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First sight of SCP-3946, recovered from local civilian's phone.

Item #: SCP-3946

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-3946's nature, standard relocation protocols cannot be enacted. The Foundation has built a small outcrop of houses along the road SCP-3946 is nearest to, with Foundation agents acting as residents and, in one case, the owner of the property SCP-3946 is located in. Because SCP-3946's size proves a hindrance to truly cover up, the planted residents must inform interested parties of SCP-3946 being an artificial fish habitat1 in attempt to deter the overly curious.

Description: SCP-3946 is a civilian light aircraft produced in 198█2. SCP-3946 is stuck in a lake located in █████████, Walker County, Georgia. Inside SCP-3946 are three individuals, each an adult male approximately in his mid-thirties. The individuals are, by all reports, in good mental and physical health despite going decades without food, water, fresh air, or outside contact other than the Foundation.

Attempts at moving and deconstructing SCP-3946 have yielded no results, its reaction to the water leaving it entirely immobile and its hull indestructible for reasons yet unknown. The only option to deal with SCP-3946 is the semi-permanent housing erected around it to deter civilians.

SCP-3946 was found in 198█ after a hunter called into the local law enforcement, informing them of the object in the lake ███ meters (████ feet) away from the closest road. A Foundation agent embedded in the local law enforcement took the opportunity to lead the investigation and informed the Foundation an hour after the call had been made. Class A amnestics were used to cover up the existence of SCP-3946 and later used again to set up the fake homes and lives of the newly arrived residents.

Addendum: In 200█, an outburst of radio signals started from SCP-3946, which had been in a very rudimentary cover up due to its low priority. The researcher on site, one Oliver Gordon, responded swiftly to halt any outgoing communications and keep SCP-3946 under control.

Interviewed: SCP-3946-1

Interviewer: Researcher Oliver Gordon.

Notes: This interview was conducted over low range ham radio to keep out unwanted listeners.

[Begin Log]

Researcher Gordon: Hailing the crew of SCP-3946, do you read me?

SCP-3946-1("Dale"): This is the pilot speaking, we read you loud and clear. We've been trying to get in contact for years now.

Researcher Gordon: Well, we're happy to be of service. What can you tell me about you and this… fine vessel?

SCP-3946-1: Well, I'm Dale, and my friends are Stevie and Hank. And about the plane, I bought it a little after it first went commercial3 and took it out for its first flight about a month later. Must've hit some nasty winds or something, because the air was as clear as it'd ever be when we went down. We got lodged in this damn lake and wouldn't sink, the doors wouldn't open, and, well, we haven't died of any natural causes yet. Suffice it to say I think we're gonna be here for as long as she wants us.

Researcher Gordon: She? You mean the plane?

SCP-3946-1: Yup, must be she's gotten attached. Listen, we're real happy you're here. Like I said, we've been trying to get in contact for decades now. Everyone we've gotten to thinks we're jokin' with them, it's gotten right annoying.

Researcher Gordon: Well, we're certainly happy to keep you company. It won't always be me, but you'll have someone to talk to when we've determined the best schedule to keep in touch.

[End Log]

Closing Statement: Researcher Gordon informed the authorities of his site immediately after transmission and the decision was made to set up a community around the lake. Researcher Gordon lives as the "owner" of the property, with other volunteer researchers living in the community around him. A contingent of armed agents are kept as security in the event they are required.

Interviewed: SCP-3946-2

Interviewer: Researcher Oliver Gordon.

Notes: Interview conducted in the same manner as the interview with SCP-3946-1.

[Begin Log]

Researcher Gordon: Hailing the crew of SCP-3946, do you read?

SCP-3946-2 ("Stevie"): [Laughter] Yeah, I read, sir. Ain't read anything in a bit other than the manuals in this plane, but I read. Heard Dale talkin' to you earlier, I'm Stevie. Pleasure to meet you.

Researcher Gordon: Thank you, Stevie. Can you tell me anything about how the plane came to be like this?

SCP-3946-2: Well, can't tell you much other than what Dale told you. We musta hit some nasty turbulence up there and we came right down into the lake. We all thought we was dead, but we came to and found the girl stabbed right into the lake.

Researcher Gordon: Stabbed? Can you elaborate?

SCP-3946-2: [In an exaggerated frustrated tone.] I was gettin' to that, if you'd just let me. No sinking, no movement, we tried hitting the pedal so to speak, and that propeller would make a sound right like this, [cartoon-like exaggerations of a plane in flight], like we was up in the air, but we didn't move none.

Researcher Gordon: Thank you, Stevie. That'll be all for today. We'll have someone come out soon and fill you in on the "nineties" later, since you all seem interested in learning what's happened since you got lodged in there.

[End Log]

Closing Statement: The researchers living around SCP-3946 have taken it upon themselves to give the men trapped in SCP-3946 the most major cultural, political, and scientific news of the past decades since they've been in the plane.

Interviewed: SCP-3946-3

Interviewer: Researcher Eleanor Joseph.

Notes: Interview conducted in the same manner as the interview with SCP-3946-1. Researcher Joseph took over for Researcher Gordon for the following interview.

[Begin Log]

SCP-3946-3 ("Hank"): So, you're telling me the USSR collapsed? Thought they'd be around antagonizin' us forever. Huh.

Researcher Joseph: Yes, sir. Just a few years shy of a decade since your maiden voyage.

SCP-3946-3 ("Hank"): Well I'll be damned. Cuba still around?

Researcher Joseph: Yes, sir. Cuba still exists well independent of the United States, though with Fidel Castro's death, its economic and political leanings for the future become uncertain.

SCP-3946-3 ("Hank"): How'd the old bastard die, then? You said they're independent from us, we didn't assassinate him, did we?

Researcher Joseph: No, sir. Castro died relatively peacefully, the United States was not involved.

SCP-3946-3 ("Hank"): Well, suppose that's good at least. While we're talkin' about communists, what about China?

Researcher Joseph: Communist in name alone, sir. There are billionaires who acquired their wealth in China, if that tells you anything.

SCP-3946-3 ("Hank"): Well, ain't that something. Thank you for the history, ma'am. Sure is a damn shame I had to miss it myself.

Researcher Joseph: My pleasure, sir. Is there anything else I can tell you about?

SCP-3946-3 ("Hank"): Well, now that you mention it, what's the music been like since we've been jammed here?

Researcher Joseph: You're lucky I volunteered for this job sir, this will take all night.

[End Log]

Closing Statement: The communication would go on for several more hours. Researcher Joseph espoused her love of several different genres while SCP-3946-3 listened intently. Researcher Oliver Gordon, who interviewed the previous two subjects, was persuaded by Joseph to allow her to conduct an interview while he relaxed in his Foundation provided home.

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