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Item #: SCP-3979

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP 3979 has currently no means of permament containment, but as of yet it has not shown signs of life. If this changes however may this position change MTF units "Space Rabbits" and "Nine Tailed Fox" should be alerted as to so sending them on a mission to stop SCP 3979

Description: SCP 3979 is an alien robot thought to be sent from the Andromeda galaxy, which has landed on Mars, which was seen by a not so known astronomer in 1890 and wrote in his book "I was looking with my telescope to see if i could find anything when then i saw a bright shooting star going at such a fast speeds i only caught a small glimpse of it, which after it hit mars." The public is to be fed with news about it being an asteroid. But it wasnt. SCP 3979 was discovered when NASA's robot pictured it in the distance of its pictures. See Incident-3979

We have detected something in NASA's Mars picture, looks like a black robot, 500m big. Should we send an expedition?
Dr.██████: Let me see it…
*Doctor ██████ sees the picture and slowly says "Do it and load the ship up with explosives and arm it with ai, no human must go near that thing."*
Ok sir.
4 years later
Sir the ships have arrived at mars low orbit orbit
Dr.██████:Fire the rockets at it
Firing the rockets in 3..2…1… Rockets fired
5 minutes later the rockets hit but SCP 3979 is still ok and working but something else is happening, some kinds of octopus like fighting satelites come out of nowhere and start attacking the shiops
Dr.██████: Fire one of the nukes at them
All rockets have missed the satelites are destroying all the ships. Tearing them apart. The only thing that was left was a radio jammer which self activated and made every satelite stop working.
After this event SCP 3979 has bent transmiting recordings of our ships being destroyed.


As depicted in the book

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