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SCP-917, at time of discovery. Photo taken in [REDACTED].

Item #: SCP-917

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-917 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment cell. Music and literature may be made available on request.

One aide is to be assigned to SCP-917 at all times. Aides are to be rotated on 6-hour shifts. SCP-917 may request to be left in solitude at any time. However, this privilege is restricted to four (4) hours a day.

A basic Braille-based communication book has been supplied to SCP-917. Simple communication may be performed through this medium, as well as agreed-upon hand signals. Personnel are instructed to not awaken SCP-917 while in new-moon phase unless absolutely required, as this may cause panic in the subject. Personnel are to wait until SCP-917 gives the agreed-upon signal before interaction.

SCP-917 suffers from moderate arthritis, and is to be supplied with medication when feeding is possible.

As of current regulations on "Misters", SCP-917 is to be contained in Hall ██ of Site-██.

Description: SCP-917 appears to be an elderly Caucasian male. Subject’s facial features appear to degenerate and regenerate in relation to the lunar cycle, completely disappearing during the new moon and normal during the full moon. Subject’s ears, eyes, nose, and mouth will disappear, but facial wrinkles remain. This degeneration and regeneration mimics the phases of the moon, beginning at the left ear and crossing the subject's face.

Subject has explained that the experience is painless, but leaves him blind, deaf, and mute when the related features are absent.

SCP-917 does not seem to need to eat, drink, or breathe when features are absent. However, it has explained that it feels extremely tired while suffering from the lunar phase.

During an eclipse, [DATA EXPUNGED]. This is considered safe, and does not cause long-term harm to the object.

SCP-917 was discovered at entrance [EXPUNGED] of Site-██.

Addendum 917: The words "Mr. Moon, from Little Misters ® by Dr. Wondertainment" are tattooed upon SCP-917's right calf. Upon discovery SCP-917 had been wearing a coat, dress shirt, and slacks, all with the brand name "Doctor's Orders" sewn into their tags. A list similar to the one held by SCP-909 has also been found in the left pants pocket, where SCP-917 is designated as "13". See Document 917-a.

Wow! You've just found yourself your very own Little Mister, a limited edition collection from Dr. Wondertainment!

Find them all and become Mr. Collector!!

01. Mr. Chameleon
02. Mr. Headless
03. Mr. Laugh
04. Mr. Forgetful
05. Mr. Shapey
06. Mr. Soap
07. Mr. Hungry
08. Mr. Brass
09. Mr. Hot
10. Ms. Sweetie
11. Mr. Life and Mr. Death
12. Mr. Fish
13. Mr. Moon ✔
14. Mr. Redd (discontinued)
15. Mr. Money
16. Mr. Lost
17. Mr. Lie
18. Mr. Mad
19. Mr. Scary
20. Mr. Stripes

Addendum 917-2: The document shown was in the possession of SCP-917. SCP-905 states that it "lost its copy in the breeze", SCP-909 had held a similar list which can be found in Document 909-a, and SCP-913 apparently ingested its own copy. SCP-920 claims to have misplaced its copy. - Dr. ███████████

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