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nn5n: scp-3764 An Inter-dimensional Fighter Jet
SafeSCP-3764 An Inter-dimensional Fighter JetRate: -15

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3764 is to be contained in a standard hangar at site-██. Keys to the cockpit are to be held by site command unless for testing. SCP-3764 is not to be fueled unless for testing, to prevent fuel congealing. Ammunition is not to be carried without site command’s approval. All mechanical parts must be checked for wear or damage regularly. Parts for SCP-3764 are to be replaced when necessary. Tests are on-going to determine if SCP-3764 is related to SCP-108

Description:SCP-3764 was found in a barn, outside of [REDACTED], Germany, by German Authorities on the date of █/█/195█.

SCP-3764 is a German WWII Era Messerschmitt Me 262 Jet Fighter aircraft, of A1/U4 “Narwhal” variant, in slight disrepair. The aircraft has no markings, nor any writing on it, to trace it back to.

The aircraft has no anomalous properties if flown under 956 KPH. Once above 956 KPH, the aircraft flies into a lightning cloud visible only to the pilot. Observers viewing the aircraft only see it disappear without warning. The aircraft flies through this storm cloud for approximately 30 seconds before emerging again. After the aircraft emerges, the pilot is seemingly transported into another dimension. From this point on, the pilot cannot input any controls, and is “paralyzed” until the anomalous properties cease. The pilot is transported, seemingly back in time, to somewhere over Germany during World War Two. All video recording equipment is interrupted, and tracking devices give no reading. The aircraft is approached from the left, and slightly below, by English Gloster Meteor jet fighters (designated SCP-3764-1), flying at a 15 degree angle upwards towards SCP-3764. After the aircraft come within range, all instances open fire. SCP-3764's left engine catches fire and stalls. After which, SCP-3764 starts to spin clockwise, descending at 100m/second. Once SCP-3764 “crashes”, it then re-appears, roughly two (2) kilometers ahead of the direction it was flying at the time.

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