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Item #: SCP-828

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-828-1 is to be housed in the Site-641 marine mammal rehabilitation center located 10 kilometers inland from the coastline of Somerset Island, in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. It is to be kept in regular contact with site personnel and interviewed regularly by the on-site psychologist. To facilitate this SCP-828-1 has been granted limited mobility. It is to be surveilled via a GPS-enabled ankle monitoring system. If SCP-828-1 approaches within 5 kilometers of the ocean it is to be intercepted by onsite security personnel and returned to containment. Following review by the Site Director SCP-828-1 may be placed in restrictive housing. SCP-828-1 is not to come in contact with any prepubescent human subjects. If this occurs SCP-828-1 will be mandatorily placed in restrictive housing and an independent investigation of Foundation personnel will follow.1 SCP-828-1 is to be fed with fish or small whales native to the region2. Only while in a controlled, experimental environment may SCP-828-1 come in contact with SCP-828-2.

SCP-828-2 is contained in the Site-641 reliquary located at the Cunningham Inlet Facility. It is to be inspected bi-weekly for deterioration. A textile restoration technician is to inspect SCP-828-2 bi-monthly for degradation. Repairs will be conducted with the assistance of the on-site, classically trained, Inuit shaman.

Description: SCP-828-1 is a humanoid organism that stands 1.4 meters tall with white, pupilless eyes, long "hair" composed of kelp-like unbranched stipes of Alaria esculenta3. The subject''s skin resembles that of fish of the Myoxophalus4 genus. SCP-828-1 is amphibious but cannot remain out of water for more than 10 minutes without suffering from dehydration. The subject''s hands and feet are webbed to facilitate swimming. Medical examination of the "hair" has revealed that it is permeated by extensive vasculature indicating that the organ is used for gas exchange. The subject''s body appears emaciated but the subject has yet to request food. If offered food SCP-828-1 will consume it "to be polite" but it is unclear if the subject requires regular feeding. The subject was found with severe tooth decay and has been provided with dentures and dental care after containment. When out of water the subject''s skin emits an odor that has been unanimously described as pleasant by all prepubescent human subjects. Importantly, children have described the scent as comforting and "maternal" during interviews. Analysis of the subject''s skin secretions have discovered the presence of a volatile organic substance which may act as a pheromone. It is hypothesized that this compound may aid the subject in its efforts to befriend children. Research into the mechanism of action is ongoing.

SCP-828-1 has been extraordinarily cooperative with Foundation personnel during containment. Psychological analysis reveals that SCP-828-1 exhibits symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder including intrusive recurrent recall, insomnia, and hypervigilance. Paradoxically, these symptoms are exacerbated by exposure to the sea, images of the sea, marine mammals and images of marine mammals. SCP-828-1 also exhibits signs of traumatic bonding to the Foundation and individuals associated with the Foundation. It is the recommendation of the psychological staff that this bond be exploited for the purpose of containment and study.

SCP-828-2 is a heavily water-damaged amauti5 that SCP-828-1 was wearing prior to containment. The garment is made of materials traditionally associated with Inuit clothing, seal fur, caribou hide and thick, woolen duffel. When SCP-828-1 places a child into the carrying pouch of the garment the child is unaffected by cold temperatures or hyperbaric ambient pressure and does not need to breathe. The child remains conscious and aware while contained in SCP-828-2.

Recovery: SCP-828 was recovered from Pangnirtung, Canada when a missing child, Nathan Qappik, thought to have been lost in a sudden storm, was discovered by fishermen on the abandoned island of Iglunga. The following interview was conducted by local representatives of the Canadian Mounted Police.

Interviewed: Nathan Qappik

Interviewer: Corporal Filigree

Foreword: The following interview was conducted after child''s recovery. It has been translated from Inuktitut. Original transcript available on request.

<Begin Log>

Filigree: Alright little man, why don''t you tell me how you managed to get out on that island?

Qappik: Am I in trouble?

Filigree: What? Of course not. Everybody in town was very worried about you. We''re just happy to have you back but we still need to know how you got out there. Okay?

Qappik: Okay. Well, I was playing on the rocks outside of town. I knew I shouldn''t but the rocks are fun. Sometimes if you sit still you can see whales. I like whales and I wanted to see them. Anyway, I saw something swimming in the water. I couldn''t see though and I wanted to get close so I could. But the rocks are slippery sometimes and I fell. [hesitation]

Filigree: It''s okay. You can keep going.

Qappik: Well, it was high tide, if it wasn''t high tide I would have fallen in the mud. A big wave caught me and I bumped my head. I don''t remember what happened right after.

Filigree: That''s okay. You can tell us what you do remember.

Qappik: Promise you wont think I''m lying?

Filigree: Sure.

Qappik: Well I woke up and I was underwater. I could see the sun coming through the waves. It wasn''t cold though, or wet. I felt safe. I felt warm, like I was wrapped in a fur blanket. Oh, and I saw a whale.

Filigree: Uh…

Qappik: [Excitedly] And then I felt a wave, like I was riding a wave in to shore and then I came out of the water on the island where the old buildings are. It was like surfing only under water. I bet whales feel like that all the time. Anyway, my friend-

Filigree: Your friend?

Qappik: My fish friend. I was scared at first because she looked weird but she''s nice. She''s the one who caught me when I fell, or at least she said she did but I don''t remember because I hit my head. But she took me out of her amauti and I was dry and she told me where to find stuff for fire and brought me meat that she helped me cook. I stayed on a pier in a fisher shack. It was our secret place.

Filigree: Did your friend have a name?

Qappik: She said "Piitchuq6" but that didn''t make any sense. Anyway, can I see her? She seemed sad and lonely. I don''t think she has any friends. Nobody should live like that.

Filigree: Did she hurt you or do anything strange? Did she say where she was from?

Qappik: No. She was really nice and was real good at fishing. I think it''s because she can swim really well and doesn''t need a boat. She never said where she was from so I thought she was from the island. Can I see her?

<End Log>

Closing Statement: The interview continues in this vein for some time. Throughout Qappik insists that SCP-828-1 did not harm him and was friendly. The story was not released to the public. Local authorities believe that the child had experienced hypothermia-induced hallucinations while on the island.

In the weeks following the recovery of the missing child, rumors began to spread through the town of a strange marine animal in and around the harbor. Repeat sightings of a strange person on the docks prompted widespread speculation and hearsay. Teriaq LeChatlier, Site-641''s on-site shaman heard the rumors through family contacts and decided to investigate "on a hunch" with a small team from MTF-89E "Tomas''s Tuggers". SCP-828 eluded capture for several weeks until capture during an attempt to enter the Qappik family residence. SCP-828 was then brought back to Site-641 for processing.

Interviewed: SCP-828

Interviewer: Teriaq LeChatlier

Foreword: This unofficial interview was conducted en route to Site-641 on board the recently-acquired fishing vessel "Jeanne". SCP-828 was sequestered in the live-catch hold at the time of interview. LeChatlier insisted on the encounter before processing saying "The sea is already pretty angry about this. I don''t know if we''ll make it back." Please note that the following interview was translated from Inuktitut.

<Begin Log>

LeChatlier: Hello down there?

SCP-828: Angakkuq7, are you here to consume my flesh and make my power yours? Do you speak for the Mother of the Sea come to collect her due? Am I to serve you? To offer my bones as your tupilaq? Tell me so that I may know and we may be without pretense.

LeChatlier: What? No. I just wanted to talk to you in case your mother decided to cut things short. I want to know why you didn''t take the child.

SCP-828: This is a trick.

LeChatlier: No I''m being serious. I work for people who want to meet things like you.

SCP-828: So you serve another master then. What do they want with me?

LeChatlier: Mostly to stare at you and ask you questions. Are you comfortable down there?

SCP-828: [SCP-828 stares at LeChatlier incredulously] I will speak with your masters, Angakkuq.

LeChatlier: Just thought I''d ask.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: SCP-828 remained unresponsive for the remainder of the voyage.

Interviewed: SCP-828

Interviewers: Agent Scout Fullbrush and Teriaq LeChatlier

Foreword: The following interview took place after several weeks of processing. SCP-828 had displayed signs of agitation and an intervention was undertaken at the request of LeChatlier.

<Begin Log>

[Fullbrush and LeChatlier enter the interview booth. SCP-828 is restrained to a chair on the other side]

Fullbrush: Good afternoon SCP-828. We understand that you''ve been having trouble.

SCP-828: What is "SCP-828"?

Fullbrush: That is the designation we''ve assigned you.

SCP-828: A name?

Fullbrush: A designation.

LeChatlier: You can think of it as a name if it''s easier for you.

SCP-828: I see.

Fullbrush: Regardless. The maintenance and research staff have reported that you have been increasingly agitated and resistant. We are here to find out why.

SCP-828: [indicates Fullbrush] Is that your masterAngakkuq? Does this qallunaat hold your leash?

Fullbrush: Excuse me?

LeChatlier: The only leash Fullbrush here holds is his.

Fullbrush: What my… associate means to say is that we work for the same organization but I am not directly responsible for him. Everybody you see here works for the same group of people. We want to learn about you.

SCP-828: That''s what he said.

LeChatlier: I wasn''t going to lie to you. You know how much those cost anyway. Too steep to lie to you.

SCP-828: I, I don''t know what to say. When you caught me I thought [trails off]

Fullbrush: You thought we''d dissect you or kill you or enslave you? Reasonable assumptions but not what we do. We just want to keep you safe with us and learn from you.

SCP-828: [SCP-828 remains silent, looking thoughtful]

LeChatlier Yeah, we''ll keep you safe. You''ll have a home.

SCP-828: I wouldn''t have to [hesitation] I wouldn''t have to seek children anymore?

LeChatlier: No. You''re free to keep to yourself if you like. Probably won''t see anybody unless somebody really wants to talk to you or something. Don''t ask me why they''d want to that''s just their way.

SCP-828: What if [hesitation]

Fullbrush: What if what?

SCP-828: What if I want to talk to people? What if I need to?

Fullbrush: Well, typically we only keep things like you as restrained as they need to be. There are incentives for good behavior, cooperation.

SCP-828: What does it mean for me to cooperate? What do you want?

LeChatlier: You wanna kick this up the chain Brushy?

Fullbrush: If you want to cooperate I will speak with my superiors and we can arrange something.

<End Log>

Interviewed: SCP-828

Interviewers: Dr. Issac Rosenthal and Teriaq LeChatlier

Foreword: The following interview was conducted in full cooperation with SCP-828 following negotiations with Site Administration. Dr. Issac Rosenthal has been tasked with establishing biographical and anomalous details regarding SCP-828

<Begin Log>

Rosenthal: Alright then 828, why don''t we start with some history. Tell me about yourself.

SCP-828: Where do you want me to start?

Rosenthal: The beginning? Whatever part of your life you''d consider to be a beginning.

SCP-828: My memory is more torn than my amauti, umilik. She ripped holes in it when I was taken. I only remember what she wants me to.

LeChatlier: Playing the pronoun game eh?

SCP-828: Some memories stay. I lived on Qikiqtaaluk8 in a village where the water was dark and cold and the bay narrow. We were hidden then. The invaders from the West had not come so far. The invaders from the East were yet to arrive. I had a family then. I was a mother. [trails off]

Rosenthal: What do you remember about your family?

SCP-828: My husband [hesitates] my husband was gone I think. He died. A bear broke his neck on the ice. A sudden wave washed him into the sea. His jealous brother killed him. He was lost in a blizzard. Or one of the invaders shot him with their bows. It doesn''t matter. My son and I were left behind. I was inherited by my husband''s brother. I remember him struggling to catch enough for all of us. He was not a strong man. He would skulk to the sweat hut to commune with the shaman. We were, as a family, a burden to our people. Burdens do not last long on the ice.

Rosenthal: How does this fit into your current state?

LeChatlier: She''s setting the scene, just let her keep going.

SCP-828: My son was old enough to watch the men but not old enough to know better. He''d seen them hunting. Learned how. Watched them hide downwind of the polynya, learned to sneak up. The boy was clever, you see, always carving the smallest figures into ivory and stone. He killed a seal, came back home with the dogs smiling, waving his slate knife in the wind. I smiled then. He went out again, and again, until one day the dogs came back without him. I went out looking, found the hole in the ice. I knelt down and looked. I saw green ice, heard a voice. [hesitation]

Rosenthal: Did it say anything? The voice?

SCP-828: This I remember because it wanted me to remember. It. The voice. It said that my son had disrespected her children, that he had neglected the customary offerings, respect.

LeChatlier: The kid probably forgot to offer the seals a drink before they died.

SCP-828: I offered myself. If my son was payment then it could accept a larger price, yes? I watched the polynya, there was no sea just green ice. It coughed him up like a sick dog next to me. I held him until his eyes opened, said good bye and stood on the green ice in the hole. I remember going deep. I remember unearthly singing and a boiling, hot presence, like I was inside a womb of flame. There''s not much left after that.

Rosenthal: What else do you remember?

SCP-828: Children. I remember children looking down at me through a hole in the sky. I take them into my arms when they fall. I bring a place where fire burns underwater, where they do not fall, where they cannot fall.

LeChatlier: I thought you said you couldn''t remember.

SCP-828: I''m giving you the stories I do remember. There were always children. They didn''t always look the same. Many looked much like you [indicates at LeChatlier] as your people grew. Your people were the only ones I saw, for a time. The only ones I saw. [Trails off, saddened]

Rosenthal: I think that''s enough for today. We''ll resume at our next, scheduled appointment.

<End Log>

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