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nn5n: scp-3939 Pre-Creation Resource Spheres
SafeSCP-3939 Pre-Creation Resource SpheresRate: -15

Item #: SCP-3939

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: 97 of the 100 instances of SCP-3939 are held in Site-██, inside a standard containment room. The room is to be kept pitch black in order to keep symbols readable to researchers, and avoid any possible damage to instances of SCP-3939. No more spheres may be opened at this time.

The shells of SCP-3939-1, 3939-49, and 3939-81, as well as their contents are kept in [REDACTED]

Description: SCP-3939 refers to 100 solid black spheres, each varying in weight but always a diameter of .45 meter. All spheres are 14 billion years old, 200 million years before the big bang. Each sphere most likely1 contains elements, deceased ancient creatures, chemical compounds, and other things non-existent before the creation of the universe, inside of its shell. Each sphere has two rings of blue light around the surface of the sphere, powered and lit by an unknown source. The spheres also have symbols in-between the two rings of light, unknown to any known commutative species.

As of now, three instances of SCP-3939 have been opened. Using a standard steel hammer, the outer shell was shattered, and the rings stopped emitting light for each. The spheres contained the following:

SCP-3939-1: 20 fl of H2O, completely safe for consumption. The water is clear, and shows no anomalous properties.

SCP-3939-49: One complete human skull. No trace of flesh, organs, or marrow. DNA test shows no connection to any human alive today.

SCP-3939-81: Nothing found inside SCP-3939-81. Was packed with helium gas (He2) before opening, which was all released into the atmosphere.

Researchers have theorized these instances of SCP-3939 were sent and created by SCP-███ to Earth as resources, materials, and creatures that would thrive and be abundant on our planet. However, this is impossible to prove; as SCP-███ has [REDACTED BY ORDER OF O5]

This is the truth about SCP-3939.

These spheres were created by the Foundation. Not by a god or Keter class entity. Not from a machine. They are made from painted concrete, LEDs, and batteries. By the foundation.They were made in 20██, and were created empty, other than the three shown above. SCP-3939 is not real. Barley anyone is aware of this.

Why? Three words: A false explanation.

The Foundation knows how the universe was created. It wasn't the big bang. The foundation paid ████████s of dollars to keep scientists from telling the truth, and to make up a fake explication. I can't tell you how it was really spawned. All I can say is if the real answer is ever learned by those who are not "able to comprehend", something worse than the end of the world would be brought upon us.

If you're reading this right now, you are trusted enough to be disclosed to this information. However, very few will ever know the truth of the creation of the universe.

Don't be surprised if you're hunted down by a task force anytime soon. Sometimes we have to kill those who know if too many are aware at once. I'm sorry that this is the way things have to be. Believe me, knowing the true identity of SCP-001 would get you in less trouble than this. Yeah, you heard me correctly.

Whether you're a researcher, security staff, or even a D-Class, keep this info to yourself, or you'll be killed. Continue your work as told.

-Dr. ██████

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