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Item #: SCP-3873

Object Class: Euclid Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: The Foundation has created a false account claiming to belong to SCP-3873. Videos containing references to persons by the name of Josh Hinshaw are to be flagged for copyright by this account. In the case that this fails to delete the video, Foundation agents embedded within YouTube, LLC are to flag the video as violating the website's Community Guildelines, followed by deleting it.

Description: SCP-3873 is a male Caucasian humanoid with brown hair in their late 30s, often dressed in a white polo shirt. SCP-3873 commonly manifests in videos in which in which persons holding left-leaning political beliefs (as defined by contemporary American politics) are mocked; though it has been observed to appear in unrelated videos as well. Within these videos, SCP-3873 self-identifies as Josh Hinshaw. In general, the videos follow the format of SCP-3873 making an argument against a leftist viewpoint, often in the form of a discussion or a "reaction video1."

Videos containing SCP-3873 almost always take the place of videos uploaded previously in the same genre. These videos have the same URL, views, likes, dislikes, and uploader as the previous video, but have different content, and in most cases, different titles. However, in some cases, new videos are created without replacing any other video. These videos contain SCP-3873 airing its grievances about a specific topic. Topics range from mundane, such as immigration reform or women's rights, to unusual, such as an argument with the owner of a local restaurant in Minnesota or the supposed extinction of the nonexistent Plough Island carp.

Addendum 3873-01: On May 30th, 2018, a video previously containing Wilbur McCulloch, also known by his YouTube username of WilburTalks, sharing his opinions on the trailer for Ocean's 8 was replaced with a Q&A video between McCulloch and SCP-3873.

<Begin Log>

McCulloch: Hello, everyone. Today I have a special guest I'll be talking to, Josh Hinshaw!

SCP-3873: It's a pleasure to be here. What would you like to ask me today?

McCulloch: Oh, just a few questions. I've got them written down here.

Wilbur McCulloch grabs a piece of paper and unfolds it.

McCulloch: First question: What do you think about the hate comments on your videos? Personally, I think the ones I find on mine are quite the laugh.

SCP-3873: I feel like many are… well… not the smartest, but there's some that bring up valid points. I keep hate comments up so people can see either side of the issue.

McCulloch: Okay, I see. Makes sense. Not sure why you leave the idiotic ones up.

SCP-3873: There's always good and bad arguments on both sides of a debate, you know? Sometimes, my videos are the bad arguments.

McCulloch: Okay.

Wilbur McCulloch unfolds another piece of paper.

McCulloch: Next question. Where would you say your political views stand? I'm a libertarian, but also kind of a centrist.

SCP-3873: Well, it's hard to really pinpoint them. My opinions change over time, and I'm always open to new viewpoints. And besides, it's not really easy to quantify all of a person's political opinions into a single word. Right now you could say I'm alt-lite, but that's not all there is to me.

McCulloch: Interesting.

SCP-3873: But you know me, I'm always against leftists. Even when I was an ancom! Oh, those sure were my blunder years.

McCulloch: Alright, let's see. There's just two more questions left.

Wilbur McCulloch unfolds a third piece of paper.

McCulloch: So here's the third one. How do you feel about centrists? I feel like they're just far too moderate.

SCP-3873: I don't agree with you there. I feel like centrists are just half on the far left and half on the far right, with a few pieces of their viewpoint somewhere in the middle. That's radical centrism for you!

McCulloch: Seriously? You talk about the political position that's defined as the most moderate there is, and say they're the least moderate? Are you insane?

SCP-3873: Hey, hey, it's just my opinion! I… I know I usually go around pushing my opinions hard, but this isn't even worth arguing about. Just let this be a friendly interview.

McCulloch: Not if you say something so unequivocally crazy!

SCP-3873: I've said plenty of crazy things in my time. We're on the same side of the political spectrum, and even now we can't agree!

McCulloch: I can't agree with insanity. That's why I make the videos I do.

SCP-3873 sighs.

SCP-3873: This is a quick exchange of opinions, not a debate or an argument. Let's just, you know, move on and have a look at the last question.

McCulloch: Well, we have one more question left.

Wilbur McCulloch unfolds a fourth piece of paper.

McCulloch: Here goes, last question. What are your favorite topics to discuss? For me, it's reacting to insane leftists.

SCP-3873: I don't have any specific topics I enjoy talking about. I talk about whatever I feel like people need to know about. You've probably seen my video about the Plough Island carp. I just felt like, y'know, the environment's an important issue, and more people need to be talking about it. If any topic gets on my nerves, I'll just give a go at ranting about it.

McCulloch: Oh, makes sense. We don't have any more questions left, so, that was Josh Hinshaw, everybody! Go check out his channel too if you haven't already.

SCP-3873: I enjoyed talking with you. Until next time, everyone!

McCulloch: Until next time!

<End Log>

Addendum 3873-02: On July 16th, 2018, a video titled "Announcement" was uploaded to an account claiming to belong to SCP-3873. In this video, SCP-3873 announced that it would no longer upload videos if they continued to be deleted, citing a deep-seated hatred for censorship as a reason for this. After the deletion of this video through standard containment procedures, no further videos containing SCP-3873 were discovered. Although the anomaly is now considered neutralized, the containment procedures are to be continuously enacted in the case that an additional video is found.

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