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SafeSCP-3906 El Chapo's CabinRate: -19

Item #: SCP-3906
Object Class: Euclid Safe

Special Containment Procedures: There is to be a perimeter around SCP-3906, surrounded by a standard metal fence and two (2) armed guards stationed at the gate next to them road, outside the perimeter fence. Guards are to be switched out every four (4) months. Guards are allowed to sleep in the adjacent building, disguised as a standard log cabin. CCTV cameras equipped with night vision lenses are to be cleaned weekly to watch for trespassers. Trespassers are to be given class-B amnestics and sent back. "No trespassing" signs must be posted next to adjacent road.

Description: SCP-3906 is a set of two (2) small wooden structures in a small patch of woods in ███████, Georgia. The structures are in a slight state of disrepair. The first structure, SCP-3906-A, appears to be a home, but lacks any furnishings. The second structure, SCP-3906-B, contains a water well with an electric pump. No connection to any electrical grid has been found.
SCP-3906’s anomalous effects only become observable at night, particularly when it is darkest. Subjects who enter the perimeter will immediately feel a strong sense of paranoia. Bird cries have also been observed, such as crows and mourning doves, but other diurnal species have also been observed.

SCP-3906-1 refers to an animal’s skull of an as-of-yet unidentified species, identical to the Canis █████, found on a black metal pole next to SCP-3906-A. The skull has two anomalous effects: it appears to teleport around the area of SCP-3906’s perimeter at random intervals, and will blur the pictures/videos taken while within SCP-3906's perimeter. No negative effects to subjects have been observed if SCP-3906-1 is picked up or moved, but severe paranoia has overcome ██% subjects to the point where they refuse to touch the skull, even when pressured by armed guards. Subjects return to normal behavior once out of SCP-3906's perimeter.

There is also one (1) black willow tree, designated SCP-3906-C, located between SCP-3906-A and SCP-3906-B. This is where the bird cries originate from, although no animal life has been observed within SCP-3906's perimeter naturally. Animals have been introduced to SCP-3906, but disappear once not in view. Research is being conducted as to how this occurs.

This is the highest quality image taken from within SCP-3906's perimeter. Take note of the blurring effect and flare burned onto the image. Image taken by ███████ ██████
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