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Photo of SCP-3845 during containment attempt #4

Item Tag: SCP-3845

Item Class: Euclid

Threat Level: Yellow

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3845 is to be housed in a standard humanoid containment cell at Site-88. Testing of SCP-3845 must be approved by staff of Level 3+/3845 clearance and higher.

Field agents stationed on Pitcairn Island are to continue searching for material suggesting SCP-3845's existence, specifically Artifact 1-5 instances (See Addendum 1).

Description: SCP-3845 is a humanoid entity, roughly two meters tall. SCP-3845's head/torso takes the shape of an ellipsoid, with legs and arms extending off of it, long and tubular in shape. Hands take a shape similar to the head, and feet are simply 90° bends in the legs. Facial features are present on the front of SCP-3845's head, though the eyebrows are the only features capable of moving or contorting.

SCP-3845's limbs have no definite joints, allowing them to contort to extremes with ease. Due to this, SCP-3845 is capable of feats such as jumping as high as six meters and running as fast as 89 km/h, which allowed it to escape Foundation forces numerous times prior to its containment.

Prior to containment, SCP-3845 resided on Pitcairn Island in the South Pacific Ocean. At that time, SCP-3845 was typically docile, and took a liking to humans and other wildlife. Despite being incapable of speaking, SCP-3845 could easily cooperate with humans and seemed to have an innate understanding of their social cues. Due to this, SCP-3845 became well-known among the residents of Pitcairn Island, though was most often seen engaging with a Sarah ███████, age 15 (See Addendum 2). SCP-3845 also favored certain toys and foods.

For information on SCP-3845's current behavior, please see Addendum 3.

Addendum 1: Multiple artifacts have been retrieved from Pitcairn Island during previous containment attempts of SCP-3845, with several dating to 1384 AD, all of which have been linked to SCP-3845 by appearance. These artifacts include:

  1. A wooden carving of a figure resembling SCP-3845
  2. Several severed body parts resembling those present in SCP-3845
  3. Imprints in hardened soil resembling feet tracks made by SCP-3845
  4. Sandstone engravings describing a possible anatomy of SCP-3845
  5. Sandstone engravings depicting several SCP-3845 instances being hunted and severed

It is believed that Artifacts 1, 4, and 5 were created by a group of Polynesians native to the Pitcairn Islands during SCP-3845's existence, and that Artifacts 2 and 3 were directly created by SCP-3845.

Addendum 2: During SCP-3845 containment attempt #6, prior to containment, a GPS Tracker was planted on SCP-3845. Audio and panoramic video recorders were equipped for further analysis of SCP-3845's behavior. The Foundation successfully received information from the tracker for over 29 hours before losing contact. The events recorded through this tracker are documented in the sub-addenda below.

Foreword: This transcript begins at the moment of tracker activation at approximately 8:43 AM1, sixteen minutes into containment attempt #6. Speech heard at the beginning of transmission originated from a MTF Epsilon-6 ("Village Idiots") operative, specifically Susan ███████ (Beta-2).

<Begin Transcript>

Beta-2: No, I think I… wait, it's on! The tracker's on!

Silence for four seconds. Beta-2 is seen driving a motor bike roughly one meter behind SCP-3845 as it continues running through a forested region.

Beta-2: We're heading east. It's taking a straight path. Guard the beaches, everyone. Have the net ready, Beta-10. Don't stress too much now, we… got the tracker on.

Silence for ten seconds. Loud rustling is heard.

Beta-2: It's speeding up, and… it's getting… more forested. Beta-3 and -4 are in town, right? … Good. If it heads west, Beta-5 is there. If it continues east, Beta-7… is there. Beta-8 is south. We got this.

Silence for six seconds.

Beta-2: Oh, Beta-6, uh… head to Beta-7. Quick. Everyone go to Beta-7, go east. It's pretty close to shore, so let's not take any chances. We can bring it down there.

Silence for five seconds.

Beta-2: Wait, I… I have a leak? What the hell? It's spewing everywhere! I'm slowing down, slowing down.

Beta-2's voice quickly becomes more faint as SCP-3845 runs farther from Beta-2.

Beta-2: Fuck, no! It took a turn, to the town! Head for the town! Don't let it get near the…

Beta-2 becomes inaudible. SCP-3845 runs for several more minutes before slowing to a walking pace. SCP-3845 eventually reaches Adamstown, the only settlement on the island, and approaches a house. Once in front of the house, SCP-3845 repeatedly and rhythmically bangs its head against the front door. After a few seconds, Sarah ███████ opens the front door.

Sarah: Uh… hey. Sorry, I just I just woke up, like… two minutes ago. You can just… yea, come in.

SCP-3845 walks into the house, and enters the living room. SCP-3845 walks up to a couch and stands on it. Beta-3 and -4 confirm SCP-3845's presence in Adamstown, and containment attempt #6 is cancelled.

Sarah: … Uh, okay. I'm gonna brush my teeth.

Sarah walks into the bathroom. The sound of a running faucet is heard moments later, and lasts for three minutes. Afterward, Sarah exits the bathroom, rubbing her face with her hands.

Sarah: Now… time for breakfast.

SCP-3845 follows Sarah into the kitchen and sits on a stool in front of the counter. Sarah gets a box of Captain Crunch™ and Rice Krispies™ cereal from a cupboard and sets them on the counter, as well as milk and two paper bowls. Sarah proceeds to pour milk and cereal into each bowl.

Sarah: Okay, let's eat!

Sarah slides the bowl of Rice Krispies™ to SCP-3845 and proceeds to eat from the bowl of Captain Crunch™. SCP-3845 slowly immerses its hands into its bowl of cereal.

Sarah: … Oh, sorry, I forgot you didn't use milk. Wow, I'm just really out of it to-

SCP-3845 pours its entire bowl of cereal over its head.

Sarah: … Okay. Cool.

Sarah glances across the counter at a half-folded piece of paper.

Sarah: … Grab that for me.

SCP-3845 reaches across the counter, grabs the paper and hands it to Sarah. Upon opening the paper, Sarah sees a message which reads "I got another call from work. Take care of the house for a few days like last time, but use my money wisely! Love you bunches, mom."


SCP-3845 begins to pour itself more cereal. Sarah puts her hands over her face and starts to sob. She then abruptly leaves the table.

Sarah: Every time. Every damn time! She makes shit up over and over. Oh, it's okay, I work from home now. We can be together again. Fuck that! We haven't talked in weeks!

Sarah bangs her fists on the wall and then sits down on the floor next to it. She puts her head in her lap and sobs. SCP-3845 sits down next to Sarah, still holding the box of Rice Krispies™.

Sarah: (muffled) Just leave me alone for once.

SCP-3845 remains silent for three seconds. Afterward, SCP-3845 pours the Rice Krispies™ over Sarah. After a few more seconds, Sarah begins laughing hysterically, and lifts her head up.

Sarah: I can't. I can't help it. You're so stupid.

Sarah reaches over and hugs SCP-3845. Sarah continues laughing, but starts to sob again. Sarah lets go of SCP-3845 and wipes off her face.

Sarah: … You're literally the only one I have at this point. There's no one else.

Silence for five seconds.

Sarah: … I guess you're awesome enough though. Who needs to know a bunch of people when you have a tall, uh… thing, for a friend.

SCP-3845 does a single nod.

Sarah: … Yea. A really, really cool tall thing for a friend.

Silence for three seconds. Sarah shifts in position.

Sarah: Welp, this day is off to a good start. Now, let's… let's start cleaning this stuff up, Buddy2.

Extraneous data expunged.

<End Transcript>

Notes: N/A

Foreword: This transcript begins 16 hours subsequent to the events in Transcript 01, at approximately 8:12 AM.

<Begin Transcript>

SCP-3845 is seen moving at a walking pace through a forested region. SCP-3845 eventually reaches Mason's Point, Pitcairn Island's peninsula, and begins thoroughly surveying the landscape. Upon reaching the shoreline, an Artifact 2 instance is discovered and observed by SCP-3845, resembling an intact SCP-3845 head and face. The instance is notably weathered and tarnished, with a dark pigment running down the face from the eyes. SCP-3845 picks up the instance with its hands shaking, and wipes the pigment from under its eyes. SCP-3845 sets down the instance, and begins wiping dark fluid from beneath its own eyes.

SCP-3845 continues surveying Mason's Point, and later comes back to the Artifact 2 instance and carries it off the peninsula. SCP-3845 heads back towards Adamstown, and arrives at Sarah's house. SCP-3845 ordinarily knocks on the front door with its right hand. Sarah opens the front door.

Sarah: Well hello again! What happened to head-butting the door?

Sarah sees the Artifact 2 instance.

Sarah: Oh… another one.

SCP-3845 places the instance next to the front door, in a pile of several other Artifact 2 instances.

Sarah: All in one week. There were a lot of them, I guess…

SCP-3845 stares at the pile of instances.

Sarah: … So are you ready to do stuff? Oh wait— so, you may be wondering why I'm actually up this early… maybe not, but… I basically have a surprise for you. Wait here, it's almost done.

Sarah closes the front door. SCP-3845 continues waiting for over 16 minutes before Sarah opens the door.

Sarah: Come in!

Sarah leaves the door open and runs back into the house. SCP-3845 follows.

Sarah: Over here, in the bathroom!

SCP-3845 walks into the bathroom, and finds Sarah standing next to a bathtub, which is completely filled with Rice Krispies™.

Sarah: Ta-da! Go ahead, embrace the, uh… cereal! Of rice!

SCP-3845 stands inside of the tub and slowly immerses itself.

Sarah: What do you think?

SCP-3845 hesitantly does a single nod.

Sarah: … It better be! I used half of my mom's wallet on all that. Can I sit in it next?

SCP-3845 emerges from the tub and stands against the wall. Sarah runs up and jumps into the tub.

Sarah: Ow… this is solid! How did you sink in it?

SCP-3845 does an exaggerated and prolonged shrug.

Sarah: Whatever. Next up, adding milk!

Sarah runs out of the bathroom and into the kitchen, but SCP-3845 proceeds to leave the house and walk down the street. Sarah does not seem to notice until several moments later, and can be heard calling out "Buddy!" once SCP-3845 has entered a forested region.

SCP-3845 proceeds to survey the region similarly to how it did previously, and finds several minor Artifact 2 instances. After 60 minutes, SCP-3845 comes across a single Artifact 4 instance in notably good condition, and picks it up. SCP-3845 stares at the instance, and then abruptly shatters it. SCP-3845 smears over each remaining piece with soil.

Nearby, SCP-3845 discovers a set of four intact Artifact 5 instances, stacked on top of one another. SCP-3845 proceeds to spread each instance out on the ground, and frantically looks back and forth across each one. SCP-3845's hands begin to shake once more, and it raises its right hand over the first Artifact 5 instance, before hesitating and lowering its hand. SCP-3845 sits on the ground with its hands over its eyes for several more minutes before calming down and continuing to survey the landscape.

Near a large tree stump, SCP-3845 discovers an Artifact 2 instance, resembling an intact SCP-3845 head, face, and left leg. The instance is significantly weathered and tarnished, with multiple arrowheads inserted into its head. Dark pigment is splattered across the face. SCP-3845's hands begin to shake once more as it kneels over the instance and excretes more dark fluid from its eyes. SCP-3845's hands and feet become noticeably more pale.

SCP-3845 charges back towards the Artifact 5 instances and violently breaks each one. The shattered remains are then broken once again. SCP-3845 summarily hunches over on the ground, with its body shaking, banging its hands repeatedly on the ground. While frantically looking around, SCP-3845 finds a piece of a previously intact Artifact 5 instance, depicting a young, unhappy female. SCP-3845 grasps the piece and begins excreting dark fluid from its eyes once again. SCP-3845 promptly runs out of the forested region and out onto the beach again, where it finds Sarah.

Sarah: … Buddy! I've been looking everywhere for you! Where have you been? What's that dark stuff—

SCP-3845 runs up to Sarah and tightly hugs her while sobbing and shaking. Sarah eventually hugs back, with a concerned expression. Sarah then notices the GPS tracker on SCP-3845, and reaches for it. Transmission cuts out.

<End Transcript>

Notes: The GPS tracker was found broken within Sarah's house. The aforementioned pile of Artifact 2 instances was later contained at Site-77.

Addendum 3: During SCP-3845 containment attempt #9, SCP-3845 was successfully contained, and containment procedures were updated to reflect this. Since containment, SCP-3845 has been most commonly banging against the walls of its cell, or curled up in the corner of its cell sobbing. SCP-3845 has acted with extreme hostility towards all personnel.

All Pitcairn Island residents were promptly administered amnestic following SCP-3845's containment. Sarah ███████ was notably last to be amnesticized due to her extreme struggle with the on-site Field Agents.

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