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SafeSCP-3862 Portrait of a Princess with a PistolRate: 8

Partial photograph of SCP-3862-1. This is the leftmost figure of SCP-3862-1.


Another partial photograph of SCP-3862-1. This is the central figure of SCP-3862-1.

Item #: SCP-3862

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3862-1 and SCP-3862-2 are to be kept in a Secure Containment Locker at Site-73. SCP-3862-2 contains the nonlethal infohazardous symbol locus-ZGll1 and must be observed through a digital medium. Any personnel complaining of headaches or chest pains during or after viewing this symbol must be treated with class-A amnestics to prevent permanent disability. Any personnel directly exposed to SCP-3862-2 must be treated with class-B amnestics and kept in ICU for at least 24 hours.

As of 1/19/16, a single surviving instance of SCP-3862-A is cleared for light duty and is to be provided on-site quarters only.

Description: SCP-3862-1 and SCP-3862-2 are 55cm X 80cm portions of a ceiling painting originating from the parish church of St. Gallus and Ulrich in Germany. Prior to 7/12/16, these paintings depicted scenes from the Bible and from the middle ages. However, as of 7/12/16, they now display several differences due to the death of SCP-3862.

The sky in SCP-3862-1 is now painted red and black, using digital techniques. This pattern strongly resembles an anomalous effect produced by Chaos Insurgency weapons during a conflict that led to the recovery of SCP-2925. Previously, the sky was a pale orange.

The figure on the left side of SCP-3862-1 now has a tattoo corresponding with personnel records for Agent Jenkins, reported MIA during the aforementioned conflict. The corresponding head of this figure has a cyan ‘Virgo’ astrological symbol painted on its forehead. The central figure is brandishing a M9 pistol instead of a sword. This central figure has a faint black circle with a red dot in the middle painted on its forehead reminiscent of that of the Chaos Insurgency. If so, then the figure depicts POI-813. All other aspects of this instance of SCP-3862 are unchanged.

The face of the central figure in SCP-3862-2 now closely resembles O5-██. The prone figure has an infohazardous locus-ZGll astrological symbol painted on its forehead. The face of the prone figure strongly resembles SCP-███.

SCP-3862-1 and SCP-3862-2 were discovered by Agent Cutler during routine undercover fieldwork as a member of local authorities. The priest of the parish church of St. Gallus and Ulrich reported signs of vandalism in the church. The police report and descriptions of the vandalism included several extrastellar astrological symbols, including locus-ZGll and locus-ZmFy2. Agent Cutler followed up on the police report, leading to the discover of a local Chaos Insurgency cell (See field report compilation 3862-01). Class-B amnestics were later administered to the priest and exposed parishioners to treat the infohazardous effects of the astrological signs.

Chaos Insurgency members had already burned the majority of SCP-3862 instances upon being alerted to the ongoing Foundation raid of their cell. Only SCP-3862-1 and SCP-3862-2 were recovered intact.

Reporting Agent: MTF-Eta 10 Commander

Narrative: Upon completion of the raid, MTF-Eta 10 has secured SCP-3862-1, SCP-3862-2, and SCP-3862-A. Remains of SCP-3862 were incinerated five days prior to raid, according to seized Chaos Insurgency records. Other instances of SCP-3862 were destroyed by Chaos Insurgency forces during conflict or expired within an hour of being in Foundation custody. Chaos Insurgency site temporarily designated "Site CI-201607" is under complete Foundation control. MTF-Eta 10 has shifted 80% of security responsibilities to standard Foundation security officers. On-site security personnel are expected to take full responsibility of site within 2 hours, at which point containment specialists may be deployed to site.

MTF-Eta 10 gives final report of 12 KIA and 23 wounded MTF members. Enemy casualties are approximately 60-70 KIA and 20-30 wounded. 12 Chaos Insurgency members have been taken into Foundation custody. 2 captured Foundation personnel have been recovered.

SCP-3862-1 and SCP-3862-2 contain anomalous information. SCP-3862-2 contains nonlethal infohazardous information. Recommended containment procedures for SCP-3862 are attached.

Prior to expiring, SCP-3862-A through SCP-3862-D displayed anomalous properties. Neutralized instances' skins depict 5km2 of the Pacific Ocean centralized around Campbell Island, an aerial view of Site-19, and the inside of the cell containing SCP-████. All instances suffered an ischemic stroke within an hour after being taken into Foundation custody. The trigger was discovered shortly after the first subject died, but could not be removed from two of the other subjects, causing them to expire. Subjects’ skin rotted within a few minutes of death, and no longer displayed information. While alive, subjects exhibited no other anomalous behavior or symptoms. SCP-3862-A is currently in ICU, but expected to survive.

Evaluation: Many facilities on Site CI-201607 could easily be re-purposed for Foundation use, given that containment specialists are able to adequately contain or neutralize remaining anomalous effects. However, Chaos Insurgency destroyed or took the majority of SCPs stored on site, so this should not be too hazardous. Recommend administering psychiatric evaluation of SCP-3862-A upon discharge from ICU. SCP-3862-A showed signs of long-term psychological and physical abuse upon initial recovery, prior to suffering stroke.

Reporting Agent: Agent Jenkins

Right. Well. I guess it's been awhile since I've done one of these. I'm just going to have Cutler write up the formal parts, I can only really talk right now. During the events of a raid on a Chaos Insurgency site maybe 2-4 years ago (Refer to MTF Report A01A-121129-03 through A01A-121129-38), I got separated from my squad after some scip lit up the hallway with this gas. I think it was a hallucinogen. But by the end of it, I was alone in an unknown part of the facility. One of their squads stumbled on me, and shot me up. I guess they decided to capture me instead, I woke up strapped to a hospital bed in one of their facilities. Not the one we were just at, a different one.

I was hooked up to an IV and unconscious for most of it, but let me tell you, it wasn't water, nutrients, or blood in that IV. It felt like ice. Yeah, that's probably the morphine talking, I know I had to get this done ASAP for higher up, but I'm not really going to have anything coherent for you until I sleep this off. What? Oh, right. So I don't really know how long I was on the IV. I know that I was in the cell that Eta-10 found me in for at least six months, though. The first day I got transferred from the hospital, they interrogated me. But it was all nice-like, you know? Like they expected me to actually tell them anything. They were very startled when I started choking out their interrogator. I'm not sure why they didn't kill me after that- either they thought it would kick in, or they wanted to see why it didn't.

That was when they showed me the, uh, ziggy3 symbol. The green s? Yeah. It's burned into my head. I don't know what else they were pumping into me, but I couldn't look away. I thought that they were finally going to break through the old chrome dome. But it was just another way of interrogation and control.

During this time, there were a couple of times that I heard guards talking about the chaos insurgency's scips. They got a weird system, it's all generic terms. Like, "the woman in cell 772." As opposed to what, the hippopotamus in cell 772? Do they have a variety of people and animals in cells all labeled 77- Oh, sorry. But yeah, I didn't really here many details, except about the oracle. The whole oracle thing started about a month ago, I think it was some kind of reality bender.

About a week ago was when the skin thing started. A few minutes before the skin thing, klaxons were going off. I guess they have their own containment breach protocols. But my brain started to burn, and I passed out. I woke up, and my skin looked like this. I don't know what else to tell you. I learned later from some of the guards that the oracle had died, and let out a psychic wave that messed with a lot of the scips and humans they had nearby. I didn't hear about the paintings until Eta-10 found me. I was really lucky that Yvette recognized me from airborne school, I know I'm still technically a scip, but at least now I can be a productive one.

Um, evaluation. right. There's no need to really contain SCP-3862-A? I'll be out of the hospital in a few weeks, it shouldn't be a problem to rejoin my old squad. Honestly, I don't really feel all that different from before. Just a little beat up, I guess. If you need to quarantine me for a bit, that's fine, but I don't think the oracle did anything else in her death temper-tantrum. Just the space skin. I think I know what they tried to do with the IV drip, and why it didn't work, but I can't really talk about that kind of training in front of you, Cutler. Sorry, just your clearance level is all. I know mine's probably suspended right now, with the whole me being a scip thing, but I still shouldn't tell you.

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