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Item # SCP-3947

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3947-1 is located in Site ██ and can only be contained by using heavy titanium plates that are layered 2 times. Surveillance cameras are to be on at all times. SCP-3947 will escape if no eyes are on it. SCP-3947-2 has been seen entering and leaving SCP-3947-1 if nothing is watching.

Description: SCP-3947-1 is a tall, pale humanoid figure with long, slender arms that reach its feet. Every now and then, blood will emit from the fingers of SCP-3947-1. If cameras are not on SCP-3947-1, it will expand 10 times it's original size and release SCP-3947-2 from it's chest and once SCP-3947-2 is released, SCP-3947-1 will return to it's original state. SCP-3947-2 is extremely dangerous and must not be taken lightly. It is a fast, slender creature, and has the appearance of SCP-3947-1. The hands of SCP-3947-2 are very bony and its fingers are long, curved blades.

  • When SCP-3947-2 is destroyed, it will release SCP-3947-3, which are small parasites that consumes the one who destroyed SCP-3947-2 in a matter of 2-5 minutes. It will enter the victims genital areas and consume the victim from the inside out, decomposing the bones, muscle tissue, and nervous system until the victim's body no longer exists. The more SCP-3947-3 consumes, the more that parasites are created to consume the victim. When the victim has been completely decomposed, SCP-3947-3 will return to the body of SCP-3947-2 to give all the consumed matter from the victim to it, allowing it to return to life and continue to escape.
  • SCP-3947-2 will not release SCP-3947-3 if you lock it into a room and use nitrogen peroxide on the body. It will instantaneously exterminate SCP-3947-2 and will seem to neutralize SCP-3947-1 for a small period of time. SCP-3947-2 is able to return to the body of SCP-3947-1 by taking small amounts of SCP-3947-1's DNA and copying it. How SCP-3947-2 is actually created is unknown
  • If a human gets near SCP-3947-1, it will grab the victim and consume it, but vital signs still exist from the victim while inside SCP-3947-1. The victim will be inside a pocket dimension, which he/she will be hunted by SCP-3947-4, an unknown entity that only exists within SCP-3947-1. SCP-3947-4 has never been seen or described, as once the victim is spotted by SCP-3947-4, all signs from the victim disappear. It is said that when SCP-3947-4 spots it's victim, he/she is taken and is destroyed through molecular deconstruction.
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