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A feral adult male SCP-3934 instance captured near Drumnadrochit, Scotland in 1953.

Item #: SCP-3934

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: A pod of 58 59 SCP-3934 instances is currently contained within Lake Baocang in Site-220's Parazoology Reserve, known publicly as the Baihe Natural Reserve.1 Foundation Parazoologists are to ensure that all specimens receive adequate nutrition and healthcare, and are also responsible for overseeing a breeding program designed to minimize inbreeding-related genetic defects within the population. Bodies of deceased instances are to be disposed of via cremation following standard testing and examination procedures.

Reports of uncontained SCP-3934 instances, whether feral or domestic, are to be investigated by members of MTF Phi-2 ("Clever Girls"). Should a live instance be discovered, it is to be brought unharmed to the nearest Foundation facility. From there, transportation will be arranged to Site-220. To prevent accidental injury to personnel or the instance, only members of Phi-2 or other staff experienced in working with Mesozoic reptiles are to interact with the instance prior to its arrival at the Reserve.

Description: SCP-3934 is a species of amphibious reptiles produced via anomalous means by Marshall, Carter, and Dark LLP. Instances of SCP-3934, classified as Plesiosaurus pygmaeus, grow to only just over half the size of other plesiosaurs, with adult males averaging 1.9 meters in length and adult females averaging 1.7 meters. Specimens are omnivorous, and subsist on a diet of fish and aquatic flora. Though created anomalously, SCP-3934 instances do not possess any anomalous biological features or adaptations.

SCP-3934 were originally created in the early 20th century by MC&D, with the intent to sell instances as exotic pets or aquarium denizens. The exact processes used to accomplish this are unknown2, but instances have been confirmed to share nearly identical skeletal structures with historical plesiosaurs (with the obvious exception of size). Following their success, MC&D used viral marketing tactics to create a demand for the specimens. Starting in 1933 and continuing for the next two decades, MC&D staff leaked images and stories of SCP-3934 to the media, the most famous example of which is the 1934 "Surgeon's Photo." The campaign was a success, and international fascination with the "Loch Ness Monster" phenomenon resulted in further attention.

MC&D capitalized on the legend's popularity to sell specimens to numerous wealthy individuals of noble or industrial background in both Europe and the United States. Between 1935 and the present, an estimated 1200-1400 SCP-3934 instances have been created and sold. Pricing is believed to have averaged approximately [DATA REDACTED] USD per specimen in modern currency.

SCP-3934 are highly social animals, both with members of their own species and with humans. Seized internal MC&D documents relate that their behavioral patterns were modeled after Labrador Retriever canines in order to facilitate customer satisfaction and safety. However, while their temperament was conducive to their status as pets, the effort required to care for them was not. Due to their size and altered biology, specimens require a specialized diet, a marine habitat at least 1 million liters in volume, and frequent specialized medical care. Many buyers could not provide these conditions, which resulted in the vast majority of SCP-3934 instances dying or being abandoned within two years of purchase. This outcome was likely planned obsolescence on the part of MC&D, as it encouraged repeat purchases of infant instances to replace dead or unwieldy adults.

Abandoned or wild-born instances of SCP-3934 often react with uncharacteristic violence towards humans and other mammals. A higher degree of carnivorous predation and territoriality are also common attributes of these feral specimens. In at least three cases, multiple feral instances mated to form wild pods. The largest of these was located in Lake Champlain, where 6 feral specimens resided prior to their containment.3 Through specialized behavioral conditioning, Foundation parazoologists have acheived a 73% success rate in rehabilitating feral specimens.


Prepared by the Department of External Affairs

Subject: Discovery and recovery of SCP-3934-1

Involved Agents: Level 3 Agent Cyrus Fielding, Level 2 Agent Tobias Rourke, Level 2 Agent Alistair Burton, and Level 1 trainee-Agent Sean O'Doherty.

Report: The first instance of SCP-3934 known to the Foundation was discovered in the home of Joseph Caldwell, a noted British financier and philanthropist, on September 19th, 1951. Caldwell was a known customer of MC&D, and a raid had been organized to seize anomalous assets while he was away on business.

A containment team consisting of Agents Fielding, Rourke, Burton, and trainee O'Doherty was sent to explore the premises and confiscate any anomalous artifacts discovered. Below is a transcript of O'Doherty's early-model body camera feed during the raid. Material irrelevant to SCP-3934 has been removed.


The team is crouched behind a hedgerow, Fielding issuing final instructions

Agent Fielding: Alright you lot, stay sharp in there. You never know what kinds of impossible rubbish are lying around in a customer's house. That goes double for you Doherty. I've lost good men on nights like this before, I don't intend to lose any today.

Agent O'Doherty: Um, sir? It's a, it's actually O'Doherty sir.

Agent Rourke: Easy lad. The time to piss yourself is during the mission, not before it.

Agent Burton: Give the kid a rest Tobe. I recall you nearly followed that advice in York last year.

Agent Fielding: Enough. Move in.

The team approaches the rear of the house, and Burton kicks open a side entry. They proceed through a kitchen and find themselves in an open living area.

Agent Fielding: Alright. Tobe, you and me'll do a sweep of upstairs. Al, you and the kid check the ground floor and the enclosed pool.

Agent O'Doherty: Should we, should we really split up?

Agent Rourke: Well don't you sound chuffed about it. We don't have unlimited time y'know?

Agent Burton: Speed can be safety at times like these. Now come on.

The group divides into two, and agents Burton and O'Doherty proceed to search the kitchen, foyer, and den while finding nothing of interest. The two then make their way to the enclosed pool area.

Agent Burton: Well bugger. It looks like this whole night is gonna be a damp squib after all. Not that I should be complaining.

Agent O'Doherty: Yeah, at least no— wait, there's something in the water!

An instance of SCP-3934 surfaces two meters from the pair, and watches them without approaching. O'Doherty lets out a surprised yelp, while Burton draws his weapon but doesn't fire.

Agent Burton: What the bloody fuck is this thing?

Both parties remain motionless for several seconds, before the remaining two team members arrive on scene. SCP-3934-1 retreats farther from the group at their arrival.

Agent Fielding: Doherty, we heard your— what in hells?

Agent Rourke: Is that the fucking Loch Ness Monster?

Agent Burton: Whatever it is, I'll take a wager that it wasn't bought at the faire. What are your orders sir?

Agent Fielding: We need to get it out o' the water before we can sedate it. Any ideas gents?

Agent O'Doherty leaves the room without a word, and returns several seconds later with a fish.

Agent O'Doherty: When I searched the icebox earlier there were fish in it. I reckon it eats 'em, and the beastie looks underfed as it is.

Agent Rourke: How do ya—

Agent O'Doherty: I, uh, I used to work at an animal shelter as a teenager. This thing's showing some familiar signs, and you can see its bones pushing against the skin. Poor thing looks knackered.

O'Doherty leans over the pool and beckons with the fish, while speaking in soft and even tones. Slowly, SCP-3934-1 moves closer, before beginning to eat the fish out of O'Doherty's hand. Specimen seems hesitant at first, but quickly gains enthusiasm. After consuming the fish, it moves forward and begins to nuzzle O'Doherty's leg with its neck.

Agent Fielding: The hell?

Agent O'Doherty: Good beastie. Rourke, get me another fish and I think I can coax it out of the water.

As Rourke leaves the room, SCP-3934-1 briefly submerges before returning with a ball held in its mouth. It then moves towards the pool's edge and deposits the ball in front of O'Doherty. O'Doherty then throws the ball towards the other end of the pool. Rourke returns just as SCP-3934-1 promptly retrieves the ball and swims back to O'Doherty.

Agent Rourke: Lad, did you just play fetch with the damn Loch Ness Monster?


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