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nn5n: scp-3814 Lucid Nightmare
EuclidSCP-3814 Lucid NightmareRate: -15

Item : SCP-3814

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: There are no current known way of contacting SCP-3814 as it is not a physical entity. However, it is thought that it can be contacted using an electronic magnetic field, similar to that of SCP-106. This may be achieved by locating the next to be infected but SCP-3814 and placing them into a chamber suspended using an electromagnetic field.
Instances of SCP-3814-2 are to be contained in a small, low security containment cell, lured in using D class personal. The containment cell is to be guarded by no less than 1 armed guard at all times.

Description: SCP-3814 is a tall (approx 2.43m), black humanoid figure with no eyes, nose, or teeth. However, it does still have the eye sockets along with an abnormally large mouth. SCP-3814's fingers can bend with an action similar to a tentacle, the tips of SCP-3814's fingers have sharp points on them, resembling claws. SCP-3814 appears in the dreams of people, mainly those with a recent loss of a loved one, and was discovered on [data expunged] 2018 by [data expunged] after another researcher became an instance of SCP-3814-2 (see addendum SCP-3814-A).

SCP-3814 is an entity that will invade dreams through a mirror or reflection, e.g. surface of water, and will grab the now instance of SCP-3814-2, pulling the instance into the mirror. This is when SCP-3814-2 will wake up in great confusion, over the period of 30 minutes SCP-3814-2 will grow agitated around other people, believe that the surrounding people will hurt it. SCP-3814-2 will become aggressive and start to decline in mental health in the following hour, along with speaking a currently unknown language, but similar to Latin. After 3 hours after becoming an instance of SCP-3814-2, SCP-3814-2 will try to kill other living creatures (including humans and other SCPs) while speaking fluently in this unknown language. Any attempt to neutralise SCP-3814-2 is near impossible as it does not feel pain, nor does it bleed. SCP-3814-2 does not bleed because of its unusual ability to sear wounds without a heat source.

Addendum SCP-3814-A:
The instance of SCP-3814-2, which use to be Dr.[data expunged], was speaking a strange language and darting his eyes around the room, clenching on to his knife in the cafeteria. Medical staff approached Dr.[data expunged] to give him attention, this is when Dr.[data expunged] stabbed the medical staff in the base of the neck.
SCP-3814-2 then had to be lured in a small, unused containment chamber using D class personal. The containment door was shut with both SCP-3814-2 and the D class inside.

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