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Item #: SCP-3903

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Online communities for individuals identifying as ‘Otherkin’, and Elvenkin in particular, are to be monitored for discussion of SCP-3903. Any individuals claiming to have experienced or witnessed occurrences of SCP-3903 or SCP-3093-B are to be investigated by Mobile Task Force Psi-22 “A Midsummer Night's Dream” and, if their claims are verified, are either to be recruited for testing of SCP-3903 or administered Class-G1 amnestics and discredited.

A disinformation campaign is to promote the belief that instances of SCP-3903-A suffer from a rare but benign neurological defect that causes them to hallucinate SCP-3903 under the correct optical conditions. Any videos showing instances of SCP-3903-A creating or walking upon SCP-3903-B are to be dismissed as crude hoaxes created using commercial video editing software and props.

Description: SCP-3903 is a phenomenon capable of affecting an estimated 1 out of every [REDACTED] individuals, who are designated SCP-3903-A. SCP-3903 appears to instances of SCP-3903-A when looking out over an expanse of open ocean2 during night-time hours3 when the moon is visible in the sky. Instances of SCP-3903-A will report seeing glimmering silver spires4 on the horizon directly ahead of them. Currently, all descriptions of SCP-3903 are from instances of SCP-3903-A, as the Foundation has yet to develop a method of perceiving it directly.

To date, no Foundation personnel have been identified as instances of SCP-3903-A.

If an instance of SCP-3903-A skips a stone towards SCP-3903, each bounce of the stone will cause a circular disc of silvered glass (SCP-3903-B) to expand outwards until the ripples have visibly dissipated or it collides with a solid object, including other occurrences of SCP-3903-B. Each disc will remain temporarily fixed on the ocean’s surface, unable to be moved by any known method.

By bringing a sufficiently large quantity of skipping stones with them, instances of SCP-3903-A may create a path of SCP-3903-B long enough to reach SCP-3903 on the horizon, approximately 5 km from their starting position. Any other method of travel will result in SCP-3903 remaining on the horizon relative to the position of the observer. Proficiency at stone skipping, as well as sufficient strength and endurance to carry a large quantity of stones for several kilometers is required to reach SCP-3903.

SCP-3903-B instances require both the presence of moonlight and the absence of sunlight to form and remain intact. When the moon sets or is obscured, or the sun rises, any extant instances of SCP-3903-B will vanish.

Simultaneous testing involving two SCP-3903-A instances approximately 1000 kilometers apart has resulted in both instances and their escorts meeting outside of SCP-3903 upon reaching the end of their separate paths. The Foundation has thus drawn the conclusion that SCP-3903 is a singular, actual object capable of occupying multiple points in the space-time continuum.

The current hypothesis is that SCP-3903 represents an extradimensional location which partially manifests in our reality under specific conditions. Why only a very small percentage of the population is capable of perceiving SCP-3903 is uncertain, but analysis of the SCP-3903-A population has shown that they disproportionately identify as ‘Otherkin’, a subculture who believe themselves to have been non-human beings in previous lives. Instances of SCP-3903-A most commonly claim to have been some type of fairy or fey creature in their past lives.

This was the first test where an instance of SCP-3903-A was able to reach SCP-3903. Test participants include SCP-3903-A1, Ellette Carling, and Foundation agent Joseph Gromwell. Each team member was provided with a body camera, GPS tracking bracelet, flashlight, emergency floatation device and appropriate clothing, along with a backpack filled with bottled water, rations, first aid kit, a satellite phone, and notebook. Agent Gromwell was armed with two sidearms and cartridges of iron, silver and beryllium bronze bullets. Gromwell was to follow alongside Ms. Carling and carry a 20 kg bag of skipping stones for her. Their mission was to reach SCP-3903 and, if possible, gain entry to it.

<Begin Log, 21:00 hours>

Agent Joseph Gromwell: Command's just confirmed that our comms and GPS signals are coming through loud and clear, so we are good to go. Can you see the city yet?

Ellette Carling: As clear as ever. I’m super stoked about this by the way. I’ve always been too scrawny to bring enough rocks with me, but this could actually work!

Gromwell: So on your previous attempts this city’s always appeared to get closer as you moved along the path?

Carling: Oh yeah. I would guess I’ve maybe got a little under a third of the way there, so I’m going to say the city’s about three miles out. It’s a good number for a fairy city.

Gromwell: If you don't mind my asking, what makes you so sure it's a fairy city? You've never been there.

Carling: I guess I know it’s a Fey city for the same reason I know I have a Fey soul. I don’t think or feel like other people do, and the world I was born to seems foreign to me. Even my own family feel like strangers. When I look at that city, it looks familiar. It looks like home, more like home than any place in this world. When I saw Otherkin talking about it on Reddit, and that you could make a path there by skipping stones I tried it the first chance I got. I couldn’t believe it. I got about half a mile out before the moon decided to hide behind some clouds and leave me to swim back to shore. I nearly got hypothermia.

Gromwell: Well the forecast is for clear skies tonight, so we should be all right. I've been on a lot worse assignments than a moonlit stroll. Start whenever you're ready.

(Carling complies and skips her first stone. Thirteen instances of SCP-3903-B are created)

Gromwell: That’s interesting. The Kant counter just went down a tick. No aspect radiation though. I think that means these discs are parts of another reality sticking into ours and not manipulations of our own reality.

Carling: Dude, this is fairy magic. You can’t quantify it with little gizmos or explain it with theories.

Gromwell: (chuckles) You must be new here. Lead the way, and let me know if you see anything unusual.

(Carling starts out towards the horizon, with Gromwell following behind)

Carling: (singing) And all will turn, to silver glass. A light on the water. Grey Ships pass, into the West.

<skip to 21:19 hours>

Gromwell: GPS says we're 1.65 kilometers out to sea, so we’re officially past the one-mile mark. See anything new?

Carling: Yeah actually. The city has a sky glow now. I’ve never noticed that before. It’s like it has a soft, silvery-white aura. I always thought it was reflecting moonlight before but now I think that’s its own light.

Gromwell: Notice anything else?

Carling: There’s definitely a wall encircling the city. (smirks) A big, beautiful wall. Yuge! Seriously, it's a gorgeous stone wall, probably a hundred feet high at least. I think there’s a harbour too; great silver ships with moon white sails. Give me another handful of stones. I have to get a closer look.

<skip to 21:33>

Carling: Do you see these birds?

Gromwell: No, I don’t see any birds. Describe them.

Carling: They’re seagulls, except they’re all white. Like pristinely white, with black eyes and legs and silver beaks.

Gromwell: Fairy gulls or not, I bet they love french fries.

Carling: Their voices are strange too. Their cry isn’t harsh like a seagull’s. It’s…triumphant. That’s the only way I can describe it.

Gromwell: What are they doing?

Carling: They’re just flying around; normal bird stuff. I don’t think they’ve noticed us.

Gromwell: Let me know if that changes, and give me a heads up if one tries to shit on me.

Carling: Will do.

<skip to 21:49>

Carling: Okay, now I hear music.

Gromwell: Music?

Carling: From the city. It’s faint, but it’s beautiful. Etheral, heavenly; fairy music. String and wind instruments mostly, I think. We’re so close. I think I can make out a gate in the city walls. Almost there.

<skip to 22:02>

Carling: Can you still not see it? We’re right in front of it.

Gromwell: I can’t, but the Kant counter is getting a reading of 0.77, so there's definitely something freaky here. Tell me what you see.

Carling: It’s so beautiful. Everything’s made from glistening white marble, bounded with mithril and encrusted with diamonds that sparkle like stars. There are silver banners blowing in the wind. The spires are too tall and slender to be made from stone, they have to be magic. The music is so joyous, and I can hear laughter now too. There’s a celebration, or maybe this is just what every day is like here. To either side of the gates is a colossal statue, taller than the Statue of Liberty, and…They just sounded trumpets!

Gromwell: Does it sound like an alarm?

Carling: No, a greeting! They're opening the gates!

Gromwell: Is anyone coming out?

Carling: There’s a girl! A fairy girl standing in front of the gates! She’s beautiful. I…I know her.

Gromwell: You recognize her?

Carling: I do. I remember!

(At this point Ellette Carling runs straight forward into open water. Instances of SCP-3903-B form beneath each foot as it strikes the surface, supporting her. Subsequent testing has confirmed that other instances of SCP-3903-A have this ability as well when they perceive themselves to be in the immediate presence of SCP-3903. Agent Gromwell pursues her for approximately 12 seconds, at which point Carling vanishes and her GPS bracelet ceases to transmit. This is accompanied by a flash of green light and drastic but brief plunge in Hume levels. Agent Gromwell radios in the event and requests assistance. He shouts for Carling for several minutes and performs a rudimentary investigation of the immediate area. All background readings have returned to normal, however a silver coin is located upon the last instance of SCP-3903-B)

<End Log>

To date, all tests involving instances of SCP-3903-A traveling the full length of the path to SCP-3903 has resulted in their loss. No instances have ever returned, and all attempts to prevent them from fleeing to the city inevitably fail.

Addendum: The coin Agent Gromwell recovered was discovered to be composed of Yttrium silver and was thaumically conductive. The obverse bore the image of a fairy queen, whereas the reverse bore a seven pointed star encircled by the following Anglo-Saxon Runes:

᛫ ᚸᚩ ᛫ ᚱᛆᛁᛒᚼ ᛫ ᛘᛆᛁᛐᚼ ᛫ ᛆᚵᛆᛐ ᛫ ᛚᚣ ᛫ ᚼᛆᚵᚼᛆᛁᛑᚼ ᛫ ᚫᚸ ᛫ ᛐᛆᛒᚼᛆᛁᚱᛐ ᛫ ᚢᛁᚱᛐᚼᛁ ᛫ ᛒᛖᛚ᛫

This is believed to be the Gaelic sentence “Go raibh maith agat le haghaidh ag tabhairt uirthi baile”. This has been translated as “Thank you for bringing her home”. Agent Gromwell has received similar coins for each instance of SCP-3903-A he has escorted to SCP-3903. They are currently kept in a low security safety locker at Site ██.

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