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EuclidSCP-3964 Suicide StaircaseRate: 31

SCP-3964 in inactive state

Item #: SCP-3964

Item Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3964 has been walled off by the Foundation and all records of its existence have been removed. A small space beneath SCP-3964 has been excavated and converted into Site-██-B with access available only to authorized personnel.

All personnel assigned to Site-██-B must first pass a psychiatric screening1 before being permitted access to the site. Anyone who has not undergone the screening process is barred from Site-██-B unless permitted otherwise by the Senior Researcher for testing purposes. Re-screenings are mandatory and must be given once every two weeks to avoid incident, or if there is cause to believe additional screenings are necessary; at which time the suspected personnel(s) will be redirected to the psych ward to be evaluated.

A therapist must be available on-site at all times.

Direct access to SCP-3964 must be monitored at all times.

In the event that an unauthorized personnel or civilian enters Site-██-B, they are to be detained and administered a Class-A amnestic. They may then be released back into the public. If they manage to gain access to SCP-3964, depending if anomalous activity is observed and subject survives, amnestics Classes A through D are authorized for use after detainment and debriefing. They may then be released back into the public.

███████ Community College and its library will remain open for the perceivable future. No anomalous activities have been observed outside of the western library stairwell. Nonetheless, the eastern stairwell, and in extension, all stairwells present on campus, are to be kept under constant surveillance.

Description: SCP-3964 is a library stairwell, located at ███████ Community College, that functions as designed under normal circumstances. When any person with a prior history of significant suicidal ideation (henceforth referred to as an SCP-3964-2 instance) enters SCP-3964, it will activate and transport the SCP-3964-2 instance to SCP-3964-1. Individuals without suicidal thoughts and tendencies will pass through SCP-3964 without incident.

SCP-3964-1 is a pocket dimension consisting of a single stairwell, without a discovered exit. No lower or upper limit to SCP-3964-1 has been found. When an individual enters SCP-3964-1, they will remain in the extradimensional space until they choose to jump from the railing of the stairwell. In most cases, this results in the SCP-3964-2 instance to fall to their death. To date, there have been █ recorded exceptions to this rule.

SCP-3964-1 contains the means to indefinitely sustain basic human needs. Each floor is equipped with a bathroom, water fountain, and a snack vending machine. Vending machines operate normally and still require monetary input to dispense product. Instances of SCP-3964-2 have been recorded to use blunt force to break the protective glass to obtain food in the absence of money.

Time within SCP-3964-1 behaves in an inconsistent manner. The amount of time experienced by instances of SCP-3964-2 within the extradimensional space does not appear to correlate with the amount of time they are perceived to spend on the stairwell by outside observers. Additionally, testing has revealed physical signs of aging relative to the amount of time perceived by SCP-3964-2 instances, as opposed to expected aging rates in normal spacetime.

Addendum.1: The first record of anomalous behavior is traced to [DATA EXPUNGED] after the opening of the campus. It is unknown whether this incident was the cause of or a consequence of SCP-3964. The civilian student involved had jumped to his death from the top of the stairwell. The cause of death was severe head trauma, consistent with a fall of 25 meters2. Investigation revealed a history of depression.

Similar cases followed for ██ years after the initial incident. Witnesses describe the suicides as “spontaneous” and “unexpected”, but the Foundation had no evidence to suspect that this might be a site of an anomaly. After several years, SCP-3964 was being referred to as the "Suicide Staircase" by the student body.

SCP-3964 first came to the attention of the Foundation following Incident-3964-1. A caucasian woman (designated SCP-3964-2-A) was observed to have used SCP-3964 to walk from the first floor to the second landing where she then jumped and landed unharmed on the floor below. In attempts to describe the experience to others a field agent assigned to the area learned of the SCP-3964-2-A's experience within SCP-3964-1 and notified the Foundation. SCP-3964-2-A was then detained, debriefed, and given a Class-C amnestic before release. A notebook recording her experiences of her time in SCP-3964-1 was collected for study along with her cellphone and other belonging. Afterwards, the Foundation bricked off SCP-3964 and built Site-██-B.

I don’t know where I am.

I mean… This shouldn’t be possible right? I was only trying to get to the second floor of the library and now I’m stuck in some endless loop of stairs. It’s been about an hour that I’ve been walking around and nothing. It’s just endless floor after floor. When I lean over the edge it just seems to stretch on forever and ever in both directions and I get this weird pull in my gut. You know, that weird feeling you get standing super close to the edge that just kinda whispers “jump”? It’s unnerving so I’m going to stay away from the edge from now on. I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do. I’ve tried the doors on either side of each floor but they’re all locked. This is scary. Which is why I guess I’m writing in you. There’s no reception in here either. There’s nothing here except the thoughts in my head. I keep thinking I’m going to run into someone, that I’ll hear someone. Sometimes I think I do hear something but it’s just silent. But like a loud silence ya know? Heavy and stuff. It doesn’t help that it feels air conditioned in here despite the fact that I haven’t seen a single vent or air conditioner. I tried shouting but my voice just echoes on until it fades away. That’s a little spooky so I don't think I’ll try it again. Besides, what would I even do if someone answered? Something? I don’t even want to think about it. This place doesn’t feel natural, it obviously isn’t, so I don’t want to push my luck.

I also think I’m going to start counting floors. Idk how many floors I’ve already walked down so I’m just going to count this as number 1 and go from there. I’ll start heading up again since going down doesn’t seem to be working.

Notes: We suspect SCP-3964-2-A was walking down in an attempt to find where she entered. At the bottom of the page she drew the number 1 in bubble-letter font.

I’m on floor 206, it’s been 6 hours, and my phone battery is going to die soon but I’m dying of boredom. I decided to just fuck it and play a few games but that drained my battery a lot. I probably shouldn’t have done that because I just realized there aren’t any clocks in here and my phone is my only source of telling time. And even though counting the floors and hours is making me crazy I think it’ll be even worse without knowing the time. I’m so fucking stupid. I’m just going to leave it on low battery mode and hope for the best. I doubt it’ll survive another 6 hours though.

I’m also super exhausted. It’s about 8 o’clock now and I got up at like 4 and all this walking is tiring. Maybe whatever trapped me in here is trying to make me exercise? Well. Whatever it is I don’t really want to go to sleep. And there isn’t even anything suitable to sleep on. I guess I could collect a bunch of paper towels from each floor and make a bed? But what if something creeps up on me while I’m sleeping? I doubt I could sleep anyways. I guess… I’ll just keep walking until I pass out from exhaustion. There’s nothing better to do.

Notes: At the bottom of the page she drew a rococo-styled 206. The next few pages are filled with miscellaneous doodles.

I think I’m going to die in here. I finally gave up last night and slept in one of the bathrooms, which was the only place I could turn off the damn lights. I did collect a bunch of paper towels and made a bed and used my jacket and backpack as well. It’s about 3 in the morning now and I can’t sleep anymore. I still feel exhausted but my mind won’t let me rest. I’m also starving. I just realized that I didn’t eat last night. I guess the good thing is that nothing has attacked me yet which either means there’s nothing but me in here or whatever is out there is trying to lull me into a sense of comfort. I’m honestly not sure which I would prefer at this point. I just wish if there really is some monster it’ll just get it over with an kill me now. All this waiting is unbearable.

There’s a vending machine on every floor, all with the same snacks (there are some tuna salad sandwiches so that’s good), but I don’t have that much cash on me. If I don’t get out of here today I’ll just have to smash them open with something. There are a few fire extinguishers around so I’ll probably just use one of those or something. At least there’s water fountains so I don’t dehydrate but apparently even in weird limbo spaces water fountains are still disgusting as hell.

Notes: She drew a swirly 257 at the bottom of this page. Our lab found traces of bread crumbs suggesting she ate while reading this over.

This is floor 413… I think. I’m starting to lose track. The silence and the cold air is numbing my mind. I might’ve skipped counting a few floors or lost count somewhere. I can’t be sure. I have a sharpie so I think I’ll start writing the floor numbers on the water fountains because it’s a shiny eye catching place. Maybe I should leave little messages if anyone else gets stuck here? I hope no one else gets stuck in here but I mean… I might as well right? It’s not like I’ve got anything better to do.

Notes: She drew an interesting looking 413 at the bottom of the page, next to a small doodle of some cartoon character wearing triangular sunglasses. Dr. Robert informs me that this is a reference to something called Homestuck.


They left a note! It’s written in lipstick on the mirror in the bathroom which is a little disconcerting but it means I’m not the only one! I took a picture of it on my phone, which is now at 3%, but I think it was still a worthy use of the battery life. I wish I remembered to bring my charger this morning. It occurred to me while I was eating breakfast that the vending machines use outlets. But I don’t have my charger anyways so the point is moot. Anyways, the note reads “Fuck this sexist place. No tampons.”

Which I assume is referring to the fact that the girls bathroom is on the other side of the library and this is the boys bathroom and whoever wrote it was probably on her period. Yikes. Good thing my flow just ended a few weeks ago so that’s not a problem for me. At least… I hope it doesn’t become a problem. I won’t be here that long will I?

No no. I won’t. I’ll find a way out. I know I will. I’m on floor 474 right now. Maybe 500 will be my lucky number? Only one way to find out. I’ll look for more clues along the way since that was the only note she left on this floor.

Notes: She wrote “1/474 not enough tampons” at the bottom of the page. Dr. Robert is laughing.
Edit: It has been confirmed that a picture of the described message was found on the collected cellphone.

So I’m officially out of cash. I’ve passed floor 500 if you were curious. Probably not because you’re just a notebook. I’ve never broken something before but I guess there’s no real good time to begin a life a vandalism. I want that 3 musketeers really bad, and yes, I’m totally willing to smash open a vending machine to get it. Whatever entity that’s keeping me here can go and suck it. If it’s going to withhold chocolate from me like this then I’m going to have no qualms about breaking it’s shit. Here goes nothing.

Notes: At the bottom of the page she wrote the number 621.

My phone is dead. I’m getting really tired so I’m going to assume it’s night. I’m currently on floor 730 so I guess I’ll call it quits for the day. I just decided to fuck it and eat a bunch of candy bars for dinner, which in hindsight probably wasn’t the best idea. Now I’m cold, numb, and my throat feels like acid. None of the doors work but I’ve been checking them at every floor. At least I hope I haven’t forgotten one. Wouldn’t that be a kicker? The one exit that actually works and I blanked past it. Probably not but it’s a depressing thought.I haven’t found anymore notes from that woman. I wonder if she’s still stuck in here.

Anyways. I should get to bed. I’ve got another busy day of just… Walking up stairs. Forever.

Maybe I should just jump and end it all lol. Well. Goodnight book.

Notes: She doodled a bunch of snakes in the shape of the number 730.

Floor number 800. Nothing.

Notes: N/A

Floor number 900. Nothing.

Notes: N/A

Floor number 1000. Nothing.

What a surprise.

Notes: N/A

Fuck me. I smashed open another vending machine and cut my hand on a piece of glass. I’m such a fucking stupid clutz. It hurts really bad and there aren’t any medkits in the bathrooms. I just bandaged it up with some paper towels. Can I get an infection in here? So far there doesn’t seem to be anything else alive besides me. Who knows. Who fucking cares.

Hurts like a fucking bitch though.

Notes: No floor number was written on this page. But there are a few blood smears. This entry brings up an interesting experiment about microbial life within SCP-3964-1 to be explored later.

I can’t believe I didn’t think of it sooner. I grabbed one of my pens and dropped it off the side of the railing. I know I said I was going to stay away from the edge but I had to watch it fall. I’m not sure what I was expecting really. The sound of impact probably but it never came. The pen just… Kept falling until it was just a speck and until I couldn’t see it altogether. I wonder if it’s still falling. I wonder if I would just keep falling forever if I jumped. It would probably be better than this endless wandering around that’s for sure.

I think the silence is getting to me.

Notes: She wrote 1242 at the bottom of the page. The next dozen or so pages are just doodles and some short poems.

I can’t say how long I’ve been in here. It feels like forever but it can’t have been more than like 3 days. I’m starting to feel tired again which means it must be night. Not that day cycles even exist in this hell hole. Maybe that’s what it is. I died or something and I’ve gone to hell. I’m an atheist so that puts a real damper on things if that’s true. Or maybe it’s BECAUSE I’m an atheist that I’m stuck here. Damned here. Whatever.

Anyways. Day 3 stuck in hell/purgatory over.

Notes: A the bottom she wrote 1278. It is unclear whether a short amount of time had passed between the last entry and this one or if she had just stopped for a while to draw. I suspect the latter is true.

Today I woke up and just laid there for hours.

I tried to imagine I was just at home in the darkness but the hard tile floors make it a little hard to put myself into that fantasy. Also my house doesn’t have air conditioning so there’s that. At the very least, turning the bathroom lights off and closing the door makes me feel like I’m blanketed in shadows. I just laid there in the dark, listening to my crying echo around the room. It’s somewhat comforting.In the dark the walls around me don’t have to exist. Or they can be as small as I want. I’ve never been claustrophobic before but I wonder if I will be if I ever get out of here…

There’s a steady ringing in my ear that I’m not sure is real or not. I started noticing it a little yesterday but it’s pretty apparent now. It’s like a static noise, high pitched and almost inaudible. Like overtones in music. I’m probably imagining it which doesn’t really help me feel better at all.

Anyways, I did eventually get up and keep walking. My little crying self-pity session helped me gain some energy back. I actually took to running a bunch of floors just to distract myself from thinking too much. It worked pretty well for a while until I stubbed my toe and tripped. I guess that’s why they tell you not to run on stairs. I’m lucky that I didn’t tumble down them and break something. Because that would just take everything home wouldn’t it? Being on an infinite staircase and being unable to walk?

I think I’ll just stick to my regular, snail-paced walking from now on.

Notes: At the bottom here she doodled the number 1413 and next to it there is a drawing of a character with three buck teeth that Dr. Robert informs me is yet another Homestuck character.

I think I see another note. There’s something pinkish-red a dozen or so floors up. I know I said I wouldn’t run again but I’m going to break that rule just this once.

Notes: N/A

It is another note from the same girl. It’s written on the water fountain right where I write my floor numbers (I wrote this one on the left door), still in that lipstick. It says “I miss Duke”.

I wonder if it’s her boyfriend? Or maybe it’s her dog. Both?

I get that though. I miss my little brother so much. This is my fourth day here (I think) so he must be worried sick about me. I hope someone picked him up from school when I didn’t show up. I wonder if anyone’s looking for me?

Notes: At the bottom here she wrote the number 1548.
Edit: Looking into files of SCP-3964’s past victims, one female of Latino descent has been found who had a son named Duke.

End of day four. Floor 1600. A nice round number to stop on.
I ate a bag of peanuts for breakfast.

I don’t know why I did it, because I hate peanuts. Maybe that initial feeling of disgust reminds me that I’m still here. I exist. I’m not crazy. It was something different for once.

Or maybe I’m just going crazy.

Notes: She wrote the number 1674 at the bottom of the page.

What If There Is No Exit??

Notes: This is written in large letters taking up an entire two pages. Nothing else is written.

End of day five. Floor 2000.

Notes: N/A

I found her last note.

It’s on floor 2112, not that these numbers even fucking mean anything.

God. I’m so angry. Or sad. Both. Everything.

My phone is dead too and I just wish… I wish I could’ve taken a picture of her last words. She wrote it on the bathroom mirror again. One word for each of the three mirrors:

I’m. Gonna. Jump.

Did she make it out??? I mean if she did someone would’ve heard about it right? Or they would just think she was crazy. Maybe she’s still falling? Did she DIE?

I don’t know. I don’t know if I want to know.

All I know is that I’m actually alone now.

This mysterious girl isn’t just a bunch of floors above me. She didn’t find an exit. She just… Gave up.

Maybe I should too.

Notes: N/A

End of day six. Floor 2400.

Notes: N/A

I should jump. There clearly isn’t an exit anywhere. I doubt there ever will be. I’ve been walking for almost a week now and nothing. I didn’t know isolation could be so harrowing. I keep on hearing that ringing. I keep imagining that someone is calling to me from a far away floor. I know I’m just imagining it but I’m actually going crazy in here. I’ve had nothing to eat but the same dozen of snacks, nothing to sleep on but hard tiles, and nothing to drink besides that disgusting tasting fountain water. I’m sick of it all.

If I don’t find an exit in the next 50 floors I’m going to jump.

If this is existence then I don’t want to exist anymore.

I’m sorry…

Notes: The number 2600 is written on the bottom.

I’m ten floors away from 50. And I… Gods. I haven’t even told my best friend about this yet. Maybe this is karma. This is some cruel deity granting my wish. Be careful what you wish for right? Well anyways…

I’ve been planning my suicide.

I doubt that I would’ve gone through with is. Dad is still relying on me. Charlie is still relying on me. If I just left they would be devastated. Charlie would probably kill himself if I did it first. He’s not strong enough to live. So that’s why I didn’t think I would go through with it but like… Maybe that’s why I’m being punished? I didn’t value my life enough so now I HAVE TO kill myself. It’s tempting I’m not going to lie.


I know that new Star Wars movie was coming out. I really wanted to see how the trilogy ended. Game of thrones’ final season isn’t out yet. I haven’t seen infinity war either. Or the next Spider Man homecoming movie. Or black panther. Lily is graduating in a year too. And Sarah and I haven’t gone to Europe yet like we wanted to.

I’m actually kinda scared to take the next ten floors.

Does this mean that I don’t actually want to die?

Life is so hard. Between Charlie’s depression. Mom and Dad’s divorce. The constant fear of Charlie trying to off himself…

Well. I guess I’ll find out in ten floors.

Notes: N/A

I’m here. Floor 1650. I should’ve waited for a nice 413 reference to off myself to. That would be real poetic. Herein lies ███████ █████, a homestuck even in death. But that’s a lot more floors to go. I guess I could walk back down to 1413 but that’s still like a bunch of floors. I already decided on this floor anyways.

Notes: N/A.

Ok. I’ve been sitting here for like an hour. I just… I can’t do it. I want to see Charlie again. I want to see Sarah again. I want to hold my dog again. God I miss my dog.

I want to live.

Notes: N/A

So shouting “I want to live” clearly is not the way to do this. I guess jumping is the only real option. But I really really don’t want to die. And I’m terrified of heights. Why did I think suicide via falling was such a good idea in the first place?

Besides the point.

Ok. I’ve decided. I’m going to jump. But I’m going to pray like hell that I don’t die. So whatever deity is out there or responsible for trapping me in here… I promise that I want to live. So please PLEASE let me survive this.

Once I’ve… ya know actually worked up the courage to jump of course.

Not like there’s anything better for me to do anyways.

Notes: This is the last journal entry. SCP-3964-2-A jumped sometime after writing and landed safely and successfully next to SCP-3964.

Addendum.2: Instances of SCP-3964-2 who overcome suicidal ideation may exit SCP-3964-1 without harm and will land next to the library stairwell.

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