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SafeSCP-3915 Book of RebirthRate: -16

Item #: SCP-3915

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3915 is to be kept in a metal case, sealed in a password-locked locker inside a standard containment cell at Site-67. SCP-3915 may only be tested with approval from Level 3 personnel and above.

Description: SCP-3915 is a blue paperback book, with an unknown number of pages, written in black ink. SCP-3915's front cover reads the title "Children's Guide To Psychology", published in 2010 by ████ Education. No records of the author exist, neither the existence of any other copies.

SCP-3915's contents are currently unknown due to the symptoms manifested when read. SCP-3915's anomalous properties manifest when a subject attempts to read or touch a page of SCP-3915, causing their brain cells to be wiped systematically and replaced with fresh ones, losing most of their functions. Symptoms include:

  • Inability to read.
  • Inability to talk.
  • Inability to write.
  • Inability to operate firearms.
  • Loss of intelligence.
  • Inabillity to execute complex muscular movements ( Reappears after 2-4 hours )
  • Prolonged exposure manifests a violent attitude for long periods of time. This can take from 3 hours to 8 hours to occur.

Certain symptom losses can be re-taught to victims.

Addendum 01: Recovery Log: On 8/10/2011, SCP-3915 was recovered from the ████████ Kindergarten located in Frankfurt, Germany by MTF Eta-10 after investigation by Foundation agents from numerous reports of intense screeching. Amnestics were distributed and the book was recovered, with no Eta-10 agent casualties.

Addendum 02: Test Log

Subject: D-3915-01
Test: Subject was instructed to read SCP-3915.
Results: Subject fell on the floor as he touched the book, attempting to vocalize.

Subject: D-3915-02
Test: Subject was instructed to read SCP-3915, now operated by a mechanized system.
Results: Subject determined to have crashed on the ground, crying according to the audio logs.

Subject: D-3915-03
Test: Subject was instructed to stay still in the test chamber. D-3915-04 is blind.
Results: No changes in subject.

Subject: D-3915-04 and D-3915-05
Test: D-3915-05 and D-3915-06 were instructed to touch SCP-3915 at the same time.
Results: Subjects drop on the ground, wailing. After approximately 3 hours, D-3915-06 stands up. D-3915-06 then proceeds to physically assault D-3915-05, resulting in security having to restrain D-3915-05 and cancel the test.

Subject: D-3915-05
Test: D-3915-06 is to be left in testing chamber for █ weeks, with steady food supply.
Results: D-3915-06 had several self-harm wounds. D-3915-06 tore a few pages of SCP-3915. Security attempting to terminate him came in contact with SCP-3915's symptoms, subject eventually terminated by MTF Eta-10, with 2 casualties.

Subject: D-3915-06
Test: D-3915-07, handling SCP-714, was instructed to read D-3915-07.
Results: D-3915-06 was able to read the cover page, not long before collapse and constant giggling.

Notice: SCP-3915 is to not be left within the radius of anyone affected by it for more than 3 hours, as of D-3915-05's incident. Anyone tearing pages is to be terminated. (See Test Logs)

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