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Marked area indicates the location of SCP-3915's tent before it was removed.

Item #: SCP-3915

Object Class: Neutralized (Formerly Euclid)

Special Containment Procedures: Currently, no containment procedures are necessary to contain SCP-3915 beyond standard POI monitoring. Outpost-84 is currently being maintained as an independent Foundation installation in Alaska.

Montague Island is to be kept as uninhabited as possible, aside from the personnel assigned to Outpost-84. Guided hunting expeditions are allowed during times when SCP-3915 is not active, to increase credibility and not draw attention to an unexpected island closure.

Alongside NOAA and the Marine Conservation Alliance, a false cleanup effort has been organized, in order to disguise SCP-3915's refuse-gathering. Once per month, Foundation helicopters are to transport the collected refuse to designated processing facilities in Anchorage.

Description: SCP-3915 was an anomalous humanoid residing on Montague Island, Alaska from 2012 to 2017. SCP-3915 was virtually identical to an ordinary human male except for its incorporeal nature, with any and all physical objects phasing through it completely. However, it appeared to be able to interact with the physical world at will.

SCP-3915 claimed (and was later identified) to be a thirty-four-year-old man named Cees Martin from Fort Worth, Texas1. Inquiry as to the nature and origin of its anomalous ability had yielded very little information; SCP-3915 had been unwilling to go into specifics, calling it "a gift from a friend".

SCP-3915's primary objective on Montague Island appeared to be refuse collection. It kept a rigid schedule, waking up at 6:00 AM, walking the coastline and picking up garbage, then returning to its tent on the peninsula northeast of Patton Bay to sleep at 8:00 PM. At 7:00 AM, 12:00 PM, and 7:00 PM, it stopped for meals; it has not yet been determined where it acquired its food for said meals. On Saturday and Sunday, it refused to go further than a half-kilometer from its tent, as it claimed to be resting.

Given its incorporeal nature, it was impossible to physically remove and contain SCP-3915. Efforts to persuade it to leave had been met with hostility on SCP-3915's part, as it insisted it must finish its task before it could go back home.

On 13/6/13, SCP-3915 agreed to an interview with Foundation agents, in exchange for reading material and cigarettes.

Interviewed: SCP-3915

Interviewer: █████ Vought

Foreword: SCP-3915 requested a slice of pizza while waiting for the interviewer to arrive; this was denied, as the facility did not have any pizza on hand.

<Begin Log>

Mme. Vought: Evening. Mr. Martin, was it?

SCP-3915: Oh, no, man, call me Cees. I'm no good with that formal stuff. Hey, you got a light?

Mme. Vought: A match? (To dispatch) Hey, can I give him a match? Okay, great. [Vought hands SCP-3915 a matchbox. SCP-3915 lights its cigarette.] So, Cees, why are you in Alaska?

SCP-3915: Well, to pick up the trash, obviously. What that tsunami washed over here. Thanks for the match, by the way.

Mme. Vought: You're quite welcome. Which tsunami are you referring to?

SCP-3915: What? The tsunami. The tsunami. The one in Japan a couple years ago. You know what I'm talking about, don't you?

Mme. Vought: I remember now. And you're picking up garbage from it?

SCP-3915: Yeah, dude. Bunch of shit washed over here, fucking up the environment. I figured: well, why not come and make a difference? Save the little baby penguins 'n whatever.

Mme. Vought: Admirable. Why Montague Island specifically?

SCP-3915: [Smiles] Before this, I've gone, camped, spent some time hunting with Mark- er, hunting deer. They've got some really pretty blacktails here. I got one once, really nice three-pointer? Oh man, that thing was gorgeous-

Mme. Vought: Who's Mark?

SCP-3915: [Falls silent for seven seconds] My… partner.2 I'm not real sure if he is my partner anymore, though.

Mme. Vought: Why's that?

SCP-3915: [Is silent for a full nine seconds] We, uh, fought. It was stupid. Shouldn't have happened.

Mme. Vought: Is that why you came here?

SCP-3915: …yeah.

Mme. Vought: Do you plan to go back?

SCP-3915: I guess. But not until all the trash gets picked up. I mean, somebody's gotta do it.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: SCP-3915 was escorted back to its tent. Marcus G. Halen flagged as a possible person of interest.

Addendum 15/10/17: On 6/10/17, SCP-3915 vanished from Montague Island, leaving its tent behind, as well as a written document that read 'gone to do what should have been done years ago'. Foundation sweeps revealed almost no garbage present on the island proper.

SCP-3915 itself was found to be occupying its old residence in Fort Worth with POI Marcus G. Halen. During debriefing, it was discovered that SCP-3915 no longer had any anomalous properties. It was subsequently determined that further containment would incur unnecessary expenses, and as such it was allowed to continue living with Halen as a civilian. Both are currently under surveillance.

Addendum 22/10/17: During the dismantling of SCP-3915's tent, a sheaf of papers in a sealed plastic bag was discovered under SCP-3915's air mattress. Most of the papers were blank, or filled with some type of scribble/drawing. Three, however, had coherent sentences on them.

First of all, I am so sorry

Mark, I'm sorry

Mark, I want to say how much I

[The rest of the page is filled with crudely drawn pictures of coastal birds in flight.]


okay. i know you're not coast guard. it's fine. really, it is. i couldn't care less.

i regret don't regret have mixed feelings about coming here. on one hand, i get to pick up trash and save all the puffins. on the other hand, i've run away from my problems, which i know now only ferments them and makes them worse. that was a bad idea. i'll stay here until i get all the trash picked up, but not an hour minute second longer. i'll even give back that magic thing [DESTROYED]3 gave me.

just leave me us me us alone after i go back home. i'm going to fix this. i swear i will, and it's not like i can do that by writing letters.

i won't tell a thing to anyone. just let me be with the person i love.


p.s. vought, those cigs you got helped me out a lot so thanks again for those

Those guys don't know a damn thing about the coastguard

i'm sorry. about everything. i don't even remember what we were fighting about

i wish you could be here, if only to understand how very blue the sea is

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