing damage to public property and local residents was distributed to local and national news outlets. Class-A and Class-B amnesics were distributed to civilians affected. A small portion of damages to public property caused accidentally by civilians affected by SCP-3739 paid for by The Foundation.

Addendum: Introduction transcript:

Note: A five minute period passes before the introduction begins, causing the album to start at 100 Db.

Hello! What you are about to hear is my debut album. I'm afraid this is the last and only to get my voice out there. Because of several incidents I will not go into, my album otherwise would not be able to be heard. I think this is a sin, but apparently several other people don't. So buckle in, grab some pillows to push against your ears, and have a good day.

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