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KeterSCP-3953 Anomalous Mutagenic Biological AgentRate: -6

Item #: SCP-3953

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Samples of the SCP-3953 strain are to be contained within the Site-██ Hazardous Biological Materials Containment Unit. Sample vials are to be stored in liquid nitrogen cooled cryogenic storage cells. The storage unit is to be equipped with a fail-deadly thermite based incendiary anti-tamper device. Removal of SCP-3953 samples from storage is forbidden without express permission from a Level-4 Foundation Researcher. SCP-3953 experimentation on D-Class Personnel is now forbidden under Foundation Ethics Council Memorandum-3953-1.

In cases of suspected SCP-3953 infection subjects are to be placed in quarantine for a period of no less than four weeks. A full blood panel utilizing serology viral antibody testing can be used to indicate infection in 84% of infected individuals as soon as 12 hours from exposure. Even in case of a negative test result, quarantine protocol is to be enforced until research staff have developed a more accurate testing regimen.

Foundation personnel interacting with SCP-3953 samples or infected personnel are required to wear Level-C hazmat equipment including a face-shield. Lab equipment is to be cleaned as per Level-5 Decontamination Protocol. Contents of the quarantine cell are to be incinerated following the death of the subject. As per Foundation Ethics Council Memorandum-3953-2, subjects are to be euthanized in cases of confirmed SCP-3953 infection.

MTF-C12 has been established to contain outbreak incidents, as well as to verify the veracity of images of suspected SCP-3953 infected subjects gathered from social media by Foundation webcrawlers.

Description: SCP-3953 is a highly infectious mutagenic biological warfare agent of undiscovered origin. SCP-3953 is carried by the bodily secretions of infected individuals. Initial findings suggest SCP-3953 is infectious on both skin and mucous membrane contact. Based on past cases of SCP-3953 infections the agent is believed to have a near 100% mortality rate. At this time there is no effective treatment regimen for SCP-3953 infection. SCP-3953 is resistant to commercial disinfectants, but is incapable of surviving outside of a host for extended periods of time. Testing has also shown that SCP-3953 is incapable of transferring to non-human subjects. No virus with a genotype resembling SCP-3953 has been encountered under natural conditions, leading researchers to conclude SCP-3953 did not occur as a result of a natural mutation. Foundation assets placed within the Center for Disease Control, Ministry of Health of the People's Republic of China, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control have been mobilized to contain and suppress information regarding SCP-3953 outbreak events.

The symptoms of SCP-3953 infection have four distinct stages:

  • 1. Asymptomatic Carrier Stage: The initial stage of SCP-3953 infection displays symptoms most commonly associated with the flu. Most subjects display hyperhidrosis, mild fever and dyspnea. Blood and saliva samples taken during this stage show that subjects are infectious as soon as forty-eight hours after initial exposure. The Asymptomatic Carrier Stage lasts for approximately seven to ten days after initial exposure.

  • 2. Initial Mutagenic Stage: The Initial Mutagenic Stage of SCP-3953 infection is characterized by the onset of mutations. Subjects hair and skin pigmentation begins to change by an as of yet unknown process. This process leads to a near total loss of skin pigmentation and atypical hair coloration during later stages of the infection. Subject lips and nose become inflamed. Mental and neurological symptoms begin to manifest leading to increased mood lability, alternating between severe mania and depression, as well as ataxia. The Initial Mutagenic Stage lasts for a duration of three to seven days once symptoms have begun to manifest.

  • 3. Primary Mutagenic Stage: Primary Mutagenic Stage is the longest lasting stage of SCP-3953 infection. This stage of SCP-3953 infection is marked by further changes to the subject physiology, including unusual changes in the subject's hair follicles and hair pigmentation protein, causing significantly decreased hair production over most of the subject's body. The exception to this is that the subject hair, eyebrows and eyelashes show an increase in activity as well extremely curly growth and unnatural hair coloration. Another mutation shown in cases of stage 3 SCP-3953 infection is unusual bone growth, with the bones of the foot growing longer and wider along the plantar surface. Subject shows significant xeriderma and depigmentation, leading to unnaturally white leathery skin. Inflammation of subject nose and lips continues, leading to red coloration and bleeding.

  • Decaying emotional state leads to an apparently combined state of extreme emotional anguish and mania, expressed as simultaneous crying and laughter. Neurological symptoms grow more severe, leading to alternating rigidity, hyper-reactivity and spasms. Most subjects display an altered gait and jerky movement, as well as a tendency to unintentionally strike themselves or others as a result. In addition, SCP-3953 compels the subject to seek and interact with groups of uninfected individuals. Primary Mutagenic Stage lasts approximately fourteen to thirty days and is followed by a sudden decline in subject health dubbed the Terminal Stage.

  • 4. Terminal Stage: The Terminal Stage of SCP-3953 is marked by a sudden decline in subject health. Subject skin begins to fissure, leading to bleeding and increased risk of secondary infections. Spasticity grow more severe, eventually escalating to rigid body paralysis. Uncontrolled laughter and paralysis impair subject breathing, leading to subjects perishing within the span of several days. Although life-support has been successful in extending subject lifespan, Foundation medical staff have concluded recovery is unlikely due to neurological damage. Cause of death in cases of late stage SCP-3953 infection has been identified as respiratory arrest or multiple organ failure due to secondary infection.

Addendum 1:

Outbreak Date: ██.██.20██
Outbreak Location: ███████████, █████████, ███
Personnel Involved: MTF-C12 , Foundation Biological Containment Team E31, Local Law Enforcement

On ██.██.20██, ███████████ local law enforcement officials received reports of individuals suspected to be under the influence of narcotic substances. Fairground security reported that said individuals were behaving erratically, displaying slurred speech and loss of coordination, prompting security personnel to contact local emergency services. Foundation assets were notified after descriptions of the suspects in custody matched symptoms of late stage SCP-3953 infection. Foundation asset identified themselves as a CDC official, coordinating local law enforcement as Foundation teams mobilized to the breach site.

MTF-C12 and Biological Containment Team E31 were mobilized immediately upon foundation assets being informed of the suspected SCP-3953 outbreak event. Biological Containment Team E31 established a wide quarantine around the fairgrounds. Visitor records were utilized to detain those that had left the fairgrounds before quarantine could be established. An off-site quarantine location was established in an abandoned industrial plant within close proximity to the fairgrounds.

After establishing quarantine, MTF-C12 entered the site in Level B hazmat suits while Containment Team E31 focused on upholding quarantine. Non-Foundation individuals on site were quickly contained under the guise of a gas leak. Members of MTF-C12 identified several subjects whose appearance suggested they were late-stage SCP-3953 carriers. MTF-C12 personnel were instructed to neutralize suspected carriers on sight by Agent █████. Post-mortem testing performed during a standard autopsy revealed only two out of five subjects were infected.

Interviewed: Agent █████

Interviewer: Dr. ████ ███████

Foreword: Excerpt from standard containment operation debriefing for Agent █████.

<Begin Excerpt, ██.██.20██]>

Dr.███████: Now then, standard debrief. You know the drill.

Agent █████: We got the call about a suspected outbreak. EMTs talking about weird symptoms got caught by one of the assets. They sent us in instead of passing it up the chain. Full mobilization. They pulled some strings to get credit card records and traffic cam footage of the area. Set up quarantine while the MTF got suited up. Local cops got shanghaid into rounding up those that'd left before quarantine. Thing is I don't think we got everyone.

Dr.███████: Yes, I believe you mentioned as much in your report. Please elaborate.

Agent █████: We tracked down just about everyone local. Thing is CC caught a white van leaving the fairgrounds before we got the call. It got tracked to an abandoned warehouse but by the time we got there the it'd been torched. Forensics couldn't pull much out of the wreck. Whoever was in it didn't get caught on camera at the fairgrounds, but one of the workers said they'd seen someone bringing in "performers". Couldn't get much more out of anyone.

Dr.███████: So you believe this outbreak was intentional?

Agent █████: Just a guess at this point. You'd expect someone to take credit, but the webcrawlers haven't even found any chatter about the outbreak or SCP-3953.

Dr.███████: Yes, the research team has noticed just as much. This does make sense in context of some of their theories. Now then, let us continue.

Agent █████: Can we just get this over with? I'd love to finish my side of the paperwork today.

Dr.███████: You were coordinating teams entering the site. Records state you gave the order to open fire upon potential suspects. Why?

Agent █████: I laid out the list of symptoms, told them what to look for. The researchers laid it out pretty clear. Get anywhere near them and you're as good as gone.

Dr.███████: And based on this information you ordered the containment team to shoot on sight?

Agent █████: What would you have done? You didn't see what was happening! They were just going towards the subject like there was nothing wrong, hell the kids were laughing! I made a snap judgement call.

Dr.███████: I believe we are done here. We will contact you in case we require further information.

<End Excerpt>

Assets placed in the CDC and FBI instructed to disseminate false information regarding the nature of the breach event. Standard Foundation disinformation protocols put in place to ensure public is unaware of SCP-3953 infections. Subjects confirmed infected by SCP-3953 euthanized. Surviving subjects administered Class-4 Amnesic before release. Corpses incinerated. Temporary quarantine site decontaminated as per SCP-3953 containment protocol.

Foundation assets were assigned to monitor area for further SCP-3953 outbreaks.

Casualty report: 2 law enforcement personnel, 2 medical technicians and 19 civilian subjects confirmed infected. 6 non-foundation subjects deceased due to non-anomalous causes. 0 foundation casualties.

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