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nn5n: scp-5062 The Dancing Man
SafeSCP-5062 The Dancing ManRate: -14

Item #: SCP-5062

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5062 is to be containted in a Humanoid containtment cell measuring 5m x 5m x 5m at Site-████. The walls of SCP-5062's containment cell are to be made out of 25cm thick blast proof steel, a singular ceiling mounted camera capable of viewing the entire room is to be placed on the roof in the centre of the room. (Note: The walls of SCP-5062's cell are not blast proof to prevent intentional escape attempts, they are in place to prevent damage if an attempt is made to provoke SCP-5062 by an outside source). Nothing else is needed within the containment cell as SCP-5062 does not require any furniture.

Description: SCP-5062 is a Human male with brown hair and black eyes, it is of average height & weight, measuring approximately 170cm tall & weighing an estimated 60kg. It wears a white Addidas brand tracksuit & a mask resembling that of a Jester with a large smile. (Note: There is no top 'cap' piece of the mask that usually accompanies a Jester's mask, the reason for this is unknown, all though the sign of breakage on the top of the mask points to the possibility that the cap was broken off in the past.) SCP-5062 wears a pair of white Apple branded earphones connected to a first generation Apple Ipod Mini in Its right tracksuit pocket, this Ipod seems to play a neverending amount of music with no need to recharge, there appears to be no limit on what SCP-5062 can listen to with this Ipod.

All of SCP-5062's observed actions consist of dancing & listening to music. It keeps to the beat of the music that it is currently listening to at all times, no matter how impossible it may be with its limited dance moves, which consist of snapping, dragging its feet & clapping. SCP-5062 is content to dance & listen to music in its containment cell while humming & whistling, with no need for any food, water, sleep or any kind of rest. SCP-5062 is completely docile unless aggrovated or interuppted, if someone happens to interupt it in any way, including blocking its path, disconnecting its headphones or knocking its Ipod away, SCP-5062 will immediately become hostile, its smiling Jester mask will morph into a face that is described by a witness as "a mix of everything horrible, as if sadness, anger, complete fury, rage and turmoil were all in one facial expression” the subject that interuppted SCP-5062 will then immediately explode with an unbelivable amount of force, with only a slight mist of blood & biological matter remaining, this explosion is estimated to be equivilant to the explosive force of 50kgs of TNT. SCP-5062's mask will then return to its usual expression. SCP-5062 will then collect its ipod if it was knocked away & continue what it was doing previously. Strangely, SCP-5062's clothing and items are never harmed by this explosion, regardless of its distance from the blast.

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