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Item: SCP-3863

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: LRMTFs Peculiari 1-100 (“The Hundred Hands”) have been formed to facilitate containment of SCP-3863. Due to the widespread influence of SCP-3863, all other MTFs must be aware of its existence and effects. During a Geiger event, the nearest LRMTF is to proceed to the location specified by SCP-3863-2 and assist it in containment of SCP-3863-1. Any orders given by SCP-3863-2 during initial containment may not be countermanded under any circumstances. Should SCP-XXXX-2 be terminated by SCP-XXXX-1 at this phase, SCP-3863-1 must be provisionally classified as Keter, and terminated by any available means. Once the instance is contained, it and SCP-3863 will be transported to the nearest site capable of holding SCP-3863-1. SCP-3863-2 is then to be allowed to create containment procedures for SCP-3863-1, and interviewed prior to demanifestation. Due to the widely disparate nature of SCP-3863-1, each is to be assigned an SCP classification separate to SCP-3863. SCP-3863-2 is not to be informed of its anomalous status.

Description: SCP-3863 is the designation given to repeated manifestation of anomalous entities and artefacts (SCP-XXXX-1) accompanied by a humanoid entity (SCP-3863-2) that will attempt containment of the object. SCP-3863-2 is variable in appearance and personality, and seems to have no knowledge of its anomalous abilities. Manifestations of SCP-3863, labelled Geiger events, are characterised by a progression of actions over a period of 48 hours by SCP-3863-2 that lead to the containment of SCP-3863-1 instances. The events progress as follows:

• 00:00 SCP-3863 manifests, and the Geiger event is underway.

• 00:01 SCP-3863-2 will contact the nearest figure of authority within the foundation. Attempts at contact will invariably succeed, and SCP-3863-2 will request the assistance of the foundation in containment of SCP-3863-1.

• 00:50 SCP-3863-2 will attempt containment of SCP-3863-1. If no Foundation personnel are present, SCP-3863-2 will most likely be terminated at this stage, and SCP-3863-1 will gain
additional anomalous effects (to date, this has occurred only once).

• 01:20-24:00 SCP-3863-2 will advise in the containment of SCP-3863-1. It should be noted that SCP-3863-2’s instructions invariably lead to the successful initial containment of SCP-3863-1.

• After transportation to the nearest site, SCP-3863-2 will write up containment procedures for SCP-3863-1, after which it will demanifest, exactly 24 hours subsequent to successful containment of SCP-3863-1. Containment procedures are successful in containment of instances in all recorded cases. Failure to follow these procedures, including attempts to reinforce containment of SCP-3863-1, will lead to SCP-3863-1 manifesting previously unseen anomalous properties which invariably lead to a containment breach.

SCP-3863 may occur anywhere on Earth within the Solar System within Foundation influence. To date, SCP-3863 has occurred [REDACTED].

Addendum SCP-3863-α: Identifying Features.
Despite SCP-3863-2's variable appearance and personality, it does exhibit several identifying features between manifestations. These are as follows:

• SCP-3863-2 will always identify as a Foundation employee, and will present necessary credentials, which are seemingly legitimate.

• SCP-3863-2 will claim that its name is some variation of the name “Ross Marcus David Geiger” (for examples, see partial manifestation log).

• SCP-3863-2 will always be a non-anomalous human individual.
These are the only identifying features of SCP-3863-2, and are a part of standard training for level 4 and above personnel, without exception.

Addendum SCP-3863-β: Partial Manifestation logs.


Date: 12/10/1998
Manifestation: SCP-3863-2-1 Ross Marcus David Geiger, level-3 Researcher.
Anomaly: SCP-3863-1-1 was a severe infohazard, and as such, description is classified. SCP-3863-2 contacted Site Director Roentgen by secure line in her office. Responding personnel from site-██ were provided with sensory-deprivation helmets by SCP-3863-2. Objects’ containment consisted of keeping it in a secure containment locker, disallowing access to any and all personnel. Object successfully contained, classified as Euclid, assigned SCP-3863, later reassigned SCP-████
Notes: this was the first known instance of SCP-3863, and as such was not identified until later.

Date: 19/06/2000
Manifestation: SCP-3863-2-7 Rosa Maria Davine Geiger, level-2 Security Staff.
Anomaly: SCP-3863-1-7 was a memetic agent expressing a limited degree of sapience. Initially this agent infected Site Director Nolan of site-██, supplanting his personality. Responding personnel reported an altercation between Director Nolan and a member of site security. SCP-3863-2-7 was terminated in ensuing hostilities. As a result, SCP-3863-1-7 went undetected, and infected over 300 personnel prior to discovery. SCP-3863-1-7 was successfully neutralized, assigned SCP-████, classified as Keter. Infected personnel were lost.
Notes: following this incident, RAISA investigations uncovered a personnel discrepancy at multiple Foundation sites, with personnel files present on SCPnet for seemingly non-existent personnel with similar names. Further investigation resulted in the discovery and classification of SCP-3863. Corpse of SCP-3863-2-7 revealed non anomalous biology. Corpse did not demanifest.

Date: 05/08/2001
Manifestation: SCP-3863-2-17 Romeo, Marco, Delta, Geiger, code names for MTF-σ-16 (“Anti Auto Repair”).
Anomaly: SCP-3863-1-17 was an autonomous vehicle, recorded as capable of moving at speeds in excess of 600km/h and accelerating at around 40m/s². Vehicle was exceptionally hostile and extremely durable. SCP-3863-2 was reinforced by newly formed LRMTF Peculiari-23, and successfully neutralised the instance through use of anomalous high powered weaponry. Two members of MTF-σ-16 were KIA during the encounter. This had no apparent effect on SCP-3863-1.
Notes: this is the only known instance of SCP-3863-2 manifesting as multiple entities, rather than an individual. This is also the only known case of SCP-3863-2 directly neutralising SCP-3863-1. Similar to SCP-3863-2-7, the KIA members of MTF-σ-16 did not demanifest. This is also the only time that SCP-3863 manifested equipment beyond SCP-3863-1 and SCP-3863-2. Anomalous weaponry is under study.

Date: 25/12/2003
Manifestation: SCP-3863-2-23 Rodrigo Marco Davíd Geiger, Foundation Field Agent.
Anomaly: SCP-3863-1-23 is a sentient snowman, measuring 23 cm in height, and wearing a small blue knitted hat, with a carrot for a nose, sticks for arms, and black stones for eyes and in a pattern down its’ front resembling buttons. Object was directly brought in to site ██ by SCP-3863-2-23, and was contained in a refrigerated chamber, and allotted interaction with site personnel once every 23 hours, for 15 minutes. Object designated SCP-████, classed as Safe.
Notes: this is the first and only case of an object being classed as Safe in the history of SCP-3863. Due to the seemingly harmless nature of the object, testing was approved. See incident 3863-1- α for further details.

On 04/01/2004, initial testing of SCP-████ was conducted at site-██. This first test was an attempt to determine the effects of ignoring part of SCP-3863-2's instructions. Containment procedures specified a temperature of exactly -23˚C. Test log is below:

00:00 Test begins, Subject is in containment in its cell.

00:30 Temperature is raised to -22˚C. Subject appears slightly agitated.

00:45 Temperature is raised to -21˚C. No change noted.


05:15 Temperature reaches 0˚C. Subject ceases all movement, then appears to begin melting.

05:30 Temperature now at 1˚C. Subject appears to still be melting, however a change in mass is noted in the chamber. Subject size unchanged.

06:00 Temperature now at 3˚C. Subject now clearly expelling water, mass continues to increase, size remains unchanged.

06:15 Researcher █████ Stephens ceases increasing the temperature. However, temperature > levels continue to rise. Subject continues to exude water at increasing rates.

06:30 Test ordered to cease. Attempts are made to return chamber to initial temperatures. Temperature controls cease to respond. Subject is now emitting thermal energy alongside water. Water begins to fill chamber.

10:00 Temperature in chamber now exceeds 100˚C. Water mass now at 4 tons, and half fills the chamber.

11:20 Temperature in excess of █████˚C water mass now at 12 tons, filling the chamber. Observation chamber evacuated.

SCP-████ was brought back into containment after 13 hours. At this time, the mass of exuded water exceeded 50000 tons. Site ██ received extensive flood damage. Object was reclassified as Euclid.

Subsequent to this incident, all testing with SCP-3863-1 is suspended indefinitely.

On 05/02/2004, Dr. Forner was given authorisation to perform an interview with SCP-3863-2. The most recent manifestation of SCP-3863-2 was still present, and had finalised containment for SCP-3863-1.


Dr. Forner: Hello, Mr. Geiger.

SCP-3863-2: Hey, doc, how’s it going?

Dr. Forner: I am well. I have a few questions for you.

SCP-3863-2: Fire away, doc.


Dr. Forner: I see.

Dr Forner checks the time.

Dr. Forner: Well, that’s almost everything Mr. Geiger, I just have one more question for you.

SCP-3863-2: Sure thing, what is it?

Dr. Forner: What do you know about SCP-3863?

SCP-3863-2 is seen to tense slightly, however its voice and demeanour remain genial.

SCP-3863-2: Ummm… nothing?

Dr. Forner: Really? Nothing at all?

SCP-3863-2: Well… yeah, I’ve never even heard of that one. What is it?

Dr. Forner: Cut the crap, you bastard.

Dr Forner is seen to become more and more agitated, and SCP-3863-2 seems to be distressed.

Dr. Forner: Do you know how many good men are dead because of you?

SCP-3863-2: What? I don’t understand…

Dr. Forner: How many lives you’ve ruined?

SCP-3863-2: Please…

Dr. Forner stands and SCP-3863-2 shrinks back in its chair.

Dr. Forner: How much you’ve cost us, how much you’ve cost me?

Dr Forner is red faced, and shouting at the top of his lungs.

SCP-3863-2: I’m sorry!

Security personnel restrain Dr. Forner and remove him from the chamber.

Dr. Forner: Let go of me! To SCP-3863-2 you´re a monster, and you deserve to die!

SCP-XXXX-2 is holding its face in its hands and weeping. The breach alarm sounds as SCP-3863-1 breaches containment. Camera feed cuts out.

Subsequent to the interview, the words “PLEASE FORGIVE ME, I JUST WANTED TO HELP” were found scratched into the table of the interview room. Investigation of Dr. Forner revealed that his fiancé, Dr. Roberts, had been killed during a Geiger event. Dr. Forner was reprimanded and relocated to another site.

Though Dr. Forners’ actions were most certainly irresponsible, at the very least they revealed that SCP-3863-2 has some degree of influence over SCP-3863-1. Due to the massive cost of continued containment of SCP-3863-1 instances, as well as maintaining 100 Long Range MTFs, not to mention the destructive nature of breaches by these instances, I recommend that efforts be made to discover a method of permanently neutralising SCP-3863.
-Dr Samantha Pearson, Head Researcher, SCP-3863.


To date, SCP-3863 has manifested ███ times, averaging ██ per year. Termination efforts are ongoing.

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