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EuclidSCP-3945 Tuna TerrorRate: -46

Item #: SCP-3945

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3945 can easily be contained within a box at least 3 metres in length, width, and height, but requires at least four walls of this box to be transparent, and for the floor to be covered in sand retrieved from beaches. The box must also be filled completely with water gathered from the Pacific Ocean. Water retrieved from anywhere other than here has been tested, and proven ineffective in maintaining the health of the organism.

The box must be sealed tightly at the top, and include a funnel contraption, for dispensing the food of choice for the creature, known to be human flesh, as removing the seal to feed it is likely to result in certain death for personnel, and any humanoid within a 50 metre range of said personnel. The dispensing of food must be instant, to ensure safety of Foundation staff.

Retrieval of the creature must be done using a fishing rod with a shaft made of Mahogany wood, specifically, as research shows this may reduce the risk of a violent attack on personnel. The bait used must also be human flesh, or it will not attract SCP-3945, and make capture and containment impossible. After capture, containment must take place immediately, to ensure the organism does not target personnel after digesting its bait.

If capture of an instance of SCP-3945 should fail in any way, containment attempts should halt, and the instance must be exterminated immediately, as those attempts are now likely unsalvageable.

Description: SCP-3945 looks exactly like a standard Thunnus obesus, though with teeth identical to that of a Great White Shark in shape, though significantly smaller.

Instances of this organism tend to travel alone, making them more distinguishable from the standard Tuna, and therefore less challenging to spot. Only on rare occasion do these creatures travel in groups, though it seems that they are more tame in this instance, and only prone to attack if ambushed first.

SCP-3945 is known for being notably violent. Any rendition of the creature will kill a human on sight, if there is nothing but water and air between it and said human. Clothing and armor are exceptions to this, as the organism seems capable of ripping through any level of body protection as if it were nothing. When it has attacked its prey, SCP-3945 will devour everything, including the bones.

The most anomalous property found for SCP-3945 is that it is capable of travelling at the speed of sound towards prey within 50 metres of it, so long as it is not obstructed by any solid object. It can do this regardless of whether said prey is in the water or not, and can continue doing this in a chain, should another humanoid organism be within 50 metres of it, until it depletes the supply of prey in the radius, or requires immediate access to water. In both cases, the creature will retreat back to the water, regardless of distance.

When introduced to non-humanoids, in most cases, SCP-3945 is passive. Documented exceptions include when an instance of the creature attacked and devoured an entire Blue Whale, and the most baffling, when two instances of the creature grew hostile towards each other, and managed to devour each other completely, despite such an event in any other setting seeming impossible.

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